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Gold Player Rankings

Hey guys, it’s Wakka! Since it is just past the middle of the season and we wrap up BOL’s first ever Mid Season Tournament, Toxin and I decided to put together a list of the top ten players at every role RIGHT NOW. For these rankings, we are looking mainly at how players have been performing in the league for the past month. While I still will take into account how good the players overall player skill (eye test), experiences against the player, solo queue rankings, etc. like I did in my preseason rankings, they will be weighted much less in these rankings. After much debate between Toxin and myself, this is the list we came up with. I did Top, Mid and ADC. Hey guys, it’s Toxin! Since it is the middle of the season and we are just past BOL’s first ever Mid Season Tournament, Wakka and I decided to put together a list of the top ten players at every role RIGHT NOW. For these rankings, we are looking mainly at how players have been performing in the league for the past month. While I still will take into account how good the players overall player skill (eye test), experiences against the player, solo queue rankings, etc. like I did in my preseason rankings, they will be weighted much less in these rankings. After much debate between Wakka and myself, this is the list we came up with. I did Jungle and Support.


  1. VIN0 - Singed’s Crab Shack

  2. Altazi - CB X

  3. Physical- Goon Squad Gaming Sigma

  4. Actual Bird - Imperial Gaming

  5. Diete - Nails and Day Spa

  6. C0nquers - Limitless Excel

  7. Skwigg - Conduit Esports

  8. The Gray Ninja - Reign Gaming

  9. Para04 - Big Duck Entourage

  10. Basting the 2nd - Radiant Storm Onslaught

First off on the id like to state that in this season of BOL their really doesn't seem to be a “hard carry” top laner that is just 1v9 every game which made it kinda hard to rate with a lot of people on this list being flip flopped each week if we did this every single week, so with that lets jump into number 1 on the list for top laners through week 4 heading into MST in BOL Gold

First on the list is VIN0 from Singed’s Crab Shack, they've been a big part in any of the SCS wins and have the stats to back it up. Number 2 IER for top laners and a +4KDA. Coming into this season we had rated him as a top 3 top laner preseason based off ranks and what was seen from OP.GG but VIN0 so far through 4 weeks has proven their top spot here.

Next up we got Altazi and Physical, these players were 100% super close at even taking the number 1 slot. When we get to the end of the season any of these top 3 players could be switched around because they are all great top laners playing on great teams. Altazi is number 3 in IER and Physical is number 4 in the top lane. They've had some very good weeks but also a sloppy bad week and a missed week which hurt them in being any higher.

Next 3 we have Actual Bird, Diete and C0nquers these players have had some mega pop off weeks but then the next week really really sloppy and not looking good so this range is perfect for them, some would call it the coin flip part. Though C0nquers has the number 1 IER for top laners the pool isn't as strong IER wise, while they lead the top 6 in deaths and the champ pool is pretty basic gold, a good Morde and then mediocre everything else. Diete has the most deaths out of all the top 10 people on the list. Diete is most likely the solo top lane hard carry in the league as he has the highest gold share with 23.4% and 26.6% Damage share amongst top lane. With a strong finish these players could move into the top 3 slots as well.

For the last tier, we have Skwigg, The Gray Ninja, Para04, and Basting the 2nd. This chunk of players are definitely in the top 10 for top laners and will most likely consistently fight amongst themselves for these 6-10 spots with maybe the exception of Skwigg where if they continue playing well on a good team could move into the next tier of players. These 4 are for sure not bad top laners in the slightest. They do what they need to do 1. Not int 2. Don't get too far behind and 3. Have a good chance at even winning lane which tends to swing the games favor into these players teams hands. That is what can make a very manageable top laner for a team but will struggle to make the team a top team or a championship team. Some of these last 4 players are also just on stacked teams and still run evenly against the top 1-5 top laners in the league. Looking forward to seeing where these few will end up after our last few weeks of BOL.

Player to Watch - Chrizzleblizzle

Though not making the top ten as I feel like these players are sorta more consistent, I really believe if we had an 11th spot it would go to Krakens of Love’s top laner Chrizzleblizzle. Who really has been having some great weeks these last 2 weeks and especially in the wins they have. When they are playing well it really helps the team out as a whole so it'll be interesting how the rest of the season wraps out and maybe they could push themselves up into the top ten


  1. MinuteMilitia - Radiant Storm Onslaught

  2. Vandrahl - Goon Squad Gaming Sigma

  3. Anderson Cooper - CB X

  4. Swággy P - Imperial Gaming

  5. TheycallmeREX - Limitless Excel

  6. Kappa Krusader - Conduit Esports

  7. Brinticus - Singed’s Crab Shack

  8. bts jungkoop - Monkeys Rising

  9. Abound - Nitwits in Purgatory

  10. Ëmperör - Reign Gaming

Starting from the top, we have MinuteMilitia as the number one ranked jungler in the league. I don’t think there is any question that this player is the best in his role. After winning BOL Plat in season 3, it’s clear that this jungler is a step above his competition. While he did stumble out of the gate in week one, he has been lights out ever since. I think that the diversity in the champions he plays every week and how consistently he is able to put up carry performances is why RSO is as good as they are.

