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The Bickle Breakdown: Week One Review

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the Bickle Breakdown, where we’ll be looking back at how Week One went for our IBS teams, as well as looking forward to what we expect coming into week 2. Before we begin, let’s take a look back at Week One and see how the games went:

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SNC Sunset Ravens 1 - 2 Revolution X

GSG Iota 2 - 0 Hyperion Galaxy

Wooper Academy 2 - 0 ICONIC

BYE: Revolution Anarchy


TE Aeon 2 - 1 GSG Psi

Feed The Dream 0 - 2 TD Syndicate

Glacial Academy 1 - 2 Eden’s Blazing Stars

BYE: Knight’s Of Thunder


Note - I tried to avoid giving it to multiple players on the same team

TOP: Clukerduk (HM - Terriermon/Pac)

JUNGLE: SuperSquare04 (HM - ihatepeople0192/Timik)

MID: MidMaster (HM - JustFritz/LemonSap)

ADC: AznSoulSniper (HM - ArcanzE/Crokpot)

SUPPORT: Reximus (HM - Rymezz/HailieVictoria)


Rank 1: Revolution X (-)

Roster Changes - None

This past week was both good and bad for the squad known as Revolution X. Why good? You got the victory in the end, and we saw the carry potential each member has, with Fritz popping off on the Orianna game 1, and AmazingSpice/Reximus showing off the Lover’s Duo. Why bad? Being one of the favorites, they had likely wanted this to be a clean 2-0, not a hard fought 2-1, and we saw a rare occurrence of RainingWolves struggling top side. There may be other factors that we don’t see as outsiders, but at face value, that’s a bit worrying. However, what matters in the end is we saw the high points this team can have, and they’ll look to make a statement against Iconic this week.

Rank 2: GSG Iota (-)

Roster Changes - Add PrinceStyx (sub)

Coming out with a victory in the streamed game this past week, things looked really good for GSG Iota, though upon closer inspection, not much can be taken from the series, with their opponents falling prey to the enemy of all of us - Bad Internet and Overheating Computers. Due to some technical issues, GSG’s opponents weren’t able to put up much of a fight, with Teriermon taking an uncontested Top Tier 1, and Timik having free reign due to a constantly DCing jungler. This led to them only playing one game unfortunately. However, if GSG continue to look this good against opponents with working internet, they’ll be title contenders no doubt.

Rank 3: Wooper Academy (↑2)

Roster Changes - None

Wooper Academy came into week one looking to make a statement, and they certainly made a dominant 2–0 victory over Iconic, though considering the game state, I’m curious if they were playing safe, or just missing potential win conditions as the games went later. However, if my biggest criticism is “They didn’t win faster”, that’s absolutely nitpicking. In both games, the bot duo popped off with a Zeri/Seraphine pairing, putting their team in solid control the whole time, and giving the team an easy lane to play through. They’ll look to continue this upward trajectory as they take on GSG Iota in what is sure to be a fun series.

Rank 4: Revolution Anarchy (↓1)

Roster Changes - None

Anarchy has not yet come to the rift, having a bye this past week, meaning they had no way to move up in the rankings. However, as they make their debut this week, expect to see big things from ValorHasEgo and TheYesParade in the bot side, as they look to stake their claim to being one of the best bot duos in the league.

Rank 5: SNC Sunset Ravens (↑2)

Roster Changes - None

How do you lose a series and still move up in power rankings? By putting up a hell of a fight against one of the strongest teams, and that’s exactly what SNC Sunset Ravens did. The most notable shout out has to go to Clukerduk, who, despite being the teams substitute top laner, went toe to toe with Raining Wolves, and even came out on top in some games. SNC Big and Grim both had their moments in the games SNC won, and will likely look to build on that synergy going forward. Despite taking the loss, this was absolutely a notable and positive performance by SNC Sunset Ravens, and they’ll look to hopefully take the win against Rev Anarchy.

Rank 6: Hyperion Galaxy (↓2)

Roster Changes - None

Hyperion lost their series twice this week - once to GSG, and once to their ISP. With top lane e-sub Ares being out of commission early game, and jungler Khaizuo seemingly DCing every few minutes, Hyperion didn’t have much of a chance, and ended up FFing game 2. However, not everything was negative this series, with their bot duo looking solid and even having a leg up on their opponent at times. With a bye week to fix their internet, hopefully they come back ready to show their true potential.

Rank 7: Iconic (↓1)

Roster Changes - Add Exotic Fox (Coach)

Iconic unfortunately did not start out too hot this season, dropping their first series to Wooper Academy in what looked to be a rather one-sided affair. AlternativeCrow and Minaemi tried their best to push back against the Wooper onslaught, but it wasn’t enough.

However, you can never judge a team based solely on one series, and a change in coach may be exactly what they need, now bringing in Exotic Fox in to try and help the team find the synergy and style they need. However, they’ll need to make it fast, as their next opponent is not one to take lightly in Revolution X.