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Plat Breakdown Week 6

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a great week. It’s CTRL ULT ELITE back once again with BOL Plat breakdown. Still struggling a bit to find time to write these but I think I have achieved the right balance. We are now heading into week 6 of games and we have just 2 weeks of the regular season left. Hopefully your team is still in playoff contention or better yet secured a spot in the postseason. I am enjoying my time with BOL immensely and hope you are as well.


Ementals Maelstrom VS Ta Wild Side

Points of interest from this series (EM won 2-0)

  • Game 1 was one of the better games for TA wild side all year they got a Baron and 5 towers before EM were able to scale up and win

  • Game 2 was not nearly as close

  • Defly had an awesome series only dying twice both games and having a KDA of 12.5 in game 1 and 10 in game 2

  • TheRealOogway had a great series as well being able to split push effectively on Mundo and Renekton

  • Nezumi retains their spot as the number 1 rated player in the league thanks to an incredible game 2 as Taliyah

  • Kurido in game 1 as malzahar was his teams MVP doing over 10k more damage then his next closest teammate being 2nd in the category for the game while also killing 3 of their 5 towers in game 1.

So what does this mean for both teams? Elementals Maelstrom has officially locked themselves into playoffs picking up their 4th win. You still have a bye as EM in the last week and play TA Tropics this Tuesday. Taking this series locks you in as second seed in Freljord. TA Wild Side has officially been eliminated from playoff contention. Hopefully your game vs Literal monkeys is enjoyable for both teams!

Literal Monkeys vs New World Esports Nebula

Points of interest from this series (NWE won 2-0)

  • Game 1 was a very high kill game with 1.6 kills a minute

  • Literal Monkeys only got 1 tower and no other objectives this series

  • Goati was an absolute beast this series both in game 1 on Azir in Mid and game 2 on Olaf in the Jungle

  • Pacapul was the MVP for Literal Monkeys in game 1 on Kayn. They did the most damage in the entire game as well as taking the most

  • All Fire was the other player doing well in game 1 for the literal monkeys as Sivir. In game 2 they played Cassiopiea bot

  • Chinese Spy had a rough series dying 8 times in game 1 and 6 times in game 2

  • Dholy played very well on Zeri both games showing that despite the nerfs the champion still can carry if you have the skill and hours on them

So what does this mean standings wise for both teams? Liertal monkeys have officially been eliminated from playoff contention. New World Esports Nebula are now just 1 win away from securing their own playoff spot. If they are unable to beat Titan Gaming Atlas you do play TA Wild Side week 7 who have yet to win a game so hopefully you can grab your win there to lock your spot in the top 4.

TA Topics vs Mystic Cats

This series was the steamed match of the week! Game 1 of this series starts with TA Tropics on red and Mystic Cats on blue. Unfortunately TAT had to use an emergency substitution and had a new top laner this series losing 2 bans. TA Tropics with their only round 1 ban decided to get rid of Anivia. A bit of a weird ban I think Paneer has been the best player on this team why not go after an ADC? Mystic Cats ban Poppy, Ekko and Yummi in round 1. This series was played on last patch so Yummi is still strong with the right combination. Poppy is a ban towards jungle and Ekko is a mid lane focused ban. These bans all do have one thing in combination: they are all disengage picks so I hope that Cats are going for something very aggressive with their picks. With 1st pick TAT take Seraphine noticing a lot of disengage tools have been taken off the table the elect to take a strong flex pick that look to quickly turn around team fights. Cats take Samira and Renata Glasc with their 1st two picks. I really like taking Samira into Seraphine she dies to your combo and you can windwall her ult. Renata is like the best duo lane partner to pick with Samira so that also makes sense. You are red side as the Cats so it pays to try and counter as many picks as possible. TAT goes with Wukong and Senna to finish round 1 on blue side for themselves. I really like Wukong with Seraphine and Senna Seraphine in an awesome bot lane but you are both super weak early and squishy. I worry that if Renata catches you with a handshake does it just force your flash? Mystic Cats go with Zac before the 2nd round bans come through. Zac is really good here it lets you repeat gank people after blowing flash and even does tower dives well due to his passive letting him drop turret aggro.

