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Scarlet Miracles vs Dawnbreak Gaming

Scarlett Miracles come in as the second seed from Division 4 and Dawnbreak Gaming come in as the third seed from Division 1.

How Scarlett Miracles got here:

The former champions had a pretty good season overall, only dropping a series to 3-0 Esports in the group of death. This team across the board is a pretty solid team and I think they could be a favorite coming into this tournament. This team lives or dies by Healthy Ego, who is probably top three mid laners in the entire gold league. His damage share is absolutely disgusting, sitting at 30.3% for his team, note, that’s a lot. We’ll see if he’s able to carry his team to victory or if he’ll be their downfall.

How Dawnbreak Gaming got here:

Dawnbreak Gaming reminds me a lot of Chubby Babies Frost in the point that they beat the teams under them, but lose to the teams above them. Dawnbreak Gaming seems to be the team that is very good at team play and overall good macro. All of the players have around the same Damage Share and Kill Participation, meaning anyone can carry. My biggest question mark is going to be the mid lane because this team has had a ton of mid laners play for them this season.

Prediction: Scarlett Miracles 3-0 Dawnbreak Gaming

I’m going to be honest, I don’t think Dawnbreak Gaming has that much of a chance in this series, they are ultimately outclassed across the board. For them to win this series, they have to hope that Poobin, Zyzzyx and Healthy Ego are all having bad games and that they outshine them, which I just think is very unlikely. We’ll see though as Scarlett did make a miracle run last season so maybe Dawnbreak could be the Scarlett from last season.

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