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Manatsu's Semifinals Newspaper

Hi! Manatsu here, power ranking and predicting who will win their matches this week. As someone competing in the Plat league and spending time creating content for that league, I don’t have as much free time to watch the Gold league games. This means all my rankings and predictions will be made by my ELO system. We were perfect last week, 4 for 4. Toxin might be watching the games, but I’m still predicting better. All teams that have lost in the Quarterfinals will not be included in the power rankings anymore. Let’s get started!


Power Rankings

4th ▲1 Mad Rawrs (7-1, 16-4)

Quarterfinals Results: 3-1 vs Scarlet Miracles

Division 2, 1st Seed

3rd = NSG Black (8-0, 18-4)

Quarterfinals Results: 3-0 vs Chubby Babies Shock

Division 3, 1st Seed

2nd = Oasis Nails & Day Spa (8-0, 18-2)

Quarterfinals Results: 3-1 vs Oasis Octane

Division 1, 1st Seed

1st = 3-0 Esports (8-0, 18-0)

Quarterfinals Results: 3-0 vs Twin Disasters

Division 4, 1st Seed


Predictions Semifinals

Oasis Nails & Day Spa vs Mad Rawrs

ELO Prediction: Oasis Nails & Day Spa at 56.7%

NSG Black vs 3-0 Esports

ELO Prediction: 3-0 Esports at 55.3%


Quarterfinals Players of the Week

The Challenger Team

Top: Lil Natz, Mad Rawrs

Jungle: Kral Sultan, Mad Rawrs

Mid: Duero, Mad Rawrs

Bot: RedoMeTwo, NSG Black

Sup: Guardian Wakka, 3-0 Esports

The Grandmaster Team

Top: Skwigg, NSG Black

Jungle: Myth Jones, NSG Black

Mid: JJH, NSG Black

Bot: Le Shuriken, Chubby Babies Shock

Sup: Grandfayte, NSG Black

The Master Team

Top: diete, Oasis NADS

Jungle: Greedee, 3-0 Esports

Mid: BIG Natsu, 3-0 Esports

Bot: HowIMetYourTable, Scarlet Miracles

Sup: nuttby, Mad Rawrs

Current MVP Race


1st: Lil Natz, Mad Rawrs, 12pts

2nd: Exiled Blade, Chubby Babies Cinder, 8pts

2nd: Rurfu, The Collective Esports, 8pts


1st: Kral Sultan, Mad Rawrs, 8pts

2nd: Anderson Cooper, Chubby Babies Shock, 6pts

3rd: Greedee, 3-0 Esports, 5pts

3rd: Myth Jones, NSG Black, 5pts


1st: Duero, Mad Rawrs, 9pts

2nd: Healthy Ego, Scarlet Miracles, 8pts

3rd: Candle King, Chubby Babies Frost, 6pts


1st: Flân, The Collective Esports, 9pts

2nd: RedoMeTwo, NSG Black, 6pts

3rd: GummyBullz, Chubby Babies Frost, 5pts

3rd: Wunderworld, Literal Monkeys, 5pts


1st: Grandfayte, NSG Black, 8pts

1st: Guardian Wakka, 3-0 Esports, 8pts

2nd: KillaTron100, Hyperion Gaming, 6pts

2nd: Dogster, The Collective Esports, 6pts


1st: Lil Natz, Mad Rawrs, 12pts

2nd: Duero, Mad Rawrs, 9pts

2nd: Flân, The Collective Esports, 9pts

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