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Unofficial Quick Week 2 Gold Power Rankings - By Wakka

Hey all, it’s Wakka! I'm going to take a swing at the ol’ power ranking this season, hopefully on a more constant and regular basis. Hopefully this will be not the same as some of the other rankings out there and will give another point of view of how teams are trending in this season of BOL, (disclaimer: this week everything was super short notice from me as irl kicked my butt this week so things will be short this week and longer in future weeks!) For this first week I’m on short time so I will just be looking at win-loss/Knowledge of teams and people and as we get further into the season and I'm able to see more teams play and watch the stats change each week hopefully my list can become more reputable.

East Division:

1: GSG Sigma- Came out the gate strong beating one of the 3 teams I think will have a running for first in this division, has the synergy already from playing together for a while see big things for this team

2: Singed Crab shack- I was not able to see them play but looking from match history seems like they did what people thought they would do coming into the league, a good stomp victory but we will see how it will continue this next week looking forward to seeing where this team places after a couple weeks

3: Radiant Storm Onslaught- RSO can still come out on top of this group once they get a little bit more practice to build up the synergys and finds its identity, I think when the rhythm is found on this team the Connor Hive Mind will again start running through BOL

4: Limitless Excel- don't know much from them just quite yet had a good week one getting a great 2-0 if they keep it up and play like they did in week 1 for the rest of the season this team is also in the running for a top spot in the East.

5:NSG Gold- Scored a 2-0 win vs BDE in week 1 hoping that this team is the real deal and not just a team that pulled off a good series win against a team lower in this division more to see in this week as they play Limitless Excel

6: Literal Monkeys- They are only this low this week for now from getting 0-2d in week 1 but with that i've seen they added their superstar support Bobo back as their cap exception, the duo in the bot lane is gonna be massive going into future weeks be ready to see this team climb

7: Revolution Gold- Rev should hopefully go into week 2 with their heads held high as they had to play some pretty tough competition in week 1. But going against GSG might put this team in a hole early hopefully they can pull off a win or 2 and start their climb in the East division

8: Big Duck Entourage- They had a rough week 1 outing against a team I don't have to high in this division but I've got faith that they could possibly bring it back this week and take a game off of Singed’s Crab Shack and shake up this division a little bit 🦆

West Division:

1: CB X- We all knew going into this season that the team with the defending champs VBU Argons solo laners and last season's regular season best jungle that this team would put on a show; and they sure did against NADS. High hopes for this team to be a lock for finals and to win it all

2: Conduit Esports- Kinda a shocker but not really I liked this team from the start just seeing its roster when it was released, the players on this team from years before have all been on great teams and hopefully when they bring it all together they will be able to take down anyone in this league.

3: Nails and Day Spa- A bad start to the season but let's look on the bright side, same thing happen last season and they still ended up making playoffs i think this team will turn out fine as they can hopefully bring back S4 NADS power with Diete and Kizer back on the team

4: Reign Gaming- Had a great week vs NIP last week and in this week they go against Imperial and would probably be my series of the week to watch. Think these teams should be evenly matched and both teams will be fighting for the top spots in this division

5: Imperial Gaming- Tough loss in week 1 I still really believe in this team as they are a bunch of veterans in BOL and should be able to pull it together and fight for a bye in playoffs instead of the wildcard.

6: Nitwits in Purgatory- I don't really have much to say about this team as I don't know them that well. I see they were able to take a game off of Reign in their last match but I look forward to this team proving me wrong for putting them here for future weeks.

7: Monkeys Rising- This is a team i've seen on the rise in other leagues pull stuff off but this is a really tough division and they would need to take games off of a team other than the team i'm putting in last in this division. Looking forward to how this team performs

8: Krakens of Love- Sadly this is the remains of what was a Pod of Dolphins team now rebranded to Krakens of Love they will need to prove to me that they can take games off of teams and even wins but as i said in the last one this division is hard to wins and stats can prove that later into the season when the sample size is larger

Player Rankings

Each week I will be taking a look into each player's stats and or catch and watch their games if possible to see how the players of BOL are performing. This week I was very short on time and was not able to look at any stats at all or anything else, so with that the players i will have listed below will be in no order and be the players that i think could/are the best players in their prospective role. I'll try to do these each week updating with IER and other stats that pertain to that role.

Players (no order, no time to look just top 5-6 or however many I feel like. Its alphabetical)

Top- Actual Bird, Altazi, Coffee Turtle,conquers, Diete,Vin0

Jungle- Anderson Cooper, Batman, Kappa Krusader, Kizercoolness, MinuteMilitia, Vandrahl

Mid- Azurexfire, BjarkBjarkBjark, BTG, JJG, Kaiten, Natsu

Bot- BaaMMM, HowIMetYourTable, Moekiazer, Riv60, Triplecute, Wunderworld

Sup- Charanko, Crona, Just Bobo, Rin, SussyWakka, ThatDeckerGuy, TooÞ



Big Duck Entourage 0-2 Singed’s Crab Shack

GSG Sigma 2-0 Revolution Gold

Literal Monkeys 0-2 Radiant Storm Onslaught

NSG Gold 1-2 Limitless Excel


Nails and Day Spa 2-0 Krakens of Love

Nitwits in Purgatory 0-2 CB X

Conduit Esports 2-0 Monkeys Rising

Imperial Gaming 2-0 Reign Gaming

Season Record (correct winners only not score)


As I didnt make predictions last week

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