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Gold Power Rankings Week 3 - Division 3

1) Oasis Octane

Oasis Octane come in still as the first ranked team after week two. Oasis played Crimson Dolphins this week which was an easy game for them. This team continues to deliver results in games that they should win, so there’s no reason to move them down. There’s not much to talk about this week, but this team should be comfortable at the moment in first place.

Player to Watch: XIL69

I can’t give PtW two weeks in a row to Lovecraft, so I decided to give it to XIL. I think XIL is interesting, because he is a veteran player who’s been around the scene for a while. He consistently finds himself on playoff teams, so we’ll see what he can bring to the table for Oasis Octane.

2) NSG Black

NSG Black will slot in as the number two team in the group for week two, moving up a spot. NSG Black took down Primal Gaming in a three game series, showing that they belong at the top of this group. I think the match between NSG and Oasis is going to be a good one and NSG can possibly take that match. NSG Black I think has a great shot of making it out of this group, so keep watching them to see how they continue their run.

Player to Watch: JJH

JJH is my player to watch because he is actually the new mid laner for the team and I’m excited to see how this man plays. I think with this mid laner, NSG Black can run the entire group and maybe not even drop a single series. JJH is a solid mid laner in this group and could be one of the best, so look out for him.

3) Arcanists

Arcanists after playing their first game come in at number three for me. Arcanists ended up beating Chubby Babies Cinder this week in a three game series, which I think rightfully so puts them at number three in this group. Arcanists are a solid team, even though they didn’t play week one, they should be in the conversation for one of the teams to make it out of this group. I’m really excited for this team, because they are honestly my darkhorse in this group to go far in the tournament!

Player to Watch: DMVLegend

It seems this team fits in very well with their jungler, DMVLegend. The reason I say this is because this man has a 76.4% Kill Participation with their team, which means he is in a lot of their teams kills and he’s very active on the map. I think with DMVLegend, Arcanists could be looking like a top team and contending for a playoff spot.

4) Chubby Babies Cinder

Feed The Dream B- Oh. Wrong league. Chubby Babies Cinder come in as the fourth and last playoff spot for this week in the rankings. I think Chubby Babies Cinder can contest for that last playoff spot at the moment, because they have a solid team across the board. The ZGG iteration of this roster was one game away from making the semifinals, so this team has a lot of potential. I’ll be looking forward to seeing Joey being Cancelled in the bot lane and how this team will develop in the coming weeks after week two's loss to the Arcanists.

Player to Watch: FTD Simp

FTD Simp is going to be my player to watch for this week. FTD Simp after this week boasts a 7.2 KDA in the games he’s played, which is kind of insane. The only problem is, despite his KDA being so high, he only has around ~20% of the team's damage share, with Sora being a crazy 31%. I’ll be looking to see if FTD Simp steps it up this week and proves that he’s not a KDA player after all.

5) Primal Gaming

Primal Gaming slide all the way to fifth place for me in this week’s rankings. Primal Gaming came in as probably the most hyped team in the group and they haven’t won a single series yet. Am I a little too harsh on Primal Gaming? Probably. However, this team was supposed to be a favorite to win it all and they’ve lost to Oasis Octane and NSG Black, which are good teams, but they were favored to beat them. The good news for Primal Gaming is that now that all the top teams are out of the way, they should be able to beat the rest of the teams in this group.

Player to Watch: MohawkGaming

MohawkGaming is going to be my player to watch for this week. Mohawk had an amazing game one, absolutely popping off of the Hecarim. I think the only bright thing you can honestly take out of this series is Mohawk is probably going to be their best player on the rift, so they really need to try to get him going. I think if he can get going, this team can be scary good.

6) EOU Midnight

EOU Midnight slot in as number six in the rankings for this week, mostly because they didn’t play this week. There’s not really much to talk about since they didn’t play, but we’ll see how this team continues throughout the season and how developing Bananajetski will go.

Player to Watch: ???

They didn’t play this week, so can’t really give anyone a player to watch.

7) Crimson Dolphins

Crimson Dolphins come in as the last place team in the division. Honestly, I don’t want to really just repeat myself, but I want to see something out of this team. I’m still not bought on them being anywhere better then EOU, but we’ll see.

Player to Watch: Anyone on the Roster

Please. Somebody step up. I want to praise someone on this roster.

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