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Platinum Top 3 Player Rankings - By Triplecute

Hey everyone, Triple here. I just want to start by saying that I’m going to be looking at, what I believe, is the top 3 players in each role respectively. Some of them may be in order, some of them not. I will be looking at not only the stats, but also the current standing of the team; for example: if a player has equivalent stats to another, however, they’re on a team that has a significantly higher win-rate, it may factor into their ranking. Also, this is just based on what I’ve seen in the last few weeks and is obviously subject to change. If you’re not mentioned, prove me wrong. If that doesn’t sit well with you and you feel a great sense of injustice anyway, well uhh… get good? :).

Top Lane

Dictator Scruff (Hypnotic Gaming): Starting off these platinum player power rankings, Dictator Scruff stands on their own as what I believe to be the best top-laner in this league so far. Hypnotic Gaming, in my opinion, is not the best team in the league. I think they can make a strong showing come playoff time and could possibly prove me wrong, however, even sitting at third place in just their division, this has not inhibited Dictator Scruff from not only from leading the league in IER, but also maintaining over a kills worth of a gold lead into all their lane opponents. If HG wants to win their division, they need to play through Dictator Scruff.

Fireman123 (VBU Monster Mash): I think Fireman123 has the possibility to contend for the best top laner in the league as well, they were only placed at my number two simply because of how strong the VBU roster is. I think, as it stands, they are possibly the strongest player on the VBU roster. This may be subject to change, but I think this VBU team can play through a strong carry top laner like Fireman and expect to make a strong contention for the best team in the league.

Eyepatch Mickey (Omega Gaming Unknown): This was a tough choice. I believe, however, this is correct for the number 3 spot in these top power rankings. Looking back at the last few weeks, this OGU roster seems to have benefitted quite a bit by bringing in Mickey. Not only did they absolutely dumpster on their lane assignment this past week, they even had a really strong showing in a losing game in the mid-season tournament against what some have considered a top 3 top laner as well. All I’m saying is, Mickey is a top laner to beat right now.


CBR Acid (CB Rush): I mean… do I really even need to explain? Hey guys and gals, Acid is the best jungle in this league as of right now and I don’t even think it's close. Do we all have a bad game once in a while? Absolutely. But when I look at this CBR roster and their match history, you know what seems to be the most consistent even with bad games? Acid getting their fellow laners ahead. Acid… I’m so sorry for this but if ya’ll want any chance of beating this Rush team, I’ll give you a hint: five-ban this monstrosity.

Denali the King (Hypnotic Gaming): Denali is a formidable jungle in this league and has the possibility of being the best, I do truly believe. Does Denali play carries in the jungle? No, not really. Does Denali need to play carries to carry his team? Absolutely the hell not. This Hypnotic team is completely okay popping Denali on anything they want and the expectation is that they will carry their team’s solo lanes for them. Did someone say jungle gap? Yes. It was me.

PacaPaul (Literal Monkeys): I think before diving into this ranking, I must ask: What is happening with this Literal Monkey’s Roster? Are ya’ll settled in for the rest of the season? No ADC e-subs for this week? Okay, let’s talk: While one of the only consistent players in this LM roster, PacaPaul seems to clearly be the glue to this team. A team captain that carries? Who could’ve guessed. Honestly, not me. Even looking at the losses this team has faced given that it’s closer to a bottom-tier team, PacaPaul seems to do everything they possibly can to try and come out with a dub.

Honorable Mention: 874 aka Tunnel. *Stay carrying, king.

Mid Lane

Manatsu (AOE God Squad): This was and will probably be the hardest ‘number one’ spot I’ve had to do so I’m actually just going to say: the top two are in no particular order. Manatsu is the carry of this AOE God Squad team. I don’t even think you can really debate that. I do believe the west to be a harder division, but it doesn’t seem to matter for Manatsu. Unfortunately getting a win off an FF isn’t always fun, Manatsu still managed to tear up an incredibly talented GSG team to make sure they stay in the number 2 seed in their division.

Fonso (Limitless Bad Bunnies): Have ya’ll even watched Fonso play? Well let me give you some insight into what watching him feels like: Do you remember back in school when you’d be writing with a regular pencil and you’d have to go and sharpen it and then one day, your parents finally let you get that pack of mechanical pencils? The joy you felt being superior to everyone because you were just better? Yeah that’s what watching Fonso feels like. Even in what most would call an awful series for LXBB this last week, Fonso still managed to control his lane assignment, especially in game 2 of the series, and minimize a good chunk of the damage. Fonso is the mechanical pencil of pencils, the mechanical god if you will.

Vrang (VBU Monster Mash): Vrang is a solid top 3 mid laner for the league and I wish I would’ve seen the participation in the mid-season tournament. However, with that said, Vrang consistently manages to come out of their lane with a massive gold-diff on their lane opponents and can definitely be expected to pop-off against some of the best mid-lanes in the league. While I don’t necessarily believe it was a full mid-diff this last week against LXBB, I definitely believe Vrang carried the first game of their series and by a good measure. Just goes to show how many tools this VBU team has at their disposal.

Honorable Mention(s): Egirlbender, Eazy


Archer (VBU Monster Mash): I’ll start by saying these are not in any order, at all. Archer secured a spot in the top 3 for me because of their solid series last week and just overall consistency. Once again, this team has so many options for a possible carry role at their disposal, they can do great things with this ADC. Holding a solid IER and a good number of kills, Archer can definitely be that person that VBU hops on for a carry.

HyperLingo (Hypnotic Gaming): Hyper is a solid player for this Hypnotic Gaming team and much needed. I’m very excited to see the progression of this bot-lane as a whole in the next two weeks as Hypnotic has a tough looking schedule for their final two weeks as they try to secure a spot for the playoffs this season.

King Civil (Omega Gaming Unknown): King Civil comes out swinging with a massive gold-diff into most of their lane opponents. This already tells me how strong a lane-bully Civil can be. Another strong aspect of a solid ADC that we like to look for is damage.. cause duh? Civil also manages to hold a top 3 spot of overall damage done by ADC’s in this league.

Honorable Mention(s): Flyingninja29, Cvann


Snowlife (Limitless Bad Bunnies): Listen, I’m biased. Come after me though, I’ll pull out the details. Snowlife is, at the very least, tied as the number one support in the league right now. As this is a heavy stats-based role, it’s up to you to decide what the most important stats are. However, a support who consistently has the highest damage share, vision-score, xp-differential (while maintaining insane vision scores) to me speaks volumes. This is also worth noting that Snowlife manages to hold these high-stats in a struggling team as of the last two weeks and I hope to see how Snowlife can manage to carry this bot-lane in the last two weeks of the season.

Just a Homie (Hypnotic Gaming): Just a Homie deserves equal recognition in my opinion as possibly the top support in the league as well. When I look at ADCs and their overall strength, I have to consider how strong of a support they may or may not have. This is an instance where I think Hyper and Homie can be one of the best bot-lanes in the league and rival Dictator Scruff for that carry position. This is another bot-lane I’m incredibly excited to watch moving forward into the end of the season.

CoachPizza (CB Rush): CoachPizza is a number 3 pick for me this week because of the role he’s had to fill. Being listed as a sub, I mentioned in the team rankings that Nelson appears to be on some retreat for the foreseeable future and Coach has stepped in and led the support category for the last few weeks. This CB team is just so unbelievably stacked that I believe any role can carry for their team, but Pizza, for me, is what is making it really happen in this bot-lane.

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