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Plat Breakdown Week 7

Hello everyone and welcome once again to another week of BOL Plat Breakdown its CTRL ULT ELITE. This week had some series with huge playoff standings and I’m eager to get into it! But first a RIP to all the teams that can no longer make playoffs: Team Ambition Tropics, Literal Monkeys, Team Ambition Wild Side, CB Tsundere, Revolution Ice Age, Stunned Gaming Invictus and Hypnotic. I spent this weekend volunteering for some ungodly reason so I am tired and sore. Hope the rest of you had a relaxing weekend and are ready for the end of the regular season this week. I am personally really hyped to see if by some miracle my team can squeak into the playoffs(LET’S GO BASEMENT DWELLERS I'M NOT BIASED WHATSOEVER!)


Ta Wild Side VS Literal Monkeys

TA Wild side have left the league. F in chat

TA Tropics VS Elemental Maelstrom

EM won 2-0 so im just going to briefly cover this series

  • The most interesting picks of this series was Monix 11x played ekko mid in game 1 and in game 2 TheRealOogway played Mundo into a Maokai

  • This series was not very close between the 2 teams EM won game 1 in 17 minutes and the kills were 22 to 5 they did not let TAT get a single objective that game.

  • In game 2 I think TAT played more for fun swapping their jungle and top and ADC and support. Game 2 of the series was much more even but still a pretty dominant win for EM. The game was 26 minutes and was 26-14 in kills. TAT at least got some objectives thanks to their Ziggs pick getting 3 towers.

  • Deftly was the clear MVP in this series for the side of EM. They had 2 fantastic games on MF and Twitch. Game 2 they did almost 900 damage a minute as Twitch and had 84% KP. Thanks to this game they are now number 23 on the list and are listed on the front page.

  • DM for Scholarship is continuing to impress me a lot as well they are now number 4 in assists per game

Titan Gaming Atlas VS New World Esports Nebula

Titan Gaming Atlas won 2-0 so I’m going to briefly cover this series.

  • It appears that NwEN did not have their main jungler ready for game 1

  • In game 1 NWEN went for the classic Yummi plus unkillable things to attach yourself to with Aatrox and Sivir and Swain all on the same team

  • TGA simply went with an AOE wombo combo and had MF amumu Maokai and Kat game 1

  • Game 2 both teams elected to take more standard back to front team comps with tank top laners and a hyper scaling ADC.

  • Ragnar was finally banned away from Ornn in game 1 of this series and NEWN attempted to go after them in round 2 as well, banning 2 more of their champs. Rangar decided to take Maokai into Aatrox which is a rough matchup. He did go down a lot of CS(136 to 213) but only died twice. In game 2 they got Ornn again and dominated not dying and being involved in 60% of his teams kills

  • Cole the top laner for NWEN did not have the greatest series. They died in laning phase twice in both games.

  • HamSandw1ch played amazing this series and has brought another new counter pick this week in Katarina mid into swain as Sylas was banned game 1

  • Aclick was the MVP this series; they did the most damage in both games and even got a Penta in game 2.


CB Tsundere VS GE Emerald

CB Tsudenere in game 1 of this series had an E sub for game 1 in the jungle unfortunately and they started on Blue side. GEE had their full roster together so let's get into the draft for game 1.

CBT used their only ban on Anivia. Anivia oddly enough is the 3rd most banned champion in BOL with a total of 34 bans. She has a very low pick rate in solo queue, I just find it odd we have so many players in BOL plat that are drawing bans on the pick. GEE ban Bel’Veth Zilean and Miss Fortune on red side. Zilean is a respect ban to Fonso who plays much more supportive mids, and Bel’Veth seems to be ShadyGecko’s best jungler this year in solo que. Miss Fortune is the standout best ADC this patch and I would expect that most teams will 1st pick her given the choice. MF brings a great early game and has awesome team fights, her only weakness is that she is immobile and can be dove rather easily. CBT 1st pick Hecraim who is one of the major winners of this patch shooting his win rate up over 2% and putting his pick and ban rate over 20% each. It feels really bad whenever Hecarim is strong he just kinda runs at you and stat checks you. He has great dive, good sustain and a reliable fast clear. He is fairly weak earlier in the game and struggles with early objectives but once you grab levels and finish components you are suddenly really strong for the rest of the game. GEE goes with Ashe and Vi for their 1st 2 picks on red side. Vi is good into Hecarim if you are able to out tempo him. Vi can go for more early ganks or invades and needs to make the most of her early game so that she can be ahead to burst down the reaper of the shadow isles. Ashe is a flex pick much to the disgust of every ADC player. Support Ashe is annoying more than anything else. It provides tons of utility and slows and even offers engage. However support Ashe does not provide nearly anything for the lane itself and often steals farm as she randomly fires volleys at the enemy. CBT seeing an Ashe go all in on dive and take Tristana and Amumu. If you are just aiming to kill your opposing laners I think that this is one of the highest kill threat lanes you can draft. With last pick GEE takes Xayah probably the best anti dive ADC showing it is Ashe support.

