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The Final Four x2

Hello everyone! I am The Bully, also known as the infamous badmin in BOL. Today, I get to use my subpar analysis skills to predict the semifinals matches in both BOL Gold Major and Gold Minor. While my analysis might be spot on, these are my opinions and predictions so please no bully me. Anyway, with that disclaimer out of the way, let us take a closer peak at all four of these match-ups.


Gold Major

Crosspoint Pegasus vs Valor Bulls United

After quarterfinals, Crosspoint had the choice between Scarlet Foxes and VBU as their semifinal’s opponent. In a stunning twist, Crosspoint decided to pick the red hot VBU team instead of the Scarlet Foxes. VBU is on a rampage after they beat Imperial for a wildcard spot and then murdered Oasis NADS in quarterfinals. Unfortunately for both teams, they each have a missing player so they will be forced to use an e-sub tonight. The real question is, which loss will have the greatest impact.

For VBU, it looks like Ten Freaky Girls will be on the MIA list and will be replaced by Chefboi69. From first glance, it looks like a downgrade because TFG was on fire going into this week. On top of that, it looks like Chefboi69 has little to no practice with VBU so their synergy will probably be mediocre at best. I could be wrong, and they just come out firing. On the bright side, VBU boasts some of the best laners in gold. BestSuppØrtMain is easily one of the best mid laners in BOL Gold and probably can only be matched by Scarlet Foxes mid laner, Healthy Ego. As of recent weeks, easymoneysniper has been playing top lane while Daddy Riv (ADC) and Pastel Pervert (Support) hold down the fort in bot lane. These laners are extremely good and will need to be on their “A” game today.

On the flip side, we have Crosspoint who is missing their support today. To replace him, they have GTBSG Jyugo. Well, at least I think he is going to play support. To be perfectly honest, I have no idea who he is but Gnario and Jyugo will need to have perfect communication in this bot lane. They will be going against a Daddy Riv and Pastel Pervert who have shown that they can heavily punish mistakes. Any misstep or error in communication from CP’s bot lane could cost them the lane. The good news is, they will still have the top side of the map so they should still feel comfortable playing the same style comps and play style as they have all season. (I just received confirmation after writing this that the whole team will be swapping positions)

Crosspoint Pegasus: EVEN



Scarlet Foxes vs Chubby Babies

Scarlet Foxes are coming off a very convincing 3-0 against Oasis Arrogance in the quarterfinals while Chubby Babies watched from the sideline. In these last couple of weeks, Chubby Babies only played one official BOL match which was a tiebreaker against Crosspoint Pegasus. In a game which really did not have massive implications, besides getting to choose your semifinal’s opponent, Chubby Babies lost which secured them the 2nd seed.

Both teams will be playing at full strength with all their starting players. Chubby Babies were favorites throughout the season. Even with some minor hiccups, like losing Vfluids, they were able to regroup with Sharkleberry and close out the regular season with a fantastic record. This team consists of some of the most familiar faces in BOL like BuhRockObama, CanMaple, and Shadowballs. All three players have been stellar and have improved individually and as a team. Chubby Babies have gone from the 2nd half dream meme team to a massive contender in a few seasons.

In recent weeks, Scarlet Foxes have found their footing and are playing extremely well. Early in the season, Healthy Ego was the main threat on this team but as the week went by, other lanes have been picking up the pace and destroying their own lane opponent. Previously, the game plan for many teams was to shut down Healthy Ego. Now, they will have to worry about jkiddy, who is playing extremely well on ADC, and Zyzzyx, who has insane play-making abilities. On top of that, you have Poobin and PvË who both have a vast champ pool and can play champions that will enable their team comp to succeed.

Chubby Babies: -1.5

Scarlet Foxes: +1.5


Gold Minor

NSG Gold vs Flash 2 Harass

Unfortunately for NSG Gold, they lost to Oasis Arrogance in the wildcard match which sent them to the Gold Minor playoff bracket. Not only that, they are currently 0-7 in their last seven official BOL matches. They were at the top of the pack for the majority of the BOL major season but fell off a cliff. They have proven their ability to hold their ground and win against some of the best teams in BOL Gold this season. Normally, I would question the NSG’s confidence and mental, but I believe this team has the ability put the past behind them and make it to the Gold Minor finals next week.

Flash the Harass was completely the opposite of NSG Gold. They started off the season with a very mediocre record and looked like a bottom to mid-tier team at best. However, they were able to turn everything around in convincing fashion as they ended the regular season with a 12-6 record. On top of that, they went on to beat NSG Gold’s sister team in the quarterfinals last week. While these players are completely new to BOL this season, I would not be surprised if we see them in BOL Gold Major next season. Maybe that will give me more time to research these players more thoroughly. The final question is, will NSG Gold get revenge or will Flash 2 Harass continue to hunt down NSG teams?

Unfortunately, I don’t have the answer to that yet, so I will give the slight edge to F2H.

NSG Gold: +0.5

F2H: -0.5


Imperial Gaming vs Crowned Royal

We have seen players from both teams throughout the BOL qualifier and season. The players from Crowned Royal broke off from the Literal Monkeys team to start their own journey. While they barely came up short of qualifying for a Major spot, they made it a mission to prove that they are a team to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, they were one tiebreaker away from earning a wildcard match and possibly taking their talents to the Gold Major playoff bracket. Crowned Royal is captained by Crown me Kidd who has a plethora of competitive 5s experience and started his career in CompeteLeague. He is accompanied by players like l Physical l and Ïneffable who also have experience in leagues such as 3-0 Esports and Risen. While C9 Penguinz and TheEpiChampion are newer faces to BOL (I hope), we saw a small glimpse of them last week as Crowned Royal routed Iowa State Academy in 4 games. Even though Crowned Royal were heavy favorites against ISA, they did look shaky and almost were taken to 5 games. Fortunately, they were able to settle down and backdoor to win the series. If CR plays like that against Imperial, I don’t see them winning more than 1 game.

Imperial Gaming, home of the BOL vets, as we see them time and time again show their faces in the league. These players play in multiple leagues and have built a lot of synergy together. At the beginning of the season, they were eyeing their first BOL Gold championship. However, a series of unfortunate events, including an FF loss, put them in 6th place at the end of the season. Then, the worst happened as they fell to the incredibly talented VBU squad in the wildcard match. They will look to regroup and end the season strong as the Gold Minor victors. However, they will have to do that with their multiple champion genius, Awootısm. Instead, they will be playing with HiImVelos who will come in as an e-sub to play ADC. Even without Awootısm, I have full confidence in this team to pull out the win.

Imperial Gaming: -1.5

Crowned Royal: +1.5

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