In round 2 Mystic Cats focus their bans again on disengage taking Lissanda and Neeko out. TAT bans Zilean and Gwen. I guess Zilean gives you like a semi speed comp but I don’t think you pick it here as the Cats your team has really low damage already. Gwen is incredible into what you have drafted and it is probably a top lane counter pick so I really like that ban. The blind pick for Mystic Cats is Himerdinger, something that plenty of teams have started to pick, noticing his very high win rates in solo que in several positions. I think this pick is just as much about denying one of the best anti dive mages as anything else. TAT goes with Ziggs and Ganr to finish round 1. So I like the idea of this in theory this team is all about poke and letting Gnar get his split push on. I just think there's 1 huge issue and that's Zac. You have no way to stop Zac's slingshot and that gives the Mystic Cats a way to kill you all if they get on top of you. Gnar blind also since the nerfs has become even more risky, Gnar is unbelievably squishy early on. And Cats know that and take a classic counter in Irelia. So Irelia vs Gnar works by Irelia kills you over and over again. As Ganr you have to space incredibly well you cannot use your hop until irelia casts her E stun. The issue with that is Irelia can dash onto your face constantly her auto range is higher than Mega Gnars. Her Q range is also higher than your auto range as well in mini form.

Again you can watch this series on the BOL twitch channel. To quickly recap the game Irelia goes off this game getting first blood at 3 minutes and another kill top lane at 8 minutes. Cats take both Rift Hearlds and are able to gets lots of plates for themselves. The unsung hero of this game was FWESH on Heimerdiner doing the most dmg in the game. Paneer had a really rough game they were unable to finish their mythic as fasting senna despite the game going to 30 minutes in fact they made half the money that CronStar did. Ziggs for Monix 11x was able to stall the game out a bit and was able to pick up most of the turrets for TAT.

Game 2 of the draft has Cats on blue and TAT on red. For TAT they go with the Samira 1st round ban. Cornstar was crazy last game they did not even die I think banning Samira was the right call from the beginning TBH. Cats keep the same bans. Why not they crushed it. I mean maybe Ziggs was a good ban idea? Cats then decide to take Seraphine for themselves. I will be shocked if Seraphine does not become near 100% pick/ban for the remainder of our season. Not only is she powerful but she's viable in 3 lanes at a S tier and provides scaling something that we plat teams always like to fall back on. TAT go for their own uber scaling and take Sivir Lulu. Sivir has been the best ADC for 2 patches now with this patch behind us I'm curious to see if teams stop taking Sivir as much. Lulu pairs well with Sivir giving her the raw stats to make her feel like she has another item. Cats take Sona and Viego to finish off round 1. Sona Serpahine bot lane is a menace. It’s not exactly difficult to pull off and as long as you have some other high damage threats(like the Viego that was picked) your golden. Listen I’m not saying that one of my clash victories was putting 2 of my teammates on the duo neither of whom had ever played their champs before but Im denying it either alright. Vex is the answer for TAT before coming into the 2nd round. I agree with it you need something that is huge burst potential a prolonged fight vs that duo is never going to work.

In round 2 TAT bans Hiemer and Anivia trying to make sure that Vex will be laning into something that is “normal” , something that does not out range her. I agree with both of these bans; they are 2 of Vex’s worst matchups. Cats bans out Ornn and J4. I am not quite sure why you are splitting your bans here so much. I mean both are engage that puts the enchanter duo bot at risk but why not ban like J4 and Sejuani or J4 Dianna. I mean its top lane counter pick that's generally not Ornn. I mean I guess if your play is to pick something like Jayce or Renekton that needs to hard win top lane it's a good ban? TAT with 1st pick of round 2 takes Trundle. I really like this pick if it's a flex. Trundle top is great into melee carries and tanks but struggles with picks that can just look to kite him out and dp short trades. If he has one of those matchups you can just throw him in the jungle and just ult whoever in teamfights and has decent setup for ganks with Vex’s fear and Lulu’s polymorph. Mystic Cats take Yasuo and Galio as their final 2 picks. This is a really strange version of the Enchanter comp I’m not quite sure I like it. With Yone Veigo and Galio always looking to dive in your backline needs to constantly move into danger and push forwards in case of flanks. But I see the idea if you can get Viego ult into Seraphine ult with Galio knock up that's like a tikotk level wombo combo play. TAT with the last pick of the draft unbenches the Kench, uninhibits the ribbit, unclogs the frog. So TK top is a very weird pick. He's one of the stronger lane bullies but builds pure tank and needs to get ahead to be any sort of damage threat. This lane matchup is also incredibly volatile. You both kind of need to just play like complete psychopaths and accept the fact that junglers are pathing top and it's going to be messy. Both of these picks excel as setting up dives so you need to play for push. Yone can buffer the TK stun and wins any extended trade due to lethal tempo but loses almost every short trade due to grasp and the healing of Tongue Lash. But long fights are not a guaranteed win either if you ever screw up a Q3 or miss your W for the shield TK can just chunk you and easily dive you with his jungle. But as the game progresses TK is forced to stack health so Yone(who generally rushes BORK) gets insane item value and can start to win the 1v1.

