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Platinum Week 6 Power Rankings

These rankings are done by yours truly, Greedee, which shall be a trend for future rankings. Please don’t roast my rankings in the trash talk channel, unless you’re being respectful. I would appreciate a DM instead, telling me what I could do better. This week’s matches are especially critical, with divisions on the line and playoffs looming ever-closer. Because of this, I’m going to get into the nitty-gritty of each matchup, with a prediction. For the rankings, I will put them at the end but with no explanations apart from the ones in the matchups. Enough chat let’s get into the rankings!

SE God Squad VS !Rawr Lethal

SE God Squad has another different roster heading into this week and with so many roster changes it’s getting hard to keep up. However, I will give them the benefit of the doubt that their roster keeps getting better. I think this match is going to heavily depend on the draft, as !Rawr’s success seems to shape around their draft and the comfort level of their picks. Their top laner also seems to do most of the heavy lifting, so if he’s there they can play around him and abuse the carry vs tank matchups. It’s hard to judge how good the current SE God Squad team is, but if they play anything like they did against Glacial, this series is going to be over quickly.

Prediction: SE God Squad 0 - 2 !Rawr Lethal


Chubby Babies Black VS Anarchy Amber

I think this is going to be the least close series out of them all, if I had to make a choice. Anarchy Amber is a train wreck right now and with them losing 3 bans because of esubs, it just seems like a lost cause for them this week. On the other side, Chubby Babies Black are looking stronger than ever and have completely bounced back from that unlucky week 4. Their new top laner is exactly the sort of player the team needs, and plays whatever the team needs him to. It allows for better drafts and more comfort picks overall.

Prediction: Chubby Babies Black 2 - 0 Anarchy Amber


Soulbound Tempest VS VBU Radon

VBU Radon has had a rough couple of weeks, with them getting upset by both Predictive Gaming and !Rawr Lethal. This week, it’s going to come down to draft. If they’re getting comfort picks top lane and jungle, I think the team has a lot higher of a chance of success. Soulbound, however, is also struggling. With a stomping by Omega Gaming Fire and a close defeat to Chubby Babies White, their momentum has been all but crushed. With both teams looking to make a comeback and the end of the season closing, I think this game will be extremely close and come down to a tight third game.

Prediction: Soulbound Tempest 1 - 2 VBU Radon


Crosspoint Southpaw VS Goon Squad Gaming Epsilon

This past week, Crosspoint Southpaw pivoted from having an above average week, even beating Chubby Babies Black (with Almawt), to taking a loss from Chubby Babies White, which is semi-disappointing to me. I’d like to see some more consistency from their players, and even though they have shown they can beat tough teams, I have a hard time seeing them beat Goon Squad Gaming Epsilon. GSGE has been on a total winning spree lately, with their only losses coming from the week 3 bout against VBU Radon. Since then, they’ve won 4/4 of their week 4 and 5 games, even against the likes of Omega Gaming and Predictive Gaming. Their consistency in a bo3 series is to be doubted, however I think they can pull out the series and make the games they get ahead in end quickly.

Prediction: Crosspoint Southpaw 1 - 2 Goon Squad Gaming Epsilon


Hide on Team VS Omega Gaming Fire

Hide on Team had a quite surprising week 4, but after week 5 it seems their success was short-lived, as they took a couple of losses to VBU Radon and Crosspoint Southpaw. With their momentum quenched, we’ll have to see how they face off against Omega Gaming Fire. OGF lost to Goon Squad Gaming, but managed to obliterate Soulbound Tempest right after. I think if Omega Gaming Fire get off to an early lead, they’re hard to beat. I think their drafts are always fine, but their execution is sometimes lacking. I think if they can prevent the early losses, they are good to go. That also relies on the success of their jungler, whether it be Demonyq or zongy.

Prediction: Hide on Team 0 - 2 Omega Gaming Fire


Chubby Babies White VS Predictive Gaming Chronos

Both teams with impressive performances last week, these two are both on hot streaks and this should be a fun one to watch. Predictive Gaming Chronos slayed the giants of VBU Radon, but in turn lost to Goon Squad Gaming. On the other hand, Chubby Babies White beat both Crosspoint Southpaw and Soulbound Tempest in their best week of the season so far. However, I think this game is going to come down to the strength of players, and with Almawt on deck for Predictive I’m going to have to give them the edge.

Prediction: Chubby Babies White 0 - 2 Predictive Gaming Chronos


Crosspoint Origin VS Team Dark Spark

Crosspoint had one of the more impressive weeks of the season for them, beating !Rawr Lethal and taking the FF win over Anarchy Amber. On the other hand, Team Dark Spark is climbing further and further into the abyss, struggling in every game. Their roster has been changing frequently, and their results reflect that. I find it hard to see TDS beating anyone other than maybe Anarchy Amber, so I’m going to give this one to Crosspoint. Crosspoint’s overall consistency comes into question on a regular basis, however, I’m going to say that if Keorra gets a champ that he can thrive on they will win this series easily.

Prediction: Crosspoint Origin 2 - 0 Team Dark Spark


Glacial Rising Phoenix VS Flash the Disrespect

In perhaps the most important matchup of the week as a whole, Glacial Rising Phoenix and Flash the Disrespect face off in an intense division rivalry, with heavy playoff implications. Glacial comes off of a very strong 2-0 week, with victories over SE God Squad and an FF victory over Anarchy Amber. On the other hand, Flash the Disrespect had an 0-2 week, with losses coming from !Rawr Lethal and Chubby Babies Black. I think this one is going to be a gap of momentum, but I think both games are going to come down to the wire, with the draft having a huge impact.

Prediction: Glacial Rising Phoenix 2 - 0 Flash the Disrespect


Team Rankings:


1) Goon Squad Gaming Epsilon

2) Predictive Gaming Chronos

3) VBU Radon

4) Omega Gaming Fire


5) Glacial Rising Phoenix

6) !Rawr Lethal

7) SE God Squad

8) Chubby Babies Black


9) Chubby Babies White

10) Flash the Disrespect

11) Crosspoint Origin

12) Crosspoint Southpaw

13) Soulbound Tempest

14) Hide on Team


15) Team DarkSpark

16) Anarchy Amber

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