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The Toxic Duo - Week 3 Gold Major Power Rankings

By: Bread and Cassidy

With week two in the books, and certain teams doing their absolute best to make us look like complete fools, let's take a look at our predictions for power rankings as we go into week three so we can see how wrong we will be on Wednesday night.


1) Chubby Babies (4-0)

The Chubby Babies continue their reign of terror in BOL in week two of BOL by crushing both of their opponents in quick fashion. Question marks were thrown after long time baby jungle Vfluids stepped down from the gold roster, however, sharkleberry stepped into the position nicely and performed well on the dog junglers(J4 and Sejuani) the babies consistently thrive with. Maple seems to be holding strong in the bot lane thus far, and has proved to be more than a kaisa one trick. The babies have shown to be one of the more consistent teams in the league so far, and will look to solidify their status as the #1 team in the league in the week three matchups vs Imperial eSports and Crosspoint Pegasus

Player to watch: BuhRockObama

2) Crosspoint Pegasus (4-0)

Crosspoint Pegasus came into the league as an unknown, however taking down Friend Zoned and Scarlet Foxes in week 2 put the team as one of two 4-0 teams in the league. While their strength of schedule has been arguably easier than the babies so far, crosspoint managed to win two drawn out games in week 2. The team seems to have little issues securing early game leads, however they struggle to close out games cleanly and leave room for teams to come back. Week three will see the team look to take on a rising Wulfpack, and the most dominant team in the league in chubby babies.

Player to watch: Gnario

3) Friend Zoned (2-2)

Friend Zoned came into week two with two hard matches ahead of them, continuing the trend of a top heavy schedule for the team. Despite this however, the team managed to hold strong and dealt a crushing defeat to week 1 favorites, Imperial Esports while narrowly losing to Crosspoint Pegasus. The team appears to be better than the sum of their parts so far, and continued the 1-1 curse in week two. The team definitely has shown weaknesses, and seems to be almost as coin-flip as their midlaner. Despite rocking players with some of the highest number of deaths in the league, they have still managed to look strong doing so. If the team can cut their death rate and stabilize their coin-flip nature, they should be able to solidify their spot at the top of the standings against The Epidemic and a rebounding NSG Gold.

Player to watch: Shlidd Feathers and Fur

4) Imperial (2-2)

Falling from grace pretty quickly it seems. Turns out if you ban Varus from a guy whose discord name is “Varus Genius”, it may work out for you. Either this team doesn’t really know how to play without Varus in their comp or Friend Zoned just showed them what the power of friendship is capable of. They also ran into a roster issue for their second game and got pounded in a game against WulfPack. Lets see if they’re able to turn it around for next week.

Player to watch: MadParadox (because nobody else on your team can play jungle)

5) Wulfpack (2-2)

As expected, I still have no idea what to expect. Wulfpack got wiped off the face of the earth by Chubby Babies but got back up and wiped the floor with Imperial. Ballz had a standout performance against Imperial and I was super impressed with how well this team plays when given a lead. I expect them to continue to climb in the power rankings if they’re able to get a little bit more consistent in their gameplay.

Player to watch: Ballz

6) NSG Gold (2-2)

FINALLY got to see some life from this team last week and it was great to see. Now while they did have one of the easiest weeks they’ll have all season, they definitely showed some signs of life from Mid/ADC like we expected in the preseason article. TheRunicBlade popped off in both of his games so hopefully NSG will see this as a sign to put more resources into him and get some wins.

Player to watch: TheRunicBlade

7) Scarlet Foxes (1-3)

Finally got a win on the board. Their win against The Epidemic was somewhat of a surprise but Healthy Ego had a great performance which carried Scarlet Foxes to a solid victory. They’re able to have a really flexible draft with the champions that Joshkiddy can play and that was put on full display on the Yasuo last weekend. Are they finally clicking and improving as a unit or was last week a fluke?

Player to watch: joshkiddy

8) The Epidemic (2-2)

The Epidemic pulled out a very decisive victory against LTMK which was to be expected. However, they seemingly lost all brain cells during the draft phase against Scarlet Foxes. This team has capable players in every role but it seems like they’re just completely lost during the draft. If picking Thresh with fasting Senna doesn’t prove that then I don’t know what to tell you. Definitely a disappointing showing from them this week overall and, on top of that, their schedule will only be getting harder in the next few weeks so it’s looking grim.

Player to watch: HowIMetYourTable

9) Shadowz (1-3)

There is not much going for this team right now unfortunately. They don’t really seem to have a lane to play off of and I really don’t see how this team improves besides wiping the roster and building it from scratch. I hope they’re able to take some games off of teams who are sloppy but, as of right now, it’s hard to have a lot of hope for them going forward. At least you’re not Literal Monkeys?

Player to watch: NABanteran

10) Literal Monkeys (0-4)

Living up to their namesake and making us content creators look like them too, the Literal Monkeys find themselves soundly in the 10th spot on this week's rankings. The team had narrow losses to Imperial Esports and Crosspoint Pegasus in week one and were given the benefit of the doubt of just losing to some of the top teams in the league. However, being dealt crushing blows by both NSG Gold and The Epidemic was not a good look for the Old Guard league team. If this team wants to turn things around, they will need to come together to establish an identity and identify win conditions that work for them. This is something that is definitely achievable for the org which had a successful past in Blue Otter. The team will look to try to scrape some wins together this week vs ShadowZ and Scarlet Foxes.

Player to watch: ???

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