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Gold Power Rankings Week 2 - Division 2

Disclaimer: These power rankings were decided on as a committee of 4 players/people knowledgeable of the Gold League and teams in each division.

1) Mad Rawrs

Although they had a bye in BOL, they looked exceptionally clean in their ZGG Gauntlet Run. With strong play from their jungle, getting lanes rolling in the early game, this remains the favorite for the group.

Players to Watch: Kral Sultan

Staying as my player to watch is Kral Sultan, but after seeing him play in the gauntlet, it is only amplified. I can’t wait to see how this player performs this week.

2) Chubby Babies Shock

CB Shock comes in at the second spot after a solid win over The Collective. The team showed a lot of composure in the come back and we believe they are currently the second strongest team in the division.

Player to Watch: YRU Running

YRU Running showed everyone that he is a mid laner to fear in this division. I think he is a staple to the success of the team and I want to see more of him dominating.

3) Imperial Gaming

Imperial comes at the third spot after a solid win over Poro Snaccers. In a series where the team started slow, they did a great job to take the series. This week, they are running into a buzz saw that is Mad Rawrs, it will be interesting to see how they compete.

Player to Watch: IG Shiru

IG Shiru will need to keep Rawrs Jungle in check this week. If he can, then Imperial have a solid chance of winning, if he can’t, then I think they have a real uphill battle.

4) Twin Miracles Academy (Twin Disasters)

This team looked exceptionally good week one, but unfortunately it comes with an asterisk, which is why they are not higher on my list. If the team does not miss a beat with new mid laner (whoever that may be), then the team will continue to climb my ranks.

Player to Watch: Toxin

With the departure of their mid, I think Toxin will need to continue to put up insane numbers for the team to keep being successful.

5) NSG Gold

NSG Gold had an under whelming start to the season, but due to a competitive ruling, they can rewrite history. Again, I want to see them get priority mid and link up with the jungle to make proactive plays around the map. I expect them to rebound and have a much stronger showing this week.

Player to Watch: Thor22

Thor22 had a rough week on tank duty, posting some abysmal stats. Moving in this week, I want to see him take much cleaner fights and engages to help his team succeed.

6) The Collective

The Collective jumped out to an early series lead vs Chubby Babies Shock, but unfortunately could not finish it out. Moving into this week they find themselves in a match up they should win. We'll have to see if they're able to pull this one out and get their first win of the season on the board.

Player to watch: LucifersEyes

LucifiersEyes played a great game 1 vs CB Shock, but could not find the same success in the following 2 games. Going into this week, I think this player could definitely be the reason for the success of his team.

7) Poro Snaccers

PoroS naccers again find themselves bottom, after a tough loss to Imperial Gaming. They could not seem to find a clean game, having one player at least go negative in KDA during the series. Going into this week, I hope to see the team have much stronger lane play and put themselves in a position to win their series. Only time will tell.

Players to Watch: The entire team

Unfortunately, one player going negative in a game makes it hard for your team to win. This week I challenge the team to take smart and objective focused fights, while playing lanes safe. If they can do that, they have a chance of winning any game they play.

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