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Platinum Week 4 Power Rankings

Here are your Week 4 Blue Otter League Platinum Power Rankings!


Coming in at number one is PLATLAs, the team that can consistently win with Daddy Atlas support in the bot lane. Though all credit to Daddy Atlas who has been playing exceptionally well in his most recent games. PLATLAS’ only loss of the season was a nail biter against Marauder1 in the first week of the season. They have also taken down SPK Vanquish to hand them their only loss of the season. PLATLAS has yet to play against Tempest who struggled last week. PLATLAS vs Tempest week 4 will tell us a lot about both of the teams. A 2-0 will cement them at number one but a 1-1 could see them drop.

2. SPK Vanquish

SPK Vanquish comes in at second on our list as their only loss has been to PLATLAS in what not a particularly a close game. You can’t argue though with their record they’ve delivered this season, even taking down Tempest last week. They’ve had some close calls this season, especially against Classic. SPK Vanquish plays Crosspoint Origin and Marauder1 this week. This will be SPK Vanquish’s toughest week this season and we’ll fully understand their placement in the league by the end of the week.

3. Marauder1

Throughout the season we’ve seen Marauder1 takedown teams after their opening season loss to the New York Monkeys Marauder1 has won with multiple subs in throughout the start of this season. They played a close game against # JusticeforPhilly before they were banned and handed PLATLAS their only loss of the season. Marauder1 looks to be easily a top tier team, but we’ll see how their roster develops with all the recent changes.

4. Tempest

Even at 4-2 with last week’s results you have to question what happened to Tempest. Were they on tilt? Were they a set of fluke games? With the increase in competition this season we’re not quite sure where Tempest will end up, but it’s safe to say they’ll be a top tier team by the end of the season. Look for Tempest to rally around the performance of DuckSolo as he’s done consistently done well regardless of his team winning or losing. GreatJace has struggled some in the top lane recently as well as the bot lane for Tempest. If they wish to remain a top team they need to clean up their laning phases.

5. Literal Monkeys

Literal Monkeys also sit at 4-2 this season. We had some questions coming into the season about QuestforIons and he’s shown improvement throughout the season. As long as Quest is able to push the leads he gains they shouldn’t have a problem. The Literal Monkeys bot lane relies on Zupho to pick up oppressive supports or playmakers if the bot lane for the Literal Monkeys wins it’s usually smooth sailing for them. The Monkeys lost to SPK Vanquish in a convincing game and dropped what might be an uncharacteristic lost to Classic eSports Legion. As long as The Literal Monkeys are able to clean up some of their laning phase and Coach Turtles is able to become a little more consistent the Monkeys can take games off of any team in the league.

6. Illumination Dynasty

Unfortunately Illumination Dynasty was a victim of Daddy Atlas playing support. They’ve also dropped a game to the 5-1 SPK Vanquish and the New York Monkeys who’ve been struggling this split. There seems to be a consistently for Illumination Dynasty however, without MrScruffNinja in the mid lane they seem to struggle. MrScruffNinja has the ability to take over the mid lane and apply pressure on the map and help out his side lanes. Without him Illumination Dynasty look lost. They play the Literal Monkeys and Crosspoint Origin this week a 1-1 week will definitely keep them on par for playoffs but 0-2 could spell trouble.

7. Crosspoint Origin

Crosspoint Origin has an incredibly ambitious roster with Dallas off roling in the top lane. If the game relies on Dallas to carry it could become problematic for Crosspoint. Luckily last week was an easy week for the team but if Dallas isn’t able to adjust to the role it may see Crosspoint falling out of playoffs. The mid lane and bot lane for Crosspoint Origin have been solid and hopefully Dallas is able to adjust to his new role in time.

8. Classic eSports Legion

Classic eSports Legion will be named BOL’s biggest coin flip. This team can be incredibly hot or incredibly cold. If bot lane doesn’t lost hard they have a chance at winning the game. Previous losses have come from the bot lane really struggling and giving up multiple kills. Their rematch against Marauder1 will really tell us if this team is on the rise or decline. If Classic is able to pull it together we expect them to be able to cause problems and even take games off of the top tier teams. Look for the mid lane to win hard and try to carry as long as the top and bottom sides of the map don’t collapse around them.

9. New York Monkeys

The New York Monkeys had a great start to their season but have faltered in the last two weeks. This team has great potential and could easily move up in the rankings or just as easily stagnate as the 9th ranked team. Their overall synergy looks like it’s been struggling and they need to correct that if they want to have a chance at beating the better teams in the league. They looked great in their win against Marauder1 but have been slumping since then. They need to work on consistency as they’ve been a bit of a coin flip as of recently.

10. Mammoth

Mammon was able to beat the New York Monkeys to pick up their first win and then the Competitive Ruling came out about # JusticeforPhilly to give Mammoth their second win of the split. We’ve seen a lot of competitive 5s experience from Mammoth in their roster and with their recent roster improvements we expect Mammoth to hit their stride in the next few teams and start to possibly start climbing over the lower tiered teams.

11. !rawr

Blue Otter League is no stranger to !rawr and we’ve seen them put out some solid rosters. !rawr will start with the same points as The Avengers and if we know Doki at all he’ll put together a winning team. Unfortunately they’ve not submitted a roster as of yet so we can only speculate but we’ve heard rumors of returning players and we’re excited about what they might put together.

12. The Avengers

Unfortunately The Avengers come into this week as the only team to not pick up a win this season. Hopefully The Avengers haven’t been too hard on themselves in their losses and are in good spirits. We’ve seen The Avengers pick and ban phase slowly improving as well as their overall game play. Expect them to upset a lower tier team coming up in the next few weeks as they’re hopefully learning from their games instead of just bouncing from loss to loss. Improvements in their bot lane could work wonders for this team as they look to pick up their first win of the season this week.

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