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Interview: Tempest

As we kick off Season 2 of BOL Plat, plenty of new and old faces join. To get a better understanding of the people who make up the Platinum league, I will be interviewing main characters around the scene to dive into BOL’s newest additions. The goal is to be able to showcase all the different elements that make up BOL Platinum in an informative and interesting read.


On Thursday Night, I had the privilege of sitting down with one of the most successful orgs in BOL history. Ducksolo captain of Tempest Plat and org owner, was able to give me a rundown on what makes them so successful, and how they continue to live up to their own expectations.

Flay: Hey Ducksolo, how are you doing today?

Ducksolo: Everything is going well on my end, how about yours?

Flay: Pretty good, so give us an overview of Tempest as an organization?

Ducksolo: Tempest was created as an organization by Bangbus, Greatjace, Kardi and I. The thought process was because we were winning a lot of leagues, why don’t we make an org and condense our winning. Our main gimmick is all our teams have gotten 1st or 2nd in the leagues they have competed in, and in blue otter last season we swept the league.

Flay: Now a lot of people have an interesting outside view of tempest, why do you think that is?

Ducksolo: Well, some people view us as toxic, and to be fair we do have both Kardi and Bangbus as representatives for our org. Now I can see how we can come off as toxic, but I hope that other people see Tempest as an organization that wins, and approach us more carefully due to that fact when we play.

Flay: You did touch upon this briefly, but what do you think defines your organization?

Ducksolo: A reputation of success and winning. We think we deserve what we have, due to the consistency from our teams in the past. Through that, have made a name for Tempest.

Flay: Coming into this season you guys are the defending champs, does that change your expectation at all?

Ducksolo: No, we are coming into this season with a fresh start. We may be the defending champs, and we hope to get a 3 peat in the league, but we are still going to respect every other team. We won’t be arrogant thinking this will be an easy championship. We will still be practicing and playing our hardest as always.

Flay: Describe the current roster you have with the one you had from your title run?

Ducksolo: We have similar players from last season, but some new additions to build on. In the top lane we still have Jace, as always, he is still a monster. He has a great aggressive style, and out-micros a lot of players. In the jungle we have a new addition, Shadygecko. I love this guy, he blew my mind. First time we scrimmed, I could already tell he was going to make a splash. For mid it is still myself, and for AD we have Mr. poop now. We are excited to have someone who is aggressive and can match our style. Last, we have kardi from last season, his strong sense for macro and calming voice is a huge asset for us.

Flay: What would be the biggest strength you guys have as a unit?

Ducksolo: As a unit our teamfights are where we shine. We have some nasty teamfights, and I think we just have a connection making us all on the same page. Being so in sync, we could probably not say a single word and still play the fights as we want.

Flay: While the entire team is a huge part of the success, tell me how being the captain of tempest has aided in your guys victories?

Ducksolo: I try my best to cheer everyone up and keep us in the game. We tend to say stupid stuff in comms, and I make sure to be the voice of that keeps us on track.

Flay: Does tempest see themselves as the org to beat in season 2 of BOL Plat?

Ducksolo: I think we do see ourselves as the org to beat. Historically, we have been that org to beat. Just looking back at BBB (With Jace, Kardi and I) and Serenity as well. Not to mention Maelstrom who went hard, and now some of those players are now competing against us in plat. Especially considering our plat team last season, I think we are the team to beat. After reading the article about Justiceforphilly, we want to beat them, and keep our throne.

Flay: Last season you guys dominated the league; however, this season is there any team you are potentially worried about?

Ducksolo: A lot of these teams we have faced before, but the two teams we are most worried about are Illumination Dynasty and Justice4philly. Justiceforphilly came in talking big in their article, and illumination has Mrscuffninja and other talented players.

Flay: What are your thoughts on BOL Plat, and its strength compared to other plat/diamond leagues?

Ducksolo: Last season was the inaugural season, and I thought it was as well run as any other league. There was good competition and was a lot of fun. I’m happy to see there are new teams joining and continue to enjoy seeing BOL expand.

Flay: Do you think people would be interested in BOL Diamond?

Ducksolo: Tempest would be interested in a diamond league. We have some players who want to play in higher leagues, and Jace, Kardi and I are all getting close to diamond. We want to continue to go up. I think there would be a lot of interest, I always see people wanting a good high elo league.

Flay: Any final thoughts that you would want to add in?

Ducksolo: Its TempestSZN.

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