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Gold Preseason Power Rankings - Division 4

by Trav (ayngenetics)

Creator’s note: A lot of these teams are new teams or are new together, so I will be reliant on solo/duo rank if I am unfamiliar with the team. Additionally, this is the Division of Death in my opinion.

1) Scarlet Miracles

Scarlet Miracles is the scarlet foxes who were the winners of BOL Gold Major last season. They have added two new members and they do not seem to be missing a beat. They are coming off two very tough weeks in Scarlet League, each going to game 3, but they have prevailed in each, they absolutely are my favorite in this group and are one of the reasons it is as difficult as it is.

Player to Watch: Healthy Ego

Healthy Ego is a freak of a mid laner, having some insane Damage per minute number on the champions he is familiar with. He proved he was a force in the mid lane in BOL Major finals last split and I believe he will continue that momentum.

2) Hyperion Gaming

Hyperion Gaming are currently proving the point that if you like your teammates games just go easier. They find themselves in a Playoff spot in ZGG and they are looking strong coming into this division. They will be without star jungle, Kappa Krusader, putting a lot of weight on sub jungle Bªtman, who will be taking over the BOL responsibilities for this team. Only time will tell if they can contest last split powerhouse Scarlet Miracles.

Player to Watch: Bªtman

This player has been riding the bench with this team for some time now and I think it is his time to shine. I look forward to seeing the new look of this team with him in that role. If he fits well, it should be sunny days for Hyperion.

3) Valor Bulls United Argon

Valor Bulls United Argon is a newer team under the VBU brand. It of course has head man, BestSuppØrtMain in the mid lane, and a completely new team around him. It will be interesting to see how the progresses and if they can challenge either of the top 2 teams in the division.

Player to Watch: Cassidy

Cassidy is my player to watch this week as he is playing with a new support and it will be interesting to see if Cassidy can have a good performance. Week one in this division is super scary as if they get an unfavorable match up, it can end poorly for them bot lane.

4) Chubby Babies Frost

Similar to their sister teams, I have CB Frost in the middle of the pack. CB Frost is showing a lot of promise in Scarlet League, being 1 of the only 2 undefeated teams in that league, however, they have only played weaker teams. They unfortunately were drawn into this division and it is going to be an uphill battle for them to challenge for the top spot.

Player to Watch: Fresh53

Fresh53 is making his return to the competitive play after his BOL Minor run was cut short. If he can keep his mental set and his eye on the prize, he could be one of the best jungles in the division.

5) NSG Amethyst

NSG Amethyst find themselves being drawn into the toughest division and it is going to be quite the climb for them to reach the top. The have a solid bot lane and jungle synergy, focusing a lot of killing the enemy bot lane and getting early drags. I can see them being a pain for some of the top teams, but it will be difficult for them to go top.

Player to Watch: iHades nT

Captain iHades nT is proof that sticking with a team and building a roster can be very fulfilling. Personally, after a recent scrim vs this team, you can tell that iHades feels extremely comfortable with his play and ability to support more than just the adc. I look for him to set the pace for other supports in this division.

6) 3-0 Esports

3-0 Esports comes near the bottom of my list here, but honestly someone had to in such a stacked group. If they can get solid play from their lanes and push their advantages, they can upset some teams, I just do not feel it will be consistent enough to challenge for the top.

Player to Watch: ParadigmŠhift

ParadigmŠhift does not seem to have a large champ pool at the ad role and it will be interesting to see what he picks to influence the game.

7) Titan Esports

Titan get the bot spot in the group of the hardest group. They are currently the only team that does not field a 5-man roster now, and with only 3 days to the league start, that raise some red flags. It will be interesting to see who they get to fill their roster, as well as who as they will get to play for the first few weeks.

Player to watch: Mystery top

As stated previously, this team currently does not have a top. They need to find someone who can join the team and make an instant impact.

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