Next up is Vandrahl and Anderson Cooper. I think arguments can be made for either player to be the second best jungler in the league, however ultimately I think Vandrahl’s week one performance against MinuteMilitia is why I have him taking the edge at the mid season mark. Both players are very consistent in their ability to get their laners ahead, with the occasional carry performance out of them when needed. I think their game knowledge is just a tad beyond the next tier of players, and I see both of them competing for the top spot for the final rankings. The next tier includes Swággy P, TheycallmeREX, and Kappa Krusader. I think all three of them are very close to entering the tier directly above them, however I need to see more out of them before I can put them there. Swággy P is someone that I think is on the edge of jumping to second place in the rankings with how he has been playing this season. Since seeing him play in BOL Season 4, I think this player has dramatically improved, and even gave Anderson Cooper a beating in Week Three out of nowhere. As for the other two, I think both have distinguished themselves as being above the rest of the pack, but I haven’t seen them play or do well against the players above them. TheycallmeREX got beaten handedly by MinuteMilitia, and Kappa Krusader’s only noteworthy victory has been against Imperial Gaming in Week One, before they improved their roster. All three of these players have the potential of moving up, but I can’t confidently put them higher right now.

For the last tier, we have Brinticus, bts jungkoop, Abound, and Emperor. In my eyes, I see these four players as better than the rest, but likely not touching the tiers above them. That’s not to say that these players are bad, nor am I trying to suggest that these players won't improve over the course of the split. What I’m mainly saying is that at the moment, I don’t think these players will be able to catch up to the players that are above them. Despite that, I think all of these players are worth praising. Brinticus is a player that I haven’t really seen much of before this split, but he seems to be the set up man for Singed’s Crab Shack. Usually, this means that he is the one that is making the plays that will lead to his team winning the game. The bad news is that he ends up dying for a lot of them, which occasionally takes him out of the game. If he can work on staying alive a bit longer, I think that his play will increase dramatically. Bts Jungkoop is worth praising for the same reason; he puts his team into a position to succeed. He does this mainly due to his play pre-20 minutes, which allows his team of rookies to stand up against some of the more veteran rosters. As for Abound and Emperor, I think both players are easily one of, if not the best player on their respective rosters. Their individual play is worth pointing out, as sometimes their teams only win as a result of their individual effort.

Player to Watch: SØM

SØM is the one player that isn’t in the top 10 that I quickly wanted to highlight as a player that could climb the ranking in the second half of the season. He came in last week to join a struggling NSG Gold and was able to take down GSG Sigma. This performance alone puts him on my radar, but the lack of games played kept him off the current top 10 list. I predict that he could climb as number 5 with continued success.


  1. Kaïten - CB X

  2. Buckbee - Limitless Excel

  3. BTG - Goon Squad Gaming Sigma

  4. JJH - Conduit Esports

  5. Azurexfire - Imperial Gaming

  6. Dark Evil Natsu - Radiant Storm Onslaught

  7. BjarkBjarkBjark - Singed’s Crab Shack

  8. TheForgotten0ne - Krakens of Love

  9. Eastonn08 - Nitwits in Purgatory

  10. Chinese Spy - Monkeys Rising

First up in our Mid lane is Season 5 Finals MVP and League MVP Runner-up Kaiten. They started off where they left off, running this league as the best midlaner and possible best player in the league still? Its already seeming like so yet again as they are the key and best player on CB X leading the charge never really having an off week. Even the week they got smashed the only one playing well was Kaiten, consistency is this man's game. I'm not really sure if anyone will be taking this spot later in the season. It would have to take a heavy fall from grace or a super rest of the season from one of the other players on this list.

The next tier of Midlaners rounds out to Buckbee from LXX, BTG from GSG, and JJH from Conduit. These players are key examples to what a star mid laner should look like and do in games. Leading us off is Buckbee who is Number 1 overall in IER in all of BOL this season who has been an absolute stud for LXX and was honestly probably the only one close to dethroning the top spot. Next is one of my personal favorite players in the league JJH. If it wasn't for a dang shitty set up at an internet cafe with a 10” monitor and the worst mouse ever this guy would have been the Season 4 Champions over Oasis NADS. Im super happy to see them play more of the carry on their team these days instead of sacrificing lane to camp bot and help everyone out. They've proven they deserve the resources and they will produce power from it. BTG is also a mega factor in all of GSG success as they have the unique brings out each week are always hella fun to watch and see.

