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Gold Preseason Power Rankings - Division 1

by Trav (ayngenetics)

Creator's note: A lot of these teams are new teams or are new together, so I will be reliant on solo/duo rank if I am unfamiliar with the team.

1) Oasis Nails and Day Spa

Oasis NADS enters another BOL season with minimal change from their BOL Major run from last split, moving star mid, Drakana, into the top position and picking up mid player, Phishtak0. The team has remained busy since last BOL split playing in other Amateur Leagues, ZGG and Focus, always at or near the top of those leagues. All teams in this division better circle this game on their schedules and make sure they come prepared, because Oasis NADS is a tall order for any team they come across.

Player to Watch: Phishtak0

Phishtak0 must be the player to watch as he is the newest member to the team. He has a champion pool that cannot be banned out and I can see him fitting into the puzzle of Oasis NADS quite well.

2) Dawnbreak Gaming

Dawnbreak Gaming comes in to BOL with 5 fresh faces, but do not let that overshadow the fact that the team has one of the higher individual player rankings. If they can turn their solo/duo success into competitive, this team can challenge for the top spot.

Player to Watch: life is a myth

With a new team it is hard to pinpoint where a team will be successful from, but one look at this player, I can tell he is going to be an absolute nightmare for any off role top laners in the league. I can absolutely see him 1v9 some games if he does not receive multiple champion bans.

3) Literal Monkeys

Literal Monkeys return for another BOL split after a not making it into the BOL Major playoffs last split. 3 of their players return, however they do not return to the same roles. Ball Slap, formally the ADC, is now the Mid. Wunderworld, formally the teams Jungle, is now the ADC. The only Familiar face we see in the same role is Top Laner, Funky. You add a new Jungle and Support into the mix, and you can have greatness or failure. I can see this team going either way.

Player to Watch: NOTJ0KER

NOTJ0KER is my player to watch the first week of BOL. I think it is vitally important for him to have strong early games around his top and bot lanes for this team to show early success in the league. With his carry style champion pool, it will be interesting to see if he dominates or is just joking with us.

4) Pod of Dolphins

Pod of Dolphins seems to be full of new players to BOL outside of RazzMuhTaz. The teams highest This team seems to be a mixed bag of rank. I could see them being a pain in the neck or a push over for the top teams.

Player to Watch: Jumpandkill

Jumpandkill has a large champion pool as well as being the teams highest ranked player. If his team can keep up, he can lead them to success.

5) Quake (previously Scarlet Foxes)

These are not the same foxes who won BOL Major last split. They have a completely different line up. They are currently in Scarlet League, where they recently suffered a loss when they were heavily favored. They then had their team blown up losing 4 of their 5 starters just days before the beginning of BOL. They seemed to find some solid ranked players, and with some practice they could be strong, but for now, they get the 5 spot.

Player to Watch: BarBarJonks

BarBar is the only remaining member of that original lineup. We are looking for him to set the pace for the rest of the team. If he succeeds, the team succeeds.

6) Vitamin X

Vitamin X comes in towards the bottom of my power rankings unfortunately. Their mid looks like a hard carry type of player, however, in this division he will probably draw all if not most of the bans and unfortunately I am not sure if he has the support around him to make it a successful season.

Player to Watch: Dysax

Dysax is the mid in shining armor for this team. He is going to need to take control of his lane and effect the others if this team wants a chance to win.

7) VBU Krypton

VBU Krypton comes in at the last spot. Golden Gauntlet was on the VBU minor team who won Minor regular season as well as knocking a major team into minor team. VBU comes in with 4 new member to this Krypton lineup, and unfortunately, they are the lowest ranked team in the division, it is going to take a lot of work and even then, it is going to be a brutal season.

Player to Watch: Revan Storm

Peeping the recent match history of this player, he puts up some nutty KDAs on ADC, however, that is just flex queue. The teams in this division will not let him do that, but if he can do half of that, he could potentially carry some games.

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