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Platinum Playoff Analysis Week 8 by Greedee

I am !Rawr’s Jungle. I rank teams. Don’t give hate, or bully me pls. Don’t take anything I say personally. Also don’t be intimidated by word count, I tried to not leave any team out of love of my holy words. For this week, I’ve decided to look at the playoff picture and leave my opinions over the chances of teams making the playoffs.

Group A:

Oasis Nemesis (9-1) (2-1) (2-1)

Playoffs Chance: 100%

The only way Oasis doesn’t win their division is if they lose every game and Booyah wins every game, including Booyah 2-0ing them in the final week. That seems extremely unlikely, especially with the way both teams have been playing in the past weeks and Booyah’s roster issues. And even if it does happen, Oasis’s head to head record secures them a wildcard spot. So count this team as a favorite for the playoffs either way.

Chubby Babies (6-4) (2-1) (1-2)

Playoffs Chance: 70%

The Babies’ season is more than likely going to come down to their week 9 showdown against Glacial, but if they lose that they can still get in over Booyah on points. They’re looking to beat a couple of struggling teams in The Epidemic and Rawr and then if Booyah loses and they lose in week 9 they can still make it. Either way, their instant-playoff win is that best of 3 against Glacial which is going to be hype.

Glacial Phoenix Rising (7-3) (1-2) (1-2)

Playoffs Chance: 50%

This team’s season could quite possibly ride on the final game because if Booyah wins against Rawr and Literal Monkies they can’t overlap them if the Babies win. Therefore, their next couple of games against Imperial Gaming and The Epidemic are important, but not even near the importance level of their final showdown versus the Chubby Babies, a must-win game. They need to win their final match either way, so they should start preparing for it already.

Booyah Exiles Blue (7-1-2) (1-2) (2-1)

Playoffs Chance: 50%

Assuming this team loses week 9 to Oasis and Oasis doesn’t try any weird stuff, they need to beat Rawr and Literal Monkeys and hope Glacial loses to make the playoffs as a wildcard. Their head-to-head against Chubby Babies didn’t go well, so if the Babies lose they might well be out of the playoffs unless they can pull off an upset win. They should also look to their next two games as more important than their final one, since if they lose one of the next there’s an extraordinary amount of pressure on them beating one of the best teams in the league.

Group B:

Rising Dawn Obsidian (4-6) (2-0) (2-0)

Playoffs Chance: 70%

If Rising Dawn Obsidian stays 4 points ahead of Cinco Tacos heading into the final week, all they need to do is win one game in their best of 3 to secure their division lead and playoff spot. To do that, they need to keep even/ahead of Cinco Tacos in week 8 by beating EQ Storm and/or Flash the Disrespect, which is quite manageable.

Cinco Tacos (4-6) (2-0) (0-2)

Playoffs Chance: 25%

For Cinco Tacos to be comfortable heading into their week 9 match against Rising Dawn, they need to first beat at least EQ Storm if not Serenity, which is going to be very tough. However, they are on a hot streak from beating both Imperial and Literal Monkeys the previous week, and it is definitely possible. More than likely it will come down to their best of three against Rising Dawn, where the stakes will be higher than ever.

Crosspoint Southpaw (3-7) (0-2) (2-0)

Playoffs Chance: 5%

For Crosspoint to make playoffs, Rising Dawn would have to tank their games to Serenity, Flash, and Cinco Tacos and Crosspoint would have to win out (including beating EQ Light). In addition, Cinco Tacos would also need to lose to both EQ and Serenity. It’s possible, but unlikely that Crosspoint can snag a spot as division leader.

$tonk Squad (0-10) (0-2) (0-2)

Playoffs Chance: 0%

Stonk Squad is officially out of the playoffs, there’s nothing more to be said. Maybe they can shake some things up with a couple upset losses, but other than that this team doesn’t have much impact right now.

Group C:

EQ Light (9-1) (2-0) (2-0)

Playoffs Chance: 100%

Being one of the only secured playoff teams, EQ Light’s only threat to their #1 seed is Serenity who is biting at their heels and has a massive bo3 against them in the final week of the regular season. That best of 3 is probably going to be a potential title or semifinal match so we’ll have to see how it goes. I hope both teams bring their A-game!

Serenity (7-3) (2-0) (2-0)

Playoffs Chance: 100%

Serenity and EQ Light are perhaps the two most hot teams in the league right now, with the return of Summoner and Lazerbite making them undefeated in the past weeks and leading to a showdown in the final week. We’ll see who takes home the #1 spot in the division!

Flash the Disrespect (6-4) (0-2) (0-2)

Playoffs Chance: 60%

Flash the Disrespect is competing for a wildcard spot with a few other teams in group C and D but they are currently the frontrunner for the spot. Their main competition in group D has a much harder schedule than them, so their final match against EQ Storm will more than likely decide the spot. Their playoff contention chances are thus fairly high and I expect them to secure the final wildcard spot.

Equilibrium Storm (4-6) (0-2) (0-2)

Playoffs Chance: 20%

If EQ Storm can net a couple wins over Cinco Tacos and Rising Dawn Obsidian they can look to make a wildcard spot in a week 9 playoff contention match against Flash the Disrespect. There’s still a chance but they also have to compete with Literal Monkeys and Imperial Gaming for the same spot and with no recent successes they aren’t expected to make the playoffs.

Group D:

!Rawr Lethal (6-4) (2-1) (2-0)

Playoffs Chance: 100%

Even with !Rawr’s MIA midlaner, they have already secured enough points to make playoffs and are looking to close out the season with a #2 seed. The games they play all have playoff implications, but not their own, so we’ll have to see how well they play. Their roster is a lot different, with a ton of major changes happening, so we’ll see how well they play in the coming weeks.

Literal Monkeys (2-8) (2-1) (2-1)

Playoffs Chance: 40%

The Literal Monkeys have a very tough remaining schedule but I have high hopes that they can take a game or two week 8 and then try to get a best of 3 win against a struggling Rawr. If they can do both, and Flash the Disrespect loses one or more games, they can easily make playoffs as they are only two points behind contention.

Imperial Gaming (4-6) (1-2) (0-2)

Playoffs Chance: 15%

Imperial Gaming has a tough remaining schedule and with 3 teams to jump over, I have a hard team seeing them leapfrogging into a wildcard spot. They’d have to hope Literal Monkeys, EQ Storm, and Flash the Disrespect all tank while they manage to best both Glacial and Oasis. It just seems like too much of a stretch to me, but there’s still a chance!

The Epidemic (2-8) (1-2) (1-2)

Playoffs Chance: 5%

The Epidemic has too many “if this” and “if that”s for them to have a high chance at playoffs and I think there’s almost no way they make it, especially with the way they’ve been playing. However, there is a chance, albeit a small one, that they somehow sneak into a wildcard spot. They would definitely rely on beating Imperial Gaming to do that, so that match will have some implications in the playoffs.

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