In round 2 GEE bans Karma and Shen trying to limit the amount of shields and heals that can be put onto the dive that has been drafted. CBT go with top lane Juggernaut bans getting rid of Darius and Mordekiaser. I guess the idea here is to make sure Top lane stays even? I’m not sure why you did not go after more mid laners when I see what you drafted mid lane. With the blind pick GEE takes Ornn and with Darius and Morde gone I really respect that pick. CBT takes Gwen top and Soraka mid for the last picks on blue side. And uh I am concerned to say the least. The enemy team has Vi and Ashe already. How do you live in team fights as Soraka? Like your team is leaving you to dive and you have to run after them. Vi is just going to press R on you every fight you probably are going to have Ashe burning your flash with random ults all the time and GEE has not even picked their mid. Like if they pick anything with burst I do not see how these fights ever go long enough for you to do anything. GEE takes Viegar as the mid lane counter pick and that seems really strong here. So Veigar gets to free farm mid lane more or less. And you have the cage with Vi to kill soraka mid on repeat on you can shove out, or power farm the choice is yours. I mean as CBT you have 1 lane that is forced to push(trist E) and wants to fight and nothing to support them with that. If Vi and Hec both path bot I expect that GEE would win the 3v3.

For the actual game CBT gets off to an early lead. They are able to get 1st blood in a 2 for 1 trade bottom at 4 minutes. At 15 minutes into the game they are up 3k gold and have their money on the right people. Shifit on Tristana is really fed. But after a major teamfight win at 19 minutes for GEE, CBT just falls apart. After that team fight until the end of the game CBT only gets 4 kills and 1 tower. In comparison GE is able to get 22 kills, 8 towers, 2 dragons and a baron before the game ends at 33 minutes. Soprych ends the game with just 2 deaths on Xayah having a KDA of 11 and dealing the most damage in the game at 730 a minute. Puggler also does an insane amount of damage as well doing 600 dmg a minute as support. Gwen and Hecarim are never able to pop off in fights; both do less than 400 dmg a minute this game despite Soraka having out-healed the amount of damage done by Veigar.

For game 2 Jobey is back for CBT for the rest of the series so they regain their bans. In game 2 GEE on blue have very odd bans that I do not agree with in round 1. They ban Zilean Miss Fortune and Ashe. I mean it appears their ADC has a smaller champion pool and does not play MF so that's understable. I just do not get the Ashe ban. Coach Pizza plays it sure but that player has 41 support picks this year they are probably just picking what is best for the team not themselves. Like you guys lock in a comp idea in this draft why not ban counters to it? CBT goes with Veigar, Anivia and a Darius ban in round 1. I don’t see them taking Darius in the 1st round. Why not take away Hecarim istead? Anyway GEE take Hecarim 1st pick woah who could have guessed? CBT then goes with Udyr and Renata Glasc. Udyr is really really good love the pick is a top/jungle flex. Renata is one of the better supports into Hec, you can just grab him when he runs at you and throw him away. If Hec also fully commits on one person you can of course save them. Renata is really good at disengage. GEE decide that they are going for the speed comp and take Karma Sivir. Sivir has fallen from grace since the nerfs losing around 3% win rate going from the games best ADC to one not so great. Sivir is still kinda the same once you get 3-4 items you just win. She's just weaker getting to that point now. These 3 picks have incredibly high synergy with one another and have been played together and will continue to play together for a long time to come. CBT take Jinx as their own hyper carry answer. Jinx is strong against Sivir for the sole reason that you outrange her in Rocket form and you scale just as well.

In round 2 CBT ban Shen and Camille trying to keep 1 icecreamguy 1 on something not as lane dominant. GEE ban Vex and Ornn. Vex has quietly been sitting at the top of the Solo que tier list for quite a while and is finally starting to gain some popularity. I'll be honest I like Vex just cause at one point I was that moody teenanger listening to Likin Park and calling people normies wishing that I developed shadow powers. She is a fantastic pick into almost everything that does not out range her. Anyways CBT take Mordekaiser here. I guess this is also technically a flex between Udyr and Morde if one has a better matchup than the other? So let's see what you got 1 icecreamguy 1 has got into this. They elect to take Kled into the morde top and blind Annie. So Kled is a really interesting champ to say the least. The playstyle of Kled is go in that's it. You just keep fighting until you randomly live on like 14hp and remount and win the fight. But uh morde is pretty strong at just sitting there and bonking each other to death as well. At least as Kled you have an innate heal cut(1 of 4 champs). Uh I know last week I talked about how much I respect Annie but listen she is really bad blind especially in our setting. Annie is countered by things that outrange her like control mages or things that can dodge her stun(like Fizz). CBT take Viktor(I wish GEE took this) and this is one of Annie's hardest counters. Viktor outranges you and can trade with his shield Q towards you. Annie does better in solo que due to the fact that things are not getting communicated as often. Its much easier to ignore 2 missing pings then your mid laner going”annie has left my lane towards bot on a roam timer”. I mean the game plan is as simple as it gets for GEE. If you get ahead you jam your gold lead down CBT’s throat until they choke on it. If you're behind in gold fight anyways try to get shutdowns. Every pick on this team just forms a deathball and follows the Kled to kill them. As CBT the plan is also simple just peel back. Throw down Gravity well and Flame chompers and Hostile Takeover whenever GEE commits.

So this game does not really go as you want it to for GEE. at 15 minutes the game is dead even. And once everyone on CBT gets items this game is done. At 21 minutes CBT gets Baron and Dragon and closes the game out. Both junglers were the respective MVPS for their team. Jobey does not even die as Udyr this game and ends the game with the highest CS in the game as Udyr tends to do when ahead. Platypus Killer on Hecraim was the only player on their team with a positive KDA and also had the most CS and dmg on their team this game. Annie was rough in this game; they did about half the damage of Viktor.