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Hi! Manatsu here, power ranking and predicting who will win their matches this week. The regular season has finally been completed in such an anticlimactic way: Glacial Rising Phoenix ff’d. Congratulations to the 8 teams that have qualified for playoffs! With the end of the regular season, the MVP and All-Star teams have been made. A new tally will commence to figure out the MVP of the playoffs. With that said, let’s get started!


Power Rankings

The Fallen

16th = Anarchy Amber (0-12, 1-6)

15th = Team Dark Spark (2-10, 1-6)

14th = Hide on Team (5-7, 1-6)

13th ▼1 Soulbound Tempest (6-6, 1-6)

12th ▲1 Crosspoint Southpaw (4-8, 2-2)

11th ▼1 Glacial Rising Phoenix (7-5, 2-5)

10th ▲1 !rawr Lethal (5-7, 53-3)

9th ▼1 Omega Gaming Fire (7-5, 3-4)

The Risen

8th ▼1 Chubby Babies Black (7-5, 3-4)

QF Opponents: Goon Squad Gaming Epsilon

7th ▼1 Crosspoint Origin (7-5, 4-4)

QF Opponents: Chubby Babies White

6th ▲3 Swift Esports God Squad (5-7, 6-2)

QF Opponents: VBU Radon

5th = Flash the Disrespect (6-6, 6-2)

QF Opponent: Predictive Gaming Chronos

4th = Predictive Gaming Chronos (8-4, 5-3)

QF Opponents: Hide on Team

3rd ▼1 VBU Radon (8-4, 5-3)

QF Opponents: Swift Esports God Squad

2nd ▲1 Chubby Babies White (8-4, 4-2)

QF Opponents: Crosspoint Origin

1st = Goon Squad Gaming Epsilon (11-1, 2-2)

QF Opponents: Chubby Babies Black



Current Record:

Manatsu: 57-37, Week 9: 5-0

ELO: 56-38, Week 9: 5-0


Flash the Disrespect vs Predictive Gaming Chronos

ELO Prediction: Predictive Gaming Chronos at 52.3%

Manatsu’s Prediction: Flash the Disrespect 3-2

Crosspoint Origin vs Chubby Babies White

ELO Prediction: Chubby Babies White at 60.1%

Manatsu’s Prediction: Chubby Babies White 3-1

Goon Squad Gaming Epsilon vs Chubby Babies Black

ELO Prediction: Goon Squad Gaming Epsilon at 68.3%

Manatsu’s Prediction: Goon Squad Gaming Epsilon 3-1

VBU Radon vs Swift Esports God Squad

ELO Prediction: VBU Radon at 58.4%

Manatsu’s Prediction: VBU Radon 3-1


Week 9 Players of the Week

The Challenger Team

Top: ŸourÐaddy, Predictive Gaming Chronos

Jungle: PG Swagner, Predictive Gaming Chronos

Mid: Manatsu, Flash the Disrespect

Bot: Reliable, Chubby Babies White

Sup: Slovina, Predictive Gaming Chronos

The Grandmaster Team

Top: ShadowBalls000, Chubby Babies White

Jungle: daniel m, VBU Radon

Mid: elo terrrorist, !Rawr Lethal

Bot: ImperialArcher, Predictive Gaming Chronos

Sup: Exernian, VBU Radon

The Master Team

Top: Jax of AII Trade, !Rawr Lethal

Jungle: Anderson Cooper, Chubby Babies White

Mid: BuhRockObama, Chubby Babies White

Bot: Shifti, VBU Radon

Sup: Hook and Fisted, Chubby Babies White

Regular Season Awards

We have finally finished the regular season! With that, I have finished tallying all the points. Below are the All-Star teams as well as the MVP winner. Congratulations to everyone who made it on the list!

3rd-Team All Stars

Top: SgtRoebuck115, Crosspoint Origin

Jungle: Guster Posey, Crosspoint Origin

Mid: RutledgeIsBeat: Goon Squad Gaming Epsilon

Bot: PG Swagner, Predictive Gaming Chronos

Sup: Slovenia, Predictive Gaming Chronos

2nd-Team All Stars

Top: Jax of All Trade, !Rawr Lethal

Jungle: Morgana x Lillia, Hide on Team

Mid: Katasoul, Omega Gaming Fire

Bot: Master Siomai, Goon Squad Gaming Epsilon

Sup: FirstDream Maybe, Goon Squad Gaming Epsilon

1st-Team All Stars

Top: ŸourÐaddy, Predictive Gaming Chronos

Jungle: daniel m, VBU Radon

Mid: Manatsu, Flash the Disrespect

Bot: Reliable, Chubby Babies White

Sup: Kîry, Omega Gaming Fire

Most Valuable Players

3rd Place: ŸourÐaddy, Predictive Gaming Chronos

2nd Place: Manatsu, Flash the Disrespect

1st Place: Reliable, Chubby Babies White

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