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3-0 Esports vs Vitamin X

In our first matchup of the southeastern portion of the bracket, we find 3-0, the division 4 first seed, meeting up against Vitamin X, the fourth seed from Division 1. Let’s look at how each team qualified for playoffs.

How 3-0 Esports got here:

3-0 came into the BOL season as favorites by many, and honestly, they had a fantastic season. In fact, they are the only team who achieved a perfect season, they did not drop a single game through the regular season. Unfortunately, they beat everyone in their division so bad, their week 7 match up actually ff’d. I would normally have some concern because we do not see how they played recently but I’m going to bet, they will be in perfect form for this match up.

How Vit X got here:

Unlike their counterpart, Vit X had a rocky road on the way to the playoffs, barely nudging out Pod of Dolphins for the final seed in Division 1. They were only able to pickup wins versus Quake, VBU krypton, and Dawnbreak. They could not even take a single game off the top 2 teams in the division. They seem to be a very hit or miss team at best, and if they were a member of any other division, their point total wouldn’t of gotten them into the playoffs.

Prediction: 3-0 Esports (3) v Vitamin X (0)

The majority of the BOL community see this match going this way and I am no different. Unless Vitamin X really have figured something out, I do not think they have a shot to even threaten a single game, let alone the series.

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