Game 2 is yet another win for the Cats. The game starts as a bit of a disaster for TAT and are down 3k before 10 minutes. They play proactively however and thanks to 2 separate double kills are able to drag the game back to even. But once Cats get Baron this game is as good as done. Cats take 5 towers within their baron power play and end the game on that push. TAT bot lane both play very well this game being given the free lame to farm and scale yet no one else on their team is able to withstand the pressure. Fyth on TK is not able to win topside, electing to play as safe as possible and just does not have the impact that is needed and ends the game doing the least damage in the game(other than Lulu). Monix 11x tries their best and does the most damage in the game as Vex but they are simply unable to burst anyone down ending game 2 without a kill. Cornstar and Shovy were the MVP for the Cats in game 2. Shovy elected not to buy a mythic on Yone this game going BORK into LDR into Infinity edge.

So what does this mean standings wise for both teams? TA Tropics are no longer masters of their own fate. In order for them to get into playoffs they would have to win against both Elementals Maelstrom and Literal Monkeys 2-0. And literally Monkeys need to not win a game vs Titan Gaming Atlas as they have the superior head to head record. So for Mystic Cats all you need to do for playoffs is have TA Tropics drop a game so go cheer on Elementals Maelstrom and Literal Monkeys. Or alternatively just win 1 games vs an S tier team.


New Worlds Esports Titan vs Revolution Ice Age

Points of interest from this series (NWET won 2-0)

  • This series was so incredibly 1 sided I feel bad for RIA. RIA got 0 map objectives and only 5 kills to the 30 of NWET in game 1. In game 2 at least they got 2 dragons and the kills were 6 to 19…

  • Udyr top this game was not looking hot for Shanghai game 1. In game 2 they were much better when put onto Ornn duty even when playing vs A hard counter in Fiora

  • Boogie of course looked great this series on the split push style picks of Camille and Fiora

  • Caliburen was unable to break 100 cs as LB in game in a 25 minute game. They had half the gold of NwE Merlin in game 1

  • NwE Trigger was great both series playing unusual jungle picks for BOL with Nocturne and Rek’Sai

  • I have like no time to go over this but I have absolutely 0 idea what the draft is that RIA ran in game 2 is looking to do. It's wack. Ornn, Udyr, Heimer, Ezreal, Taric. You have like 3 tanks, a poke ADC and Heimer a zone control mage. Is the idea you just siege and slowly win? You're into Viktor Sivir and Renata, good luck trying to siege. Dive them they have Renata and your team has like 0 damage. You also have like no split answer(other than heimer?)

So what does this mean standings wise for both teams? Revolution ice Age has officially been eliminated from playoff contention. For New World Esports Titan it is pretty much a lock for playoffs as well. I mean as long as you win 1 game not even a series but a game you are locked in. That might be a little hard as you play CN and CBT. But if GE Emerald loses a game it also ensures you make it in.

CB Tsundere vs CB White

Draft for game 1 has CBT on blue side and CBW on red side. CBT goes for ap jungle bans getting rid of FiddleSticks and Lilia and go after Tristana as well. CBW decide to focus their bans on more utility picks banning Hecarim, Renata and Zilean. CBT start off draft with everyone's favourite flex pick in Seraphine. CBW answer with Sivir Nautilus taking the late game hyper scaling to match it as well as some engage options in lane to try and get early kills. CBT then takes Senna and Trundle. So Senna is somewhere bot and other than that CBT has only taken flex picks so far. Serraphine can still go mid and Trundle can go either top for a split push threat or jungle if he has a bad lane matchup. I think that this is incredible drafting out of CBT so far. Your comp is super squishy right now but have not shown any of your cards an