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Manatsu's Week 2 Magazine

Hi! Manatsu here, power ranking and predicting who will win their matches this week. If you don’t know me, I’ve played in the Blue Otter Platinum League for the past two seasons. Unfortunately, I won’t be playing this season so I won’t really be able to give my personal predictions since I’m not watching the league too closely. However, I will still be running the ELO system! Since we are in the beginning of the season, predictions will most likely not be the most accurate. There will also be plenty of ties. Let’s get started!


Power Rankings

----------The 2-0----------

1st Meme City Esports Proxy (1-0, 2-0)

Week 1 vs No Quarter Gaming: W 2-0

Week 2 vs The Mystic Cats

1st Collective Equinox (1-0, 2-0)

Week 1 vs NSG Crystal: W 2-0

Week 2 vs MG Black

1st The Mystic Cats (1-0, 2-0)

Week 1 vs VBU Airport Speedrun: W 2-0

Week 2 vs Meme City Esports Rush

1st Scum Gang (1-0, 2-0)

Week 1 vs Twin Miracles: W 2-0

Week 2 vs Team Harmony

1st Team Harmony (1-0, 2-0)

Week 1 vs Literal Monkeys: W 2-0

Week 2 vs Scum Gang

----------The 2-1----------

6th G&E ISU Academy (1-0, 2-1)

Week 1 vs Jensen and his Wards: W 2-1

Week 2 vs EQ Storm

7th MG Black (1-0, 2-1)

Week 1 vs Crosspoint Southpaw: W 2-1

Week 2 vs Collective Equinox

7th VBU Monster Mash (1-0, 2-1)

Week 1 vs EQ Storm: W 2-1

Week 2 vs Literal Monkeys

----------The 1-2----------

9th Crosspoint Southpaw (0-1, 1-2)

Week 1 vs MG Black: L 1-2

Week 2 vs No Quarter Gaming

9th EQ Storm (0-1, 1-2)

Week 1 vs VBU Monster Mash: L 1-2

Week 2 vs GE ISU Academy

11th Jensen and his Wards (0-1, 1-2)

Week 1 vs GE ISU Academy: L 1-2

Week 2 vs Twin Miracles

----------The 0-2----------