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Oasis Nails and Day Spa vs The Collective Esports

Oasis comes in as the first seed from Division 1 and The Collective Esports come in as the fourth seed from Division 2.

How Oasis NADS got here:

Oasis NADS swept through division 1, taking down everyone in their path. This team is SCARY and you should be scared, they only dropped one game the entire season and that was to the Literal Monkeys, who are strong in their own respects. Looking at their roster they have a solid team across the board. One player I want to point out is diete, who is the top laner for Oasis NADS. He’s got a couple interesting stats that I just want to put in here for whoever is going to play him in the playoffs. This player has a 2866.8 average XP differential at 10 minutes. At. 10. Minutes. I’m not lying when I say diete is one of the best top laners in BOL Gold and his stats show it. He also has almost a 28% damage share as a top laner, being behind only his adc. That’s crazy and I think he’s going to steamroll whoever he ends up going against. Oasis NADS look primed and ready as one of the favorites this season.

How The Collective Esports got here:

Collective Esports were able to squeak out in fourth in a difficult division and unfortunately, they go against the titans that are Oasis NADS. It’s really hard to put this team favorites anywhere, during the season they beat the teams under them, but lost to the teams above them. I will say though, for sure the bright spot for this team is their bot lane. Flan and Opty have by far the best stats on the team and if they are going to win through any lane, it’s going to be in the bot lane. They will need some sort of miracle to take down Oasis NADS, but miracles have happened before.

Prediction: Oasis NADS 3-0 The Collective Esports

I’m sorry Collective, but you unfortunately drew Oasis NADS. Diete is going to have a field day and absolutely nuke your top laner and you’ll be left with a bot lane going even. Let’s hope Collective has some cheese ready, no seriously, can you guys pick like Karthus bot? In all seriousness though, this should be a clean sweep from Oasis NADS.

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