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Twin Disasters vs Chubby Babies Cinder

In our final matchup of the East half of the bracket, we have the Division 2 second seed, Twin Disasters, versus, Chubby Babies Cinder, the third seed from Division 3.

How Twin Disasters got here:

Twin Disasters was possibly the most controversial team in all of BOL. Their first 2 weeks saw remakes due to ineligible players. After they made it past that however, they really started to gel and show that they do deserve to be in these playoffs. Only losing to top seeded Mad Rawrs in Division 2, they are looking good coming into playoffs.

How Chubby Babies Cinder got here:

Chubby Babies Cinder started off slow, being 1-3 after the first 5 weeks of play. With their backs up against the wall, they added a new mid and jungle who have really elevated the roster, and I believe can make a run in these playoffs.

Prediction: Twin Disasters (1) v CB Cinder (3)

I believe with the fire power recently added by Cinder it will help them get over this first week hurdle and cause a bit of an upset.

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