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Plat Breakdown week 5

Hey all CTRL ULT ELITE HERE. Sorry this is late this week. I am working too many hours and am having to cut back on my hobbies. Sorry that this week is fairly sparse in detail. I will try my best to be on time for next week. With week 4 finished playoffs are fast approaching. Some teams have already clinched playoffs for themselves and others are approaching do or die for wins. All 3 teams I had rated into S tier were able to clinch a playoff spot. This week I’m going to write about 3 matches in detail, one from each division that I thought was the most interesting and have a couple of notes on the other games.


Literal Moneys Vs Titan Gaming Atlas

Points of interest from this series (TGA won 2-0)

  • Rågnar is keeping the Ornn train rolling. We're now up to 9 games of Ornn with 8 wins and 1 loss. I’ll say it again. BAN THIS. Like comfort is a huge factor at our skill level. Why ban Aatrox twice we know Rågnar is picking Ornn unless its banned.

  • The mods are going to be looking at Hamswh1tch at this point with how well they are playing. This player is putting up stats that are not normal. This player is ranked number 2 in the league and is doing over 1000 dmg a minute. Game 1 as Xearth they did almost 2000 dmg a minute(1979). They did 1500 dmg a minute as Galio vs Viktor in game 2.

  • Aclick was forced to play something other then Cait in their series as it was banned both games and they did 1 game on Jihn and 1 on Twitch.

  • Au KnuckeD lost their top spot in the league as they were playing more of an engage role for the team so they died a lot more than normal(coming into this game AU KnuceD had only 13 deaths across 7 games and they died 11 times in this game 1)

  • PacaPaul played fantastic game 1 on Lilia and PuppyDrown3r had more impact on Sylas Game 1 than Rågnar’s Ornn

New World Esports Nebula vs Elementals Maelstrom

Points of interest from this series (EM won 2-0)

  • Game 1 is very close between these 2 teams and is a complete bloodbath(43 kills in 32 mins)

  • New World Esports Nebula were not able to get anywhere close to the same amount of objectives as Elementals Maelstrom in both games

  • Duck But Rubber for NWEN had probably their best game of the season in game 1 getting a Quadra kill and doing over 700 dmg a minute as Sivir

  • Nèzumi for EM was an absolute monster this series and has become the number 1 rated player in the league. Game 1 as Azir vs Viktor they did the most damage in the game and killed 5 turrets. In game 2 they smashed the otherside of the matchup.

  • Defly had an absolutely miserable game as Draven in game 1 but more then made up for it in game 2 on twitch

  • Goati still did insane on Rumble jungle game 1 despite having very little CC setup

  • I’m pretty sure if you asked EM for their perfect team comp it would more or less be the draft they had in game 2. This game was not close

TA wild side Vs Mystic Cats

TA wild vs Mystic Cats is the series out of Freljord that I am writing about in detail this week. This series had huge playoff implications. If TA Wildside were able to beat the Mystic Cats it would effectively lock the Mystic Cats out of playoffs. But with a win here, having a bye still and playing TA Tropics week 5 Mystic Cats would have a shot at making playoffs.

Game 1 had TA Wild Side on blue and the Mystic Cats on red with last pick. Draft started with TAWS focusing on AP threats getting rid of Gwen, Anivia and Zilean. Mystic Cats chose to spread their bans our more going after Kog'maw, Sejuani and Blitzcrank. I like the idea on TWAS side to get rid of things that are a high risk to a hyper carry. Gwen is immune(god Riot please just rework this) and Aniva and Zilean both provide tons of zone control and have good CC. I’m less enthused about the Mystic Cats bans you probably should be focusing more towards Soulbert, like Sejunai is great top lane and jungler but other picks do her job just as well or better like Ornn or Poppy. TAWS take Viktor as 1st pick of the draft and I’m kinda mad about it. I don’t know how many different ways I can say this but like Viktor has hard counters. He's weak against assassins generally and also weak to artillery mages as well. Viktor also struggles with early 2v2 fights and can be camped. Mystic Cats then take Zeri and Seraphine. I like both these picks. Seraphine is a flex pick for mid/support here and Zeri is a fairly safe marksmen who scales better than almost anyone. CornStar is also great on the pick. TAWS then take their own bot lane with Twitch, Amumu. Twitch relies on cheese kills looking for roams or faking resets and then hard punishing people on side lanes. If Twitch can get ahead of Zeri early he can start solo killing her over and over again. I really like this pick. Amumu I’m not as sold on I know you need hard CC here to lock down Zeri and Serraphine and he's good into Zeri due to the tantrum interaction but he is very all in. Amumu needs to land bandage toss and kill whoever he hooks if amumu is not ahead hes a suicide bomber whos going to die a lot. I think Nautilus might have been the pick here. Mystic Cats then take Lulu trying to make sure that Zeri will be as safe as possible. Their are picks who are better but who cares you have great disengage.