Our next tier of mid laners goes as follows, Azurexfire from IG, Natsu from RSO, and BjarkBjarkBjark from SCS. These players are super key role players in what their teams need from them. From seeing some of these players in the past it is really great we are moved past the Glacial Mid mages (RIP GLP) from Azure and it really really has seemed to make them a lot better mid laner of the last season and a half. Also with Natsu stepping out of his boundaries with only playing Azir and Malz, lots of growth and power coming from these players in this tier. Bjark is 3rd on his team in IER which is perfect for them as they are the team's middle point and when the middle is leaning more towards carrying with its other half of the team SCS will continue to play well.

The last tier group is not really “last” as I feel like this tier is way more of the 30% damage share type of players which is highest in the league. These players are great players that happen to not be on a top team but still a manageable team that they are happily being the main carry and focus for on the teams. First up we got i think our biggest surprise on this list is Krakens of Love mid laner TheForgotten0ne. They are Number 4 in TOTAL IER from all players while playing on a 1-3 team. Most likely from having the 2nd highest Damage Share in the league with 32.9% and a 25.2% Gold share this player is KOL key and rock to the team if they are playing well Krakens will have a chance. Next up is Eastonn08 who actually has the highest Damage Share in the entire league with 33.8% while only having an even 21.8% Gold share with the rest of their team. Finally we have Chinese Spy who has been playing a big role in Monkeys rising victories each week in and out so i'd like to see them move up this list if they are able to take off wins from more of the top teams in the league.

Player to Watch - Trajèn

While not making the top 10 I think they 100% at least deserve an honorable mention as they are really the only one on Nails and Day Spa playing consistently and looking well doing so. Like yes Diete is the highest rated player from NADS, the mid lane pool is just so much stronger and Trajen is just on the brink of pushing through despite the team's struggles.


  1. ParadigmŠhift - Imperial Gaming

  2. riv60 - CB X

  3. BaaMMM - Goon Squad Gaming Sigma

  4. Moekiazer - Radiant Storm Onslaught

  5. Triple Cute - Limitless Excel

  6. Ayngenetics - Conduit Esports

  7. Killgar- Singed’s Crab Shack

  8. BuriedDonut - Monkeys Rising

  9. Wunderworld - Literal Monkeys

  10. Nate GG - NSG Gold

Leading the way with our top ADC’s in the league are Paradigmshift, even before Paradigmshift joined Imperial the fight for top adc was a tough spot to put as this is probably the role with the 2nd best players only behind mid laners. IG was already a decently strong team but adding Season 1 BOL Plat Champion Paradigmshift was a HUGE upgrade and he's proven it the first couple weeks they've played. If it continues on the rise it is on I can see Paradigmshift being in the MVP running at the end of the season. The only other player at the moment I would also put into this group would be riv60 as they've been a monster and one of the best players on CB X and a main carry that the team needs. It's great to see he's getting the help and assistance from his teammates to help him excel and be a top tier adc as he has the best KDA among botlaners with a 9.20 KDA.

Next grouping of players I put together are BaaMMM from GSG, Moekiazer from RSO, and Triple Cute from LXX. This chuck of players are all on the brink of being in that top slot as well. BaaMMM has been putting up real good numbers with a 5+ kda and being number 2 in IER for adc’s baammm has really put in some work these first 4 weeks. Moekiazer had a really rough week one as their team had zero synergy and now that the issue is fixed and they can rock and roll Moekaizer has been on a tear. Having the 2nd highest kda for an adc at 6.71. Triple Cute was one of my favorite adcs going into the season and they've shown why with leading Limitless Excel in Kills and being the number 3 IER adc. It will be interesting as Triple has to play these other 2 adcs in the next 3 weeks, which will be a great test to see where they truly sit.

Next chunk of players are Ayngenetics from conduit, Killgar from SCS, and BuriedDonut from Monkeys Rising. These players have had a good season so far with a couple set backs whether that be just playing on a not that good roster or having a bad week or 2 and then still have the chance of being pop off players. I think the biggest issue with this area is consistency. Ayngenetics has had a couple rough games and those could be the reasons they are dropping games in certain series where I really think if they are that top team they should not be dropping games too. Killgar has played well in the East division the first 4 weeks but in those weeks they played 2 bottom teams and went 1-1 and then played 2 top teams and went 1-1 so it really is a consistent thing with Killgar. BuriedDonut from Monkeys Rising has surprisingly played super well this season and is definitely on my radar of moving up on this hard list to climb. If they are able to round out some more quality wins against any of these other botlanes it is very much possible.

