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Plat Finals Breakdown

Hey all CTRL ULT ELITE here. We are now in the final week of plat playoffs thanks for reading the content I have produced all season and hope you have enjoyed it. It's been a long split, a huge shoutout to everyone who helps BOL run and happen! If you did not catch last weeks streamed matches of EM vs CN I feel sorry for you. Series was crazy. The 5 full games were a riot and I hope that tonight's matches prove to be just as entertaining. Here is the full playoff bracket.

From 21 teams down to just 2 we have reached the precipice of playoffs. Series have been played and it all comes down to this. Win this series and your team takes home the purse and bragging writes. Lose just 3 games and your team will be forgotten, winners are the only names found in history. I feel that we for sure have 2 of the best teams in the entire tournament facing off. CB Rush are coming into this series as the undisputed heavy favourites. CBR have won the 3 previous splits of BOL, won their division in Shurmia and are currently on an undefeated playoff run. No playoff team has even been able to get a inhibitor this vs team this year in playoffs they are that dominant. They face Elementals Maelstrom, a team who have had to fight way harder to claim a spot in the finals. EM also won their division in Freljord and were able to take down a surging CB White and the incredibly talented CN on their road to the finals. EM have not had the cleanest wins but they have won when it counts showcasing a strong mental and ability to adapt.

These 2 teams matchup well there is not a clear disparity and much of this series should come down to execution in teamfights not just lane advantages piling up. Top lane between these teams I think is going to have a major factor in the outcome of this series and has the most chance for one player to gain a huge individual lead. Both Pipp for CBR and UBC Sauder on the side of EM have been playing much more towards their comfort early game fighters. UBC Sauder as the series progressed vs CN starting playing Fiora and becoming the split push threat for their team instead of the Ornn duty they were previously on. Pipp has also been playing lots of win lane champions all playoff long like Renekton and Sett. Jungle for both teams are more fill players have a wide pool and playing whatever their team needs. Both play engage tanks like Sejuani and Maokai as well as early game gankers like J4. The jungle matchup could be very interesting in this series with counterpicks in jungle like Trundle for Sejuani. I think it's much more likely however that both teams are going to simply match the jungle style of the other team. Stuff like if you take Maokai we grab Sejuani. Oh you took J4 we will take Poppy. In mid lane we have what stats would say are the 2 best mid laners in the tournament. Nezumi and CBR Rutledge have both been key factors in their teams wins. Both play heavily towards traditional control mages like Viktor but have the spice in their pool. Assassinas are fair game in draft except at one point in this series for something like Zed or Ekko to appear on the rift. I expect counterpick to be going towards this lane this series. In bot lane Defly and The Coach Dom have really stepped it up in playoffs and they face up against what has been the strongest bot lane in BOL. Gl4cail and Kaina have both been absolutely monstrous all playoffs long putting up highly impressive KDA’s. My prediction for this series is a 3-1 for CBR over EM.

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