For Round 2 Cats ban Trundle and Shen looking to limit top lane options. I am not a huge fan of these bans as you are already saving counter pick for your top lane. Why not simply ban junglers no one is going to have amumu jungle. TAWS bans Sylas and Hecarim trying to make sure that seraphine does not have too many engage frontlines. Cats take Vi which is great here to try and kill twitch. TAWS takes Poppy and Ornn solidifying themselves as a 2 threat team with great team fight potential. I think the major issue with their team comp is that poppy does not have a great lane to gank really. Ornn and Viktor can follow up your CC sure but don’t have that much damage. Your bot lane is awesome to gank for but you're into Zeri lulu. If Zeri has flash I don’t see those ganks ever working. With top lane last pick Shovy goes for something interesting taking Swain Top. Swain is really good into this comp that is all about dive and tanks he just kinda sits there and drain tanks your team. And as long as you play safe it’s not like Ornn is going to kill you hes pretty telegraphed when he has opportunities. I like the comp that Cats draft its straight up disengage and that's pretty good as long as they survived the initial burst I imagine fights go your way.

For Game 1 Cats had a lead the majority of the game. At 15 minutes they were up 4k and got it all the way up to 10k by 20 minutes. ChupapiDaddy had an amazing game as Vi only dying 3 times. Fwesh was able to play safe on Seraphine not dying the entire game and Shovy was able to drain tank in team fights doing the most damage this game as well as taking the most. Mystic Cats played this game out slowly but surely getting TAWS to come fight for dragons and secured 2 barons.

Game 2 had a very similar start to the draft as game 1 despite switching sides. TAWS kept their bans the same whereas Cats decided to leave up Sejuani and banned Seraphine instead. Seraphine ban makes sense as she is powerful being a flex pick and having strong combinations in bot with multiple champions. I think TAWS should have changed their bans up a little bit. Viktor was such a huge priority last game, maybe you want to take it off the table. Vi also gave your team a lot of trouble as well maybe that was something that should be banned. Cats then take Viktor 1st pick for themselves on blue. This is actually a flex pick somehow so I hate it a lot less. TAWS takes Azir and Ashe. Azir is great into Viktor as you both freely scale and neither of you can really kill each other while Azir has early push priority. Ashe I am not sure about here at all. I feel like Ashe is much more about the team and this Team is about Soulbert. Mystic Cats then get weird and take Heimerdinger and Sivir. I think that they showed their cards way too early here but I like the innovation that the Cats are showing. So this is Heimerdinger Mid, Viktor top and Sivir ADC. I think you probably could have gotten away with not taking Heimerdinger here(I very much doubt its getting banned in round 2) and gone for a support to leave TAWS in the dark. Heimerdinger is great into Azir(and just pretty great in general) and provides teams with great objective taking, lane priority and siege. Sivir does all the same things so you are making TAWS play something super aggressive early in the jungle or your lanes are going to fall way behind sitting under their tower. TAWS answers the weird picks with a Wukong flex trying to make sure that they are leaving options open for the next 2 picks so that they know what this Mystic Cat comp is.

