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Platinum Week 5 Power Rankings

These rankings are done by yours truly, Greedee, which shall be a trend for future rankings. Please don’t roast my rankings in the trash talk channel, unless you’re being respectful. I would appreciate a DM instead, telling me what I could do better. For this week, we’ll do a mid-season check-in with all the teams, depicting what they’ve done so far this season. We’ll also go through the divisions as a whole and compare them. Let’s see if there’s going to be more upsets. Enough chat let’s get into the rankings!

1) VBU Radon

Strong Wins: Goon Squad Gaming (2-0), Omega Gaming Fire

Tough Losses: !Rawr Lethal

Momentum (scale of 1-10): 4

Playoff picture: #1 overall in points, beat the biggest division contender already

Even though they lost to !Rawr Lethal, I’d have to say VBU is still gonna be your favorite from their division and overall. In my opinion, the reason why they lost is because they didn’t come to play with a winner’s mentality, and they didn’t seem to want the win as much. I feel like they could also be a bit more adaptable to certain situations and make quicker decisions as a team. Even if they showed a bit of weakness, every other team has lost as well, so they just have to join the club.


2) Goon Squad Gaming Epsilon

Strong Wins: None

Tough Losses: VBU Radon

Momentum (scale of 1-10): 5

Playoff picture: Head to head loss to division leader, #2 overall in points

Goon Squad are virtually undefeated, except for VBU Radon. They have the second most points overall, and after only a few more wins I’d say they’re pretty much secured for playoffs. They are just super strong at the moment with insane solo laners, and I’m excited to see how they fare against some of the other top teams in the league.


3) Omega Gaming Fire

Strong Wins: !Rawr Lethal, Crosspoint Southpaw

Tough Losses: Predictive Gaming Chronos, VBU Radon

Momentum: 6

Playoff picture: Head to head loss to division leader, tied in points with them as well.

Omega Gaming finds themselves in the third spot overall after 4 weeks of play, with only a few teams rivaling their amount of points. They have shown they can beat any number of teams, and their only two losses are to a couple of the powerhouses of the league. Their division loss was unfortunate, but their team doesn’t really have a weak spot and that’s extremely important.


4) Predictive Gaming Chronos

Strong Wins: Omega Gaming Fire, !Rawr Lethal

Tough Losses: Flash the Disrespect, Chubby Babies Black

Momentum: 3

Playoff picture: Beat 2nd team in division, if they are tied/ahead with omega = division lead.

Predictive Gaming Chronos had a rough loss to Flash the Disrespect last week, but they have shown week in and week out that they are a great team. They aren’t fully consistent, but it doesn’t matter as much when your team has such a high caliber of play. The division is theirs for the taking as long as they don’t drop too many unnecessary games, as they’ve already beaten their biggest contender Omega. Also, keep an eye on their newest recruit Almawt.


5) !Rawr Lethal

Strong Wins: VBU Radon, Crosspoint Southpaw

Tough Losses: Glacial Rising Phoenix

Momentum: 8

Playoff picture: Tied for 1st in division, it’s more than likely going to come down to week 6 and 9.

It’s probably somewhat controversial to put !Rawr up this high, but they beat VBU, something no other team could do, with another win over Crosspoint Southpaw as a bonus. Their momentum is extremely strong right now, with their top laner popping off on Jax and other champions of the like. They also recently got a drafting coach, which definitely helps with both the environment, and the picks. If they keep it up, I have a tough time seeing them lose the division, however, I was wrong about them before so I could be again now.


6) Crosspoint Southpaw

Strong Wins: Soulbound Tempest, Chubby Babies Black

Tough Losses: Pretty much all of them

Momentum: 7

Playoff picture: A game or two behind top of division, needs a wildcard/division wins.

Southpaw had a couple of very impressive victories to me over the past couple of weeks, toppling a very strong Chubby Babies Black and beating Soulbound Tempest in the previous week. They have shown a lot of inconsistency in the past, but they seem like they’re here to win now and with better drafts and better decision making I think they can do just that. The tough part is going to be getting out of their conference and into the playoffs, so we’ll see if they can cause some more havoc.


7) Soulbound Tempest

Strong Wins: SE God Squad

Tough Losses: Crosspoint Origin

Momentum: 7

Playoff picture: A game or two behind top of division, needs a wildcard/division wins.

Soulbound Tempest had one of the most impressive weeks out of anyone this past week, upsetting SE God Squad and Chubby Babies Black. However, I won’t give them as much credit as they might deserve for the CBB win, as CBB were definitely mental boomed, and without their best player. They have definitely been looking up as of late, but their consistency is in question overall. If they can pick up the pace they can maybe look to steal that elusive conference B wildcard spot.


8) SE God Squad

Strong Wins: Chubby Babies Black

Tough Losses: Flash the Disrespect

Momentum: 4

Playoff picture: Tied for 1st in division, it’s more than likely going to come down to week 6 and 9.

Last week, SE God Squad was missing a couple of key players that they can’t seem to function without. They will need to work with their subs more to be successful in the long run. I think if they fix their only issue - consistency - they can become a top team and win their division. Each week is gaining increasing importance, so they better hope their players can get back soon and help them out.


9) Chubby Babies Black

Strong Wins: Predictive Gaming Chronos

Tough Losses: Crosspoint Southpaw

Momentum: 2

Playoff picture: Tied for 1st in division, it’s more than likely going to come down to week 6 and 9.

