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Manatsu’s Magazine: Platinum Finals

Power Rankings

-------In Contention-------

1st CB Rush =

2nd Omega Gaming Unknown ▲2


3rd Hypnotic Gaming ▼1

4th VBU Monster Mash ▼1

5th The Mystic Cats

6th Team Ambition Tempest

7th Goon Squad Gaming Epsilon

8th Limitless Bad Bunnies

9th AOE God Squad

10th Literal Monkeys

11th Predictive Gaming Chronos

12th MG Precision

13th The Revolution

14th Radiant Storm Guardians

15th Cosa Kittens

16th Stealers Gaming


Semifinals Results

ELO Record: 1-1, 50.0%

Manatsu Record: 2-0, 100.0%

Overall Results

ELO Record: 50-20, 71.4%

Manatsu Record: 42-21, 66.7%


#1 CB Rush vs #3 Omega Gaming Unknown

ELO Prediction: CB Rush at 62.3%

Manatsu Prediction: CB Rush 3-2

Manatsu’s Magazine Playoff Awards

Available in the season’s last issue

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