In round 2 TAWS ban Lulu and Taric. These are safe bans I can agree with. This Cats team just needs disengage now and they are all set. Cats ban Sejuani and Renketon trying to make sure that whoever is top lane will not be able to set up ganks for their jungler. With the 1st pick of round 2 TAWS takes Lux support trying to ensure that they can have 1 lane with push priority. I think this is a great pick here, you leave Wukong as a flex and he functions similar to renekton in top lane. Mystic Cats then take Hecarim and Leona trying to ensure that they can engage when they need to. I’m not sure about the Leona pick to be honest I think that you need a ranged support with this sivir. Lux Ashe is going to push hard and sivir wants to as well. Karma I think was the pick, letting your team reposition easier and giving you a better lane. TAWS then takes Trundle last pick and I’m not a fan. Trundle has okay ganks but his major strengths are 1v1 fights vs the opposing jungler and ulting divers. Trundle however is weak to getting kited. I don’t think that Wukong and Trundle are the right type of frontline to threaten Viktor, Sivir and Heimerdinger. Wukong is great into them but needs something else to pull the trigger if Wukong goes in they just get insta bursted as soon as he starts to hit ult. I think this team needed something to sack the top lane like Ornn to give you some sort of a go button.

This game 2 if you look at damage and kills its clear this game was not close whatsoever. Shovy in top and CornStar at ADC do over double the damage of their counterparts and FWESh still does 5k over Kurido. It was also 24 kills for Mystic Cats compared to the 9 for TAWS.


GE Emerald vs Revolution Ice Age

GE Emerald were able to pick up some much needed points with this 2-0 Victory. Revolution Ice age has officially been knocked out of playoffs. Notes on this series

  • Game 1 of this series was all about the two ADCS. Leavy and Hai Legacy both played fantastic in game 1 and did double the damage out of almost everyone else.

  • Shanghai and 1 icecreamguy 1 decided to stick to the top lane island and just took turns fighting and solo killing each other

  • Both teams were pretty messy macro wise game 1 with each team taking 3 dragons. RIA were able to get both rift herald's but only got 4 towers.

  • Game 2 had a very similar draft to game 1 but Pocketp1ck as Kayn in game 2 could not get form so they were not very useful

  • Leavy was unable to pop off in game 2

Senesi Squad Susanoo vs New World Esports Titan

New World Esports Titan(NWET) did not have their full roster for this series and had only 3 bans both games. Sensei Squad Susanoo got a clean 2-0 this series and are looking like a clear lock in for playoffs. Some notes on this series

  • NWET only managed to take 1 tower this series

  • Lavalizard8u played amazing on Ahri probably keep this as a priority ban

  • NwE Trigger got jungle gapped hardcore in game 1

  • Sunflower absorbed all 3 bans game 1 and still did great on twitch probably don't try to ban them out

  • Orphic looked much better this week then they have all split playing split push comfort picks and just trying to skill check his opennet.

  • Protomorph had a rough game 1 as Jinx and were not able to be the hard carry bot this team envisioned in draft game 1. In game 2 as Ashe they played much better

Crustacean Nation VS CB Tsundere

A banger of a series, need I say more? Of course I do. I wish that this could have been the match of the week on stream. There are so many cool picks in this series I really wish I could look at the match history for these games, unfortunately I am writing these late in the week so I cannot look at stats of the individual games themselves just the overview and draft lol. Spoiler alert this series goes to 3 so CN have now lost a game and if it's possible to have a worse take then my copypasta level praise I wrote I would be surprised. This was unfortunately the last week CN got to play with their mid laner as they have ranked out of BOL. Fs in chat. At least they ended on a win.

Game 1 started with CN on blue and CBT on red. CN start with bans on Hecarim, Lulu and Miss Fortune spreading out their bans. I think Hecarim is a very worthwhile ban the speed comps he enables are crazy. Im less keen on the lulu and MF bans as there are still tons of power picks left. I guess if you are looking for a Sivir 1st pick then banning MF does make some sense. I think Trundle was probably something I would have banned istead if you are trying to play the speed comp as he is able to both slow down the speed with pillar as well as Subjugate the diver. CBT ban Zac, Taric and Talyiah in the 1st round. Im curious why the Taric ban in 1st round, Taric is absolutely incredible vs any melee support but struggles with ranged supports who can peel him. Zac and Talyiah are both strong picks that are haviley played by members of CN. Crabs take Sivir looking to play the speed comp as I earlier alluded to. I like sivir 1st pick, she can be your win condition or just a facilitator depending on how the draft shapes out. CBT