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Gold Power Rankings Week 3 - Division 2

1. Mad Rawrs

After their week 1 bye, Rawr looked strong vs imperial, having 2 quick games. Going into week 3, they go against The Collective and I do not see them having an issue with this matchup, so they keep the top spot.

Players to Watch: Lil Natz

Lil Natz was an absolute unit in the series against Imperial. Going into this week, I expect he will have a similar stat week and lead his team to another win.

2. NSG Gold

NSG Gold finds themselves back in the top 4 of power rankings after picking up a series win over Chubby Babies Shock. They started off slow, losing game 1 and then rebounded with two dominating wins to clutch the series. Coming into week 3, they find themselves going up against Poro Snaccers. They should be able to hold a top spot for another week.

Player to Watch: The Runic Blade

The Runic Blade had some fantastic hard carry performances in games 2 and 3 and he should be going up an arguably weaker bot lane. I expect he will have another big week.

3. Chubby Babies Shock

After a tough 3 game loss to NSG Gold, they fall to the 3rd spot on the list. Coming into this week, they play against a big question mark in Twin Disaster. Will they rebound or continue to fall, only time will tell.

Player to Watch: Irafiki

Irafiki had some rough games vs NSG Gold bot lane and if they want to find success this week, this player needs to really be careful in picking smart engages, or they will find themselves with a “Defeat” on their screen

4. The Collective Esports

The Collective had a solid week and find themselves climbing into the top 4 on the list. Unfortunately, they must go against Mad Rawrs this week, and I believe it will be a short-lived stay.

Player to Watch: Flân

Flân has the highest IER on his team and I believe if they want a chance to win this week, he will need to carry through bot lane.

5. Imperial

Imperial drops outside of the top 4 this week, after a very ugly loss to Mad Rawrs. Luckily for them this week, they get a bye. They should be able to lick their wounds and come in fresh.

6. Twin Disaster (Twin Miracles Academy)

Twin Disaster is a big question mark coming into this week. It will be interesting to see how the new player(s) integrate themselves into the team, only time will tell. They find themselves going against Chubby Babies Shock, and they have a real chance of causing another upset, and hopefully, they

Player to watch: Toxin

As stated last week, I think Toxin will need to continue to put up insane numbers for the team to keep being successful.

7. Poro Snaccers

Poro Snaccers again find themselves bottom, after another tough loss to the collective. They have an equally difficult match up this week against shock and unfortunately, I do not see them rebounding.

Players to Watch: Gabsu

Having a bad week rarely defines a player, having multiple bad weeks tends to. I’m interested to see how Gabsu improves on last weeks stat lines.

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