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Platinum Week 6 Power Rankings

BOL Plat Power Rankings Week 6 by Greedee

I am !Rawr’s Jungle. I rank teams. Don’t give hate, or bully me pls. Don’t take anything I say personally. Also don’t be intimidated by word count, I tried to not leave any team out of love of my holy words.

16. $tonk Squad (0-8) (0-2) -

Again, this team is not looking hopeful, and their playoff chances are dismal. I have no confidence that they can even manage to grab a win even in the best of 3s. However, the miracle chance is always still there, and I believe in the dream of the $tonk Squad comeback.

15. Literal Monkeys (1-7) (2-1) 1

Literal Monkeys has a tough best of 3 this week against The Epidemic that is crucial to their playoff hopes. If they can win their bo3s against Epidemic and Rawr, they still have a chance to make it to the playoffs. So, it’s do or die for them this week and we’ll see if they can rise to the challenge, even without one of their best players, HoodieChris, who they’re subbing out for Brother Greed.

14. The Epidemic (1-7) (1-2) 1

The Epidemic, with their new addition of Teelos, is looking to make a late-season comeback by defeating Literal Monkeys in week 6 and then hoping Rawr and Imperial tank. I think their best bet is grinding out enough points for them to make a wild-card spot going into the playoffs, however, it is looking grim. I believe in the Denali super carry though, and Teelos Gap will prevail ;)

13. Cinco Tacos (2-6) (2-0) 2

Cinco Tacos are on the decline, with no wins in the past 2 weeks. Their only wins are to Epidemic, Stonk, and a “trolling” Oasis, none of which are overly impressive. They need to secure a win against Crosspoint to try and snag the division lead away from Rising Dawn Obsidian. If FlamingThunder in the toplane can keep having a lot of impact on games, they one hundred percent stand a chance.

12. Crosspoint Southpaw (2-6) (0-2) -

With highlight wins from Imperial and EQ Storm, but a couple tough losses last week to Oasis and Glacial, this team looks to bounce back in the best of 3 against Cinco Tacos. They’re still in the playoff race, but a loss against the Tacos is going to put them almost certainly out of contention. We’ll see if they can pull it off, hopefully with help from their standout players in mid and adc!

11. Imperial Gaming (3-5) (1-2) 1

Imperial gaming is coming off of an 0-2 week, with losses to Hypnotic and Serenity, and are looking to bounce back with a critically important game against Rawr. If they manage to win the best of 3, they can look to take division lead or secure enough points that they can make a wildcard spot. If they lose, however, they fall deeper into the rankings and their hopes will be diminished, but, it will still be possible to make playoffs as a wildcard.

10. Equilibrium Storm (4-4) (0-2) 3

After a very close match facing !Rawr Lethal and a win against Literal Monkeys, EQ Storm has to sort out it’s roster before they can legitimately have a claim to division lead and/or a wild-card spot. This week’s best of three should be hard for them, with a match against one of the best teams in the league and their division’s leader. However, if they can pull off an upset they can tally up enough points to overtake the other wildcard contenders in Serenity, Flash, and Imperial.

9. Booyah Exiles Blue (7-1) (1-2) 4

Booyah had a rough week last week, losing to Rising Dawn Obsidian and edging out Cinco Tacos. Their new jungler, FallN, loves his assassins, and plays very confidently with his new team, however, there is more to be desired in the midlane and Booyah still has yet to sort that problem out. With that questionable loss to Rising Dawn they still look shaky as a whole and they still need to prove that they deserve the point total they currently have, hopefully doing so with an important match against Glacial in a best of 3.

8. Rising Dawn Obsidian (3-5) (2-0) 1

With a big win against Booyah, this team decided to rework its roster, removing Pooder Butt and WolfyEx from starting positions. Their game against $tonk Squad should be a test for their new botlane, but expect this team to try and secure their division lead over the next couple of weeks. Their ultimate test should be week 9 with a vital match against Cinco Tacos, so look forward to that one.

7. Flash the Disrespect (5-3) (0-2) -

Flash’s match with Serenity this week is probably their most important one of their year as of yet. Last week, they had a close loss to Rawr and a win over The Epidemic, that could impact their momentum into this week. However, if they can pull off a win, barring any monumental upsets for the remainder of their season, they would secure a wildcard spot. But, if they lose, their last hope would be against EQ Storm in the last week. That said, I think this team is top 5 individually, but I would like to see them play more cohesively to attain a higher spot.

6. Chubby Babies (6-2) (2-1) 2

Chubby Babies are on the up and up after beating Stonk and Tacos, but this week’s match against Oasis is going to be their real challenge. If they play to their win cons in the midlane and bot lane and play as a cohesive unit I think they stand a real chance beating Oasis. With the way their draft stage has been going in terms of champ pools and bans I think their best games are in the best of 3s, so I definitely can see them pulling off an upset this week.

5. Glacial Phoenix Rising (6-2) (1-2) 1

Glacial has been playing phenomenally over the last couple of weeks, with the sole blip being Rawr. They had two standout performances last week against Crosspoint and Stonk, with their top laner Joey Desu really coming in clutch. I think their roster is really solid overall, and I have a hard time seeing them lose to Booyah this week. If they can ride out the remainder of their relatively easy schedule they should grab a playoffs spot.

4. !Rawr Lethal (5-3) (2-1) 1

Rawr was in a tight spot last week, and even though they went 2-0, they relied way too much on their mid laner and jungler to say that they crushed the opposition. Especially so with their match against EQ, with a backdoor and a 4v5 being their only way of winning. However, a win is a win, and with a match against Imperial on the horizon they should improve on their mistakes and try to win their best of 3 to secure their division.

3. Serenity (5-3) (2-0) 1

After the return of Summoner and the “poaching” of Lazerbite, Serenity looks as strong as ever with two victories over Literal Monkeys and Imperial eSports. If they can ride out their momentum swing into this week’s best of 3 against Flash the Disrespect and pull out another dub, they should be able to secure their spot in playoffs and show the league that they are a legitimate title contender and should be feared. With standout performers in every role, this team looks very strong and will be hard to crack from any angle.

2. EQ Light (7-1) (2-0) -

EQ Light’s only loss has been to Oasis Nemesis in week 2, but they continue to ride a massive win streak. They are looking to add to the aforementioned win streak by defeating EQ Storm and securing their spot in the playoffs. If they win, their only foreseeable downfall would be a loss in the last week to Serenity, and a fall to a wildcard spot. However, they need to focus on the game in front of them and not underestimate any opponents. Their roster is still as strong as ever and with great shotcalling and drafting they look nearly unbeatable.

1. Oasis Nemesis (7-1) (2-1) -

Oasis Nemesis has managed to stay on top of the “Group of Death”, and with playoffs rapidly closing in, they need to secure their top spot with a big win against the Chubby Babies this week. They have carries in every role and with them being slightly secretive over the past weeks about their main picks, their drafting capabilities and champ pools seem unbeatable as well. My prediction is that they will again prove how cohesively and individually sound their team is and close out 2-0 against the Babies.

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