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Platinum Week 3 Power Rankings

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

These rankings are done by yours truly, Greedee, which shall be a trend for future rankings. Please don’t roast my rankings in the trash talk channel, unless you’re being respectful. I would appreciate a DM instead, telling me what I could do better. After only one week of play, it’s still difficult to tell which teams are actually better than others, however I definitely have more information than before. Enough chat let’s get into the rankings! (Side Note: These rankings were made without knowledge of the beast of a man Rutledge joining GSE. They would’ve totally been #1 :D)

1) Chubby Babies Black =

After a convincing 2-0 in week 1, CB Black did it again week 2, with wins against Predictive Gaming Chronos and Hide on Team. However, Predictive Gaming definitely put up a fight, making the game last 41 minutes, and giving my #1 seed a run for their money. Let’s see if they can mitigate the close calls by making sure their carry solo-laners get the champs that can do just that. I do have to say that their bot lane definitely stepped it up the past couple of games, with an especially insane performance on Xayah + Alistar. I’d like to see more of that as well.

2) Goon Squad Gaming Epsilon 2

As one of the only three remaining undefeated teams, Goon Squad has definitely hit their stride, with another clean week against Flash the Disrespect and Team DarkSpark. However, giving them this #2 spot isn’t about their week, though it does help. It’s mainly about their roster change, because the addition of Rutledge eliminated one of their potential weaknesses and made it a strength. They now have three insanely dominant laners in ThEpiChampion, RutledgeIsBeast, and Master Siomai. The combination of those three players makes this team one of my favorites to win it all. Their showdown against VBU this week should be a very close match and will definitely be entertaining to watch.

3) VBU Radon 1

With a couple of dominant wins against Glacial Rising Phoenix and Team DarkSpark, VBU’s games last week were a lot closer than this week’s. Rindo’s Mordekaiser popped-off especially hard this week and boasted a combined scoreline of 16/0/8. When your entire team is playing their best, it shows. VBU is playing at an especially high level and can compete with the best teams in the league. They may have gone down in the standings, but it’s not because they got worse, it’s because another team got better.. This week will potentially be their toughest match in the regular season when they play a best of three against a very strong Goon Squad Gaming team. This match will show what VBU is really made of.

4) Omega Gaming Fire 1

Omega Gaming Fire had their first 2-0 week this week, with a very close victory against !Rawr Lethal and a stomp over Anarchy Amber. They have consistently drafted a very heavy engage composition that has a considerable amount of wombo-combo in the mix which has been working well for them. Their biggest weakness, in my opinion, is getting ganked early. When I played against them as Nunu, it felt super easy to gank successfully.. Their teamfights, however, is most likely their biggest strength which makes them definitely hard to beat. Each member of their team plays consistently well, so their chances for a division win are definitely looking up.

5) Predictive Gaming Chronos 2

Predictive Gaming Chronos may have lost to Chubby Babies Black, but they definitely beat !Rawr Lethal with style. They even made BladeGod rage quit the team! Their drafting is very interesting, with their mid laner and top laner having diverse champ pools and being able to swap lanes easily. Their toplaner’s Xerath is especially clean, with him impacting the map from the midlane that his team swapped him to. They win the early game every time, but against Chubby Babies they just couldn’t finish the game out, and lost because of it. If they can end the game as easily as they start it, they can be a top contender to win it all.

6) Glacial Rising Phoenix 1

Having lost only to two of the top four teams, Glacial is tied at the top of a division that has teams that are all relatively close together in skill level. That means each of their divisional games counts for a lot more than the bo1s. That makes the Glacial vs Crosspoint Origin game have playoff implications, even though it’s only the third week of the season. For them to win, Glacial needs their jungle to find another pick that he can perform well on, because he seems to be struggling on the sejuani if the nidalee is banned. I think if Glacial can become more consistent and have better drafts, they can definitely win their division.

7) SE God Squad 2

SE God Squad is back on point with another decent week, picking up wins against Chubby Babies White and Hide on Team. I think this team can pick up a lot of momentum heading into their Chubby Babies matchup for week 3. I think because of their drafting and proficiency in all their lanes, they can have the potential to even take a game from the top team. However, there are still concerns about if this team can actually keep a solid roster for more than a week, as they’ve been switching in and out players all over the place. I think if they can become consistent, they have a ton of potential in the long run.

8) Crosspoint Origin 4

Crosspoint Origin is a team that surprises me a lot. First week, I thought they would win all of their games, but they surprised me and lost not one, but both of their games. Second week, I had confidence in them, but not enough to predict a 2-0 week. Again, I was wrong, and they beat both Soulbound Tempest and Crosspoint Southpaw. I think if they can have some consistency and find out what works for them in terms of drafts and team compositions, they can 100% make playoffs. It does definitely seem like they have found some picks that work, so if they can keep going back to those picks, they can continue to see success in future weeks..

9) !Rawr Lethal 3

After another disappointing week, losing to both Omega Gaming Fire and Predictive Gaming Chronos, !Rawr finally decided a change was necessary, and swapped out their mid laner. The first game against OGF was definitely a nail-biter, but after a throw, similar to their previous week, the team didn’t come out on top. The second game was definitely a mental battle, with them just not having the correct mental attitude to win the game. And the result definitely showed, with a very quick and decisive win from Predictive Gaming. I think with better drafts and a better attitude this team can turn their season around starting with a win over Anarchy, which could be just the game they need.

10) Soulbound Tempest 1