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Gold Midseason Player Rankings: Support - By Toxin

Hey everyone, it’s Toxin! One the most requested things people ask for in our community is player rankings. Before I get into the actual rankings, I just want to go over some of the criteria that I used when making these rankings. First, I did not look at the actual stats that you could find in the stats-bot channel of the Discord. Not only is the bot bugged at times, but I personally believe that looking purely at stats does not accurately depict a person’s skill level relative to everyone else in the league. I also will not be using any scrim results to factor in where a player falls in regards to everyone else. Not only do I not have every single team’s scrim records available to me, but I also know that scrims are not always approached with the intent to win. Players use scrims to practice new picks and play more with their teammates, which does not always mean they are 100% trying to win. On top of that, some teams don’t scrim at all. The main things I will be looking at when making the player rankings is your head to head matchups against others in your division, as well as any past knowledge I may have on you as a player. The players themselves are grouped together into a tier list. While I have them listed in my own particular order, I think that players within their tiers can be interchangeable. For example, any player listed in S tier can be argued for the best player in the role. Finally, I will only be looking at active starting players. For some players, this could hurt your ranking due to a) you not currently being on a team, or b) you not being a starter but doing well when you filled in. Only one player will be allowed from each team. Let’s get into the rankings!


Outside of Mid Lane, I think Support as a role is very hard to judge unless you actually watched the games and saw how well each player played. Of all the roles, I feel the least confident about my support rankings to be completely honest. I think I have a good idea of where the East falls in terms of support players, but outside of that it’s pretty hard to tell. I completely expect a shakeup of my rankings heading into the end of season rankings, where I’ll be able to spend more time figuring out where players belong, but for right now, here’s my rough estimate of where people belong.

S tier:

  • GrandFayte (CB Obsidian)

  • Just Bobo (Literal Monkeys)

  • I Rïn I (Imperial Gaming)

  • Drakas424 (VBU Argon)

In S tier is mostly the partners to some of the better AD Carries in the league. I think that GrandFayte is a huge facilitator to Snowlife in his 1v9 domination, so he should be the top support in the league right now. Under that is Just Bobo, which I feel is the biggest reason why Wunderworld is as high as he is on the rankings. The pair is able to exude a lot of pressure in the lane mainly due to how Bobo plays and his champ pool, which gives his ADC the ability to last hit freely and bully his opponent. The final two in the S tier are I Rin I and Drakas424. I think the former is playing exceptionally well with HowIMetYourTable, and has really unlocked a whole other level to his game that I rate super highly. As for Drakas, he is the heart and soul of VBU Argon that always finds insane engages in the mid game that helps our team win.

A tier:

  • Pentakill Ahri (CB Royal)

  • Frozxen (Crimson Dolphins)

  • Blisś (Oasis NADS)

  • Nuzzyfuts (Gob Squad)

  • Guardian Wakka (CB Rangers)

  • Damnatiøn (NSG Amethyst)

  • astrhøe (Mad Rawrs)

  • WolfyEX (NSG Infinity)

I think that the difference between A tier and S tier is also quite small for the support players. At the top is Pentakill Ahri and Frozxen, which I think have been exceptional players that are just on the border between S and A. I think that I need to see a little more out of Pentakill Ahri before I make the call to move them both into S tier or not, but it’s extremely close. Next up are a few surprises that I did not expect to be here. Starting off is Bliss, who role swapped to support and has looked great in a limited amount of games. Then you have Damnation who, despite being unable to get a match win, has been able to keep up with and sometimes do better than some of the other supports in the South Division. I think the fact that I think highly of both astrhøe and WolfyEX really works in his favor in keeping him as high as I do in this tier. Rounding out the tier is the supports that I just mentioned, along with Nuzzyfuts and Guardian Wakka. I know that these players are strong, but I don’t think we’ve seen their best performances yet.

B tier:

  • gh0stTP (VBU Plutonium)

  • LX CRONA (Limitless Chaos)

  • Botl4ne Hok4ge (Collective Cosmic)

  • itsNator (Final Esports)

  • Felindor (Mythos Purple)

  • Moyushii (Dead Orbit)

  • Woo am I (Twin Spirits)

  • Insatiably (Shrimp Fried Rice)

  • Bucket Boy (KQC)

  • Tato (Silverline)

I would say that the B tier support players are the most coinflip players that I’ve seen in the league so far, right up there with the North mid laners. Some of these players, especially towards the top of the rankings, have some absolutely incredible games where they are the sole carry on their team. Other times, they definitely look like the reason that their team is losing the game. As you move down the list, I think you start running into the issue of the players just not standing out at all. My sense is that a lot of them handshake lane phase and then either try to be KDA players on enchanters, or are just unsuccessful trying to initiate fights on an engage tank more often that not in the mid game. I could be completely wrong, but from what I’ve seen, this makes the most sense to me at the midway point of the season.

C tier:

  • Saint Millay (Classic Esports)

  • Buffalo Prime (NSG Gold)

Finally, we have the C tier support players. I don’t think there is much separation between them and the bottom of the B tier, but they just do everything to a worse degree. The fact that I’ve only seen one week out of Saint Millay and that Buffalo Prime has been moved to a sub also does not help them at all. Ultimately, I haven’t seen a strong performance out of either of them, so they are placed in this tier.

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