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Gold Power Rankings Week 2 - Division 3

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Disclaimer: These power rankings were decided on as a committee of 4 players/people knowledgeable of the Gold League and teams in each division.

1) Oasis Octane

Oasis Octane comes in at number one in the division for week one. Oasis Octane was able to take down the favorites Primal Gaming in three games, which is no easy feat. Get it. Easy. The ADCs name is easymoneysniper… ugh.. Seriously though, it’s not easy to beat Primal Gaming, but Oasis was able to find a way. It seems that this team is very botside reliant, relying on the likes of Silva Zoldyk/AD Lovecraft to be their hard carry player, with sharpotter6 supporting them in the bot lane. We’ll have to see how far this strategy goes, but overall a nice start taking down Primal in three.

Player to Watch: Silva Zoldyk/AD Lovecraft

The reason I put both these players is because I’m looking at the AD position more than the players. I think both these players though are EXTREMELY talented at their position and can 1v9 games with resources. The reason I think the AD position is my player to watch is who is going to be starting next week, because both of these players are solid.

2) Primal Gaming

Primal Gaming despite dropping a series week one came in as the second ranked team in the division. I think this week was a battle of the top seeded teams in this division and Primal Gaming just came short. Before we look at the bad, Primal Gaming was able to prove they can win with some off meta picks and also some picks that you might not be expecting out of a normal gold team. The only problem is, is that they looked outclassed on the meta picks, which could strike disaster if they cannot win in the meta. We’ll see what happens with this team later on in the season if they can find their spot in the meta.

Player to Watch: ImVeryUpsetNow Despite his team losing the series, I think ImVeryUpsetNow looked very good in this series. He looked like a consistent mid laner playing a lot of different play styles in the mid lane. I’m going to be watching this guy throughout the season to see how his growth is and if it continues.

3) NSG Black

NSG Black slot in at number three in my rankings for the week. I think NSG Black is a solid team in this division just based on the names on their roster and how they played week one. Obviously, they played EOU Midnight, which is not the best team in this group, but they did a clean 2-0 win. I think this team could be a darkhorse in this group and they can easily make the playoffs if they are consistent enough.

Player to Watch: Warning Shot

Warning Shot is going to be my player to watch for this week. I think Warning Shot is a double edged sword. Warning Shot can probably be one of the best, if not the best ADC in this group when he is on his game, which it seemed like he was this week. However, if this team starts losing it’ll be interesting to see how he handles the loss.

4) Chubby Cinder

Chubby Cinder slot in this week as the last playoff team at number four. Chubby Cinder didn’t really have a hard week, playing Crimson Dolphins in their first match, winning in a clean 2-0. This team is basically FTD Blue in Zero Gravity Gaming, and FTD Blue barely squeaked into the playoffs, so I’m assuming Chubby Cinder should do the same thing. They did pick up a win this week and looked good while doing it, even though it was the worst team in the group. We’ll see if their success can continue and hopefully stay towards the top.

Player to Watch: Sora v9

Sora v9 will be my player to watch this week and for good reason. Sora absolutely popped off this week on his Irelia and also his Garen, which should be feared for a reason. I think Sora can hold his own against any top laner in this group and he should be able to carry a couple games for Cinder this season.

5) Arcanists

Arcanists, despite not playing a game come in at number five in the group. There’s not much to talk about since they didn’t play this week, but I think this team also is a dark horse in the group. I think Arcanists easily could slot in at the number four spot and take out Cinder for the playoff spot. This team has really solid solo laners in Otherkin and Dragonic70 and I’ll be looking for them to do some heavy lifting. We’ll see how this team plays in their actual first week of play.

Player to Watch: Arcanists Solo Laners

I think this is fair to say that I’m going to be looking at Otherkin and Dragonic70 to carry this team. Both players have extremely good potential to be able to 1v9, we’ll just have to see if they’ll be able to do it.

6) EOU Midnight

EOU Midnight came in as second to last in the group after week one. Unfortunately, this team had to go up against NSG Black and didn’t have a very good time. They seemed outmatched and outskilled, however it is only week one and there is time to recover. A positive I can take away from this series is that Bananajetski looked pretty good despite the loss. I think this guy is developing extremely well with what EOU is doing in their organization and I can’t wait to see what he can do for this team.

Player to Watch: Bananajetski

I mentioned him earlier, but I think EOU have a great player right here. I’ve watched this guy develop in ZGG all throughout Iron/Bronze/Silver and he’s turning into a real carry top laner with a ton of potential. I’ll be watching him closely throughout the season to track his growth.

7) Crimson Dolphins

BADFH Slots in- wait. This isn’t BADFH. Wrong script hold on.. Crimson Dolphins slot in at the last place in the group after week one. I feel bad because I think everyone wants this team to do well, it’s like Schalke in the LEC. The good news for this team is, it’s only week one and they still have plenty of time to figure something out. I think this team needs to find an identity and just roll with it, because at the moment they look a little lost. We’ll see if they’re able to find an identity or if they’re going to have to string something together in the coming weeks.

Player to Watch: Crimson Dolphins

Now usually, I don’t put the entire roster as a player to watch. However, I’m still waiting for someone to emerge out of this roster as somewhat of a threat. I think if this team can find a win condition anywhere, they’ll be able to take a win or two off of teams not really expecting it.

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