Seeing a massive fall in the rankings over the past couple of weeks, Chubby Babies Black seems to have had the predicted mental-boom. I think they definitely have the potential to come back from it, however, as they still have high-caliber players in pretty much every role. They need to pick the pace back up and carry it to the finish. I think the match they are most looking forward to is their week 9 best of three against !Rawr, which could have insane playoff implications, and is a rivalry.


10) Glacial Rising Phoenix

Strong Wins: !Rawr Lethal, Crosspoint Southpaw

Tough Losses: None

Momentum: 5

Playoff picture: Tied for division lead, will more than likely come down to face off vs FTD or eeking into a wildcard spot.

Glacial seems to have a definite pattern. 1-1 every week except their best of three, which they won against Crosspoint Origin. They have a couple of quality wins, but they rely way too much on the performance of their jungler for my liking. Also, I would just straight up tell them to find another tank that works other than sejuani, it’s just having little to no success for the team. They are very consistent, but they need to find more ways to win games if they want to be very successful.


11) Hide on Team

Strong Wins: Flash the Disrespect, Crosspoint Origin

Tough Losses: Chubby Babies White

Momentum: 7

Playoff picture: Still 3+ games behind division lead and 3+ games behind a wildcard spot.

Hide on Team has had no success whatsoever, until last week. They upset Flash the Disrespect AND Crosspoint Origin, and my opinion of them has greatly increased. I think they need to keep playing towards their strengths in the bot lane and keep giving C9 5neaky the picks he can dominate on. They have found their rhythm, and I wouldn’t be too surprised if they have a couple more wins on the horizon. However, it might be too little too late, as their division seems a bit out of reach no matter how much they win.


12) Flash the Disrespect

Strong Wins: Predictive Gaming Chronos, SE God Squad

Tough Losses: Hide on Team

Momentum: 5

Playoff picture: Tied for division lead, will more than likely come down to face off vs GRP or eeking into a wildcard spot.

Flash the Disrespect had perhaps the strangest week 4 of any team, completing an upset over Predictive Gaming Chronos, but being upset by Hide on Team. However, I think the games were more based on the performance of the other two teams than FTD. They seem pretty consistent overall, but their players don’t seem to have a ton of innate synergy. They are still tied with the division lead, so like I’ve said previously, their playoff chances will more than likely come down to their remaining divisional matches.


13) Chubby Babies White

Strong Wins: Hide on Team

Tough Losses: None

Momentum: 5

Playoff picture: 2+ games behind division lead and 2+ games behind a wildcard spot.

At the bottom half of one of the better conferences, this team has a lot of work to do before they can make playoffs. They have good drafts, and good players, so I don’t quite know where they’re going wrong. I think it perhaps lies in the laning phase, maybe they need to get off to a good start to be successful. Whatever it may be, they need to figure it out quickly before the season gets too out of hand, and they fall too far behind.

14) Crosspoint Origin

Strong Wins: Crosspoint Southpaw, Soulbound Tempest

Tough Losses: None

Momentum: 3

Playoff picture: 2+ games behind rest of conference, need division wins.

Crosspoint Origin still has a fine chance in their division, behind as they may be. Their slightly weaker division leaves an opening for them, as in any other division they would be pretty massively behind, but they’re pretty much only a division win away from behind at the top. No matter the case, they still need wins, and they’ll get them if they figure out what’s going on with the bot lane. Keorra so far has been really hit or miss, and I think that needs to be fixed.


15) Team DarkSpark

Strong Wins: Took a game off of FTD

Tough Losses: None

Momentum: 2

Playoff picture: 3+ games behind rest of conference, need division wins.

Team DarkSpark’s only win is to a virtually winless team, which isn’t a good track record. They don’t have a lot of points, something that they desperately need to get their hands on in the coming weeks if they want to catch up to the other teams in the wildcard race. They need to shape up, and fast, as each week mounts in importance.


16) Anarchy Amber

Strong Wins: Took a game off of !Rawr

Tough Losses: None

Momentum: 1

Playoff picture: 4+ games behind wildcard/division leader.

Anarchy Amber needs to do something other than losing if they want to even have a chance at playoffs. The only technical lossless team, they need to step it up before even more teams step on them. Their drafts aren’t awful, but their caliber of play isn’t optimal compared to most teams in the league. They have to virtually win the next three or four weeks straight to even have a chance, meanwhile a single win still eludes them.


Playoff Picture Overall (So far)

Division 1: SEGS, RAWR, CBB

Division 2: FTD, GRP


Division 3: PGC

Division 4: VBUR

Wildcard: OGF, GSGE

Overall, It’s looking like Divisions 1 and 2 are going to be a lot more close than Divisions 3 and 4. Comebacks would have to happen in the second conference, but it’s already up for contention in the first conference. Between Rawr, SE God Squad, Chubby Babies Black, Glacial Rising Phoenix, and Flash the Disrespect, I’d say 4 of these teams are going to make playoffs. And from Conference B I’d say it’s more than likely going to be Omega, Predictive, VBU, and Goon Squad for the four playoff spots. Most of the teams in the middle of my power rankings are in the first two divisions, but the second two divisions are more dominant at the top and the bottom.


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