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Platinum Week 0 Power Rankings

These rankings are done by yours truly, Greedee, which shall be a trend for future rankings. For this week 0 or “pre” rankings, I ranked the teams based on my past knowledge of players and synergy, but if I didn’t know your team as well I did it based on average rank and the stability of rosters. Just like last year, we have 4 divisions, each containing 4 rosters, for a total of 16 teams, all of whom are ranked below. Enough chat let’s get into the rankings!

1) Omega Gaming Fire

This team is relatively tough to place considering that I don’t know a whole lot about this roster, but based on their ranks and the fact that it’s an Omega roster, I’ve got to put them high on the list. Expect them to lead the pack in points, and watch out for them in their best of threes because of their champ pools and drafting capabilities. If they have synergy like I expect them to have, they could be one of the favorites to win it all.

2) !Rawr Lethal

!Rawr Lethal v2 is coming back to Blue Otter for another crack at the title. Expect the drafting to be cleaned up, and expect some solo kills from the likes of MrTaylabHD and BladeGod. There are some new faces in the bot lane, but this is still a semi-finals caliber team that looks to contest Chubby Babies Black for that number one spot in Division 1. As the only returning semi-finalist team from last season, the pressure’s on them now more than ever.

3) Crosspoint Origin

Crosspoint Origin is a very synergistic team that has a lot of experience playing with each other that allows them to play smoother and complement each other in game. Their drafting definitely leaves a lot to be desired, however, if your players are good enough I guess drafting doesn’t matter! Their new ADC, Keorra, is definitely the type of player that can do well on any pick and the team should most definitely play around him.

4) Glacial Rising Phoenix

Glacial Rising Phoenix is another returning team from last season, with an early exit in playoffs not deterring them too much. They’ve made some pretty significant roster changes in the off-season so we’ll see if they can make it even further than they did before. Their roster’s average rank is also on the above-average side of the teams so I also took that into consideration.

5) VBU Radon

This roster would be fun to be a part of, as most VBU rosters are. They have great players in every role, featuring a few new players in fonso, daniel m, and Rindo Kobayashi. Their players are very good individually, we’ll just have to see whether or not they have the synergy to match. With a few players that have must-bans, they have the integral components to a playoff-caliber team.

6) Chubby Babies White

Chubby Babies White has a long list of strong players that shine in a competitive environment, even though their ranks may not be the highest. Their synergy and drafting works for them and they can play through any lane, which is what you look for in a good team. However, in a division with Omega Gaming Fire, fighting for the division title might be an uphill battle.

7) Chubby Babies Black

Containing the strongest starting roster in terms of ranks, Chubby Babies Black gets the #7 spot in these pre-rankings. They don’t really have a “weak” role, with the only player that I don’t know being their plat 1 toplaner. My only issue with this team is the potential headbutting and ego-clashing of a few of their players, but if they have enough synergy and stick to their guns, this team has tons of potential.

8) Goon Squad Gaming Epsilon

As one of the better teams in terms of ranks, I predict Goon Squad Epsilon to be one of the front-runners in Division 4, with a roster that fits the bill. With a new-ish adc and top, there still some question marks in regards to their overall standings but with an easier division they can definitely get enough confidence to make a late playoff run and contest some of the other top teams.

9) SE God Squad

This team is one of the biggest question marks in the league for me, with them already having to change up a couple of their players, despite their players having pretty decent ranks. Having had no past experience with these players, I’m going to safely put them at the 9th slot. They could be a powerhouse with no synergy, or just fall out because of all their roster changes. Who knows.

10) Predictive Gaming Chronos

Predictive Gaming Chronos is a team that has players that have had success in multiple leagues and they like unorthodox picks that give them an advantage. However, based on ranks and overall team strength, I put them at a relatively low spot. They also have a tough-ish division that might make it so that they struggle to make playoffs, but I definitely have confidence.

11) Flash the Disrespect

Another returning team, Flash the Disrespect looks to make a comeback from going out in the first round of playoffs as the 4th seed from the 2nd conference. Their roster, however, hasn’t changed at all. Maybe they’ve got better drafts and more experience as a team that will allow them to have success and potentially make playoffs.

12) Team Dark Spark

With no past experience with Team Dark Spark, I can’t really accurately rank them yet. Based on their ranks and lack of roster changes, they could be a dark horse in the competition that could sneak out with a low-seeded playoff berth, or surprise us all and be one of the top seeds. Just don’t overlook this team yet.

13) Soulbound Tempest

Another team that I have had no contact with, Soulbound Tempest seems like they have a solid core 5, with decent players in all positions. Their toplane and botlane definitely have a rank advantage and they could play through either lane just as well. We’ll see what kinds of champions they play and what they have in store for us this season.

14) Crosspoint Southpaw

Last season, Crosspoint was on the bottom half of one of the lower-ranked divisions and just missed out on a playoff berth. They’re looking to rebound from a rough season and they will be trying their luck once again. The roster is pretty much the same as last season’s, so they’re going to have to find a way to beat out the best teams, or maybe they’ll be lucky with their division, we shall see.

15) Anarchy Amber

Based on the talk in the help desk and roster issues, as well as having a very low average rank, Anarchy Amber is one of my lower-ranked teams for this league. This team, in my opinion, has the highest chance of dropping out/making drastic roster changes. Maybe they can prove me wrong, and maybe they don’t have any roster issues, but they still have to deal with one of the best divisions and overall this team’s chances are looking low. But don’t count them out yet, there’s always hope!

16) Hide on Team

I don’t want to be mean, but on paper and in scrims this team is frankly just not very good. They’re more on par with gold teams than plat teams, which isn’t desirable. They do have potential in their ADC, C9 5neaky, to carry them, but only relying on one carry isn’t a viable strategy. However, I do hope they prove me wrong and quote what I’m saying late into the league, I BELIEVE!

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