Lastly in our list we have Wunderworld from Literal Monkeys and Nate GG from NSG Gold. Coming into the season Toxin has Wunderworld as the top adc and he really just hasn't shown it. Granted Litmon has had a really rough start to the season and I mean really rough start. It's really been kinda a disappointing season for Wunderworld because even though I really thought highly of them preseason but man it's just been not good, like yes the adcs in this league are all actually pretty good and strong, we just need more out of them. Lastly on the list we have Nate GG making the top ten. I would like to say it's not mainly from taking down GSG and Baammm but it kinda is just that at the moment. Nate hasn't been playing bad really just not playing and winning as hard as they would need to as the one cap exempt player for NSG.

Player to watch - ToTheM00n

NIP has a nice duo of Abound and Easton in Jungle and Mid but I really think ToTheM00n has the potential to 1) make the top ten by the end of the year and 2) be able to play more consistently which helps out their carries. When this player has played well NIP has looked pretty dominant actually. Going even sometimes is enough and ToTheM00n needs to be able to not just go even most games but win lane to then win game


  1. Sussy Wakka - Radiant Storm Onslaught

  2. AintEZbngCheezy - Conduit Esports

  3. TooÞ - Limitless Excel

  4. ŃoName - CB X

  5. I Rïn I - Imperial Gaming

  6. Poison57 - Singed’s Crab Shack

  7. Sondly - Reign Gaming

  8. Khun Aguero - Nitwits in Purgatory

  9. Phas - NSG Gold

  10. ThatDeckerGuy - Goon Squad Gaming Sigma

Starting at the top of this list, I think that the top three players are in consideration for the best in slot. Sussy Wakka takes the top spot right now mainly due to his pedigree in this league. Originally, I did not rank Wakka due to him not starting for RSO. Charanko was supposed to be the starter for the team, but ultimately real life complications thrust Wakka into the starting spot. It’s hard to say after 3 weeks of play that he is the best support, but amongst the top three I have the most faith in putting them there due to his play the last two splits. The other player that I had considered for the top spot is AintEZbngCheezy. Cheezy is another well known name in the BOL community that has been playing extraordinarily well this split, however the strength of his competition so far has not been all that high. I think that he can easily take the top spot by the end of the regular season, I just need to see more out of him. Finally, I think that TooÞ is the final one in this tier. I’ve seen the least out of this player compared to the others, but overall he has looked strong in the first half. His loss against Singed Crab Shack was a big blow to his stats, but I think he deserves his spot in this tier.

The next tier of supports includes ŃoName, I Rin I, and Poison57. I wouldn’t put these players into the elite tier right now, but they are solidly above the rest of the pack. ŃoName is a player that I find extremely interesting that he finds himself this high on the list. Although he is still adapting to this new role, his knowledge from playing adc has transferred over quite well. If he continues to improve at the rate he has been, there's a case for him to jump into the top three. Then you have I Rïn I, who has been a consistent face in the top 5 supports for my lists. After seeing him play more, I feel that he is more of a passenger than a driver in the bot lane, which is why I don’t have him higher. Nevertheless, he is a solid player on any team. Finally we have Poison57. I think this player’s ceiling can be much higher than this ranking for sure. That being said, I haven’t seen him play enough to really make a case to move him any higher.

In the final tier, we have Sondly, Khun Aguero, Phas, and ThatDeckerGuy. To be blunt, I think that all four of these players are pretty average gold support players right now. I would say that at this point in time, they deserve their spots in the top 10, 100%. That being said, I would not be surprised if any of them were to fall out in the next rankings. As for why they are here, statistically speaking both Sondly and Khun Aguero are clearly above the pack. It’s clear that these players know what they are doing and are positive influences on their respective teams. That being said, their teams have been anything but strong, on top of the fact that their AD Carries have been struggling as well. I think that while their play has been good so far, they definitely have another level to reach. Phas is this low on the list mainly due to only having one series in the support role. That being said, in his debut he was able to take his team and topple GSG Sigma. Strong start, but I want to see him play the role more before I reward him with a higher spot. Finally, ThatDeckerGuy finds himself in 10th. Is he a strong player? I think so. Does he die a lot in order to initiate for his team? For sure. Does he get caught warding more than I would like? Yes. Am I nitpicking a bit? Absolutely. ThatDeckerGuy is one of those players that I hold to a higher standard due to the team that he plays on. GSG Sigma is a powerhouse roster, so I expect him to play at a level where statistically he’s a top 5 player. Unfortunately, that is not the case, and I can’t really say that the eye test puts him any higher on this list. He belongs in the top 10 for sure. But I think he has another gear in his system that he needs to kick into.

Player to Watch: Just Bobo - Literal Monkeys

I just want to start by saying that Just Bobo is a Platinum 4 player, and was easily a top two support last season in my eyes. That being said, this split he has only played one series and he fumbled massively. I think that if Bobo is able to play the rest of the season with Wunderworld, he can easily rise to the top of the rankings. That being said, he needs to put his best foot forward; if he plays like he did this season, I don’t see him cracking the top 10.

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