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Gold Power Rankings Week 2 - Division 1

Disclaimer: These power rankings were decided on as a committee of 4 players/people knowledgeable of the Gold League and teams in each division.

1) Oasis Nails and Day Spa

Despite not getting a chance to see them play, they’re still the favorite for Division 1 in my opinion. Most teams have a weak/easy to exploit lane, but I don’t really believe there’s an exploitable lane. Phishtak0 and Drakana are the two new players for this roster for the BOL season, and I think that outside of a very interesting champion pool top lane, this team will probably enjoy a 7 week vacation.

Player to Watch - TruX MaNE

Statistically was one of the best players in his ZGG division, and has been playing with Oasis NADS since the start of the last BOL season. His extremely flexible champion pool makes it really easy to outdraft teams with their flex picks, and his swain was a menace in the previous season as well.

2) Vitamin X

These guys were ranked a bit lower on the preseason power rankings because they were a completely unknown team. Now that we’ve got a set to work with, it’s pretty easy to judge the relative strength of this team. They absolutely slaughtered Quake in this series. We didn’t see a different comp outside of the jungle pick change going into game 2, so it’ll be interesting to see how this team is able to play various comps/playstyles going into Week 2. Vitamin X has shown that they are looking to contest Oasis NADS as the (probable) strongest team in the division.

Player to Watch - HongKongLongDong

Besides having the best Summoner Name in BOL, this man absolutely popped off this week. His ability to neutralize the enemy jungler and create opportunities to secure neutral objectives definitely wasn’t challenged in this series. I’m excited to see how he stacks up against some of the better teams in Division 1.

3) Literal Monkeys

This season’s iteration of LTMK looks promising! A strong mid/adc are definitely something to keep an eye on as we move into Week 2. Ball Slap looked really good this week, and while the rest of his team outside of Wunderworld had a shaky game or two, they were able to keep it together and get the series win 2-1. Looking at the games, they had very good control of neutral objectives and are able to stick to their win conditions to close out games.

Player to Watch - Ball Slap

Has to feel good when your captain is your most consistent player on the team. He’s been around BOL for the last season or so and has always been a consistent performer when his team needs him to be. If you’re in division 1, trying to take him down is probably your best bet to getting a victory against Literal Monkeys. Plus, the Cassio is clean.

4) Dawnbreak Gaming

Until last week, we really didn’t have anything to base this team off of. We didn’t know how they’d look in Division 1. The answer now is PRETTY SOLID. I had to rank this team at #4 because of the strength of the team they played against was pretty weak overall, but I think this team has a very promising future in Division 1. It’s still too early to see what weakness this team has, but right now I think they’re a playoff contender for sure.

Player to Watch - Therealtoombsb

Definitely the rock of this team in the bot lane, he’s put up very impressive scorelines in both games and showed up great on Thresh and Karma. It looks like with his ability to play different styles of champions and play it WELL, it’ll allow for his team to have a lot of dragon pressure, as well as allowing for his jungler to play through lanes/help lanes other than bot.

5) Pod of Dolphins

As I write this, it looks like this roster has already imploded and they’re pulling The Epidemic in week 2 of the season pulling in 2 new players and we’ve just started the league. With the loss of their top laner and ADC going into Week 2, I feel like things are looking grim for them, and it’s going to be on them to prove us wrong. After taking LTMK to 3 games and unfortunately falling short, you have to wonder how this team will stack up against the titans of Division 1 in Oasis NADS and Vitamin X.

Player To Watch - Cauli

Not that I really have any idea where he’s going to be playing this week, he definitely was the most coinflip player on PoD, and if he can really get focused and play a better game he can really be a player that his team can play through.

6) Quake

Unfortunately the power of a cool logo just didn’t translate into week 1 games for Quake. Looking at their match history for game 1 unfortunately made it even worse for me. They seemed to have had the game in their grasps throughout the early/mid game and unfortunately lost around a 4k gold lead and were unable to bring it back. Game 2 they were the victims of a 22 kill Olaf. This team really didn’t have anyone who shined for me this week looking back at the games, and if they want to contend for playoffs in their division they’re going to really have to figure out how they want to play their game and execute on it.

Player to Watch - BarBarJonks

Despite a disappointing Game 2 from the entire team, I believe he didn’t have that bad of a week as a whole. His champion pool definitely has carry potential, and I’d like to see what his team can accomplish if they play through him in the following weeks.

7) VBU Krypton

An unfortunate 0-2 for Krypton, but it wasn’t really unexpected. This team are the massive underdogs for Division 1, and any wins that they get are going to be upsets for sure. From looking at the games, this team needs to work on not dying unnecessarily throughout the game. I believe that with some more practice, this team can definitely get a win or two on the board if they catch a team underperforming.

Player to Watch - Maximum

Maximum has consistently looked like a great support in IBS games throughout the season in ZGG, and I’m hoping to see him step up his game to provide that same level of play in the Gold League. He is very good at engage supports, and I’d like to see him go back to that and hopefully put Revan Storm on something that isn’t hyperscaling and just automatically conceding the lane.

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