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Unofficial Week 7 Gold Predictions/Rankings - By Jayyster

Hello BOL, it’s Jayyster. This will be my first BOL Gold Power Rankings, and I will attempt to keep bias down to a minimum. I will not do much of an introduction here, since I have no past power rankings to base an intro off of, or previous predictions to look at. That being said, lets go! (Totally copying Toxins formatting for this to a degree, I think he does that very well). All of these power rankings are purely based on my opinion, and therefore are not necessarily true and accurate of what the games and teams are capable of. North Division: Oasis NADS vs Imperial Gaming (BOL Streamed Game) Oasis NADS and Imperial Gaming are both sitting towards the top of the standings in the North Division with NADS being tied in series score with the next two teams under them. This will likely be the closest match of the week in the north division, and based purely on the fact that I do not have much intel on these two teams, I think it will be a 2-1 in favor of Imperial Gaming. That being said, this is one of the series that I think could go either way, but should be a 3 game series regardless. Gob Squad vs KQC Gob Squad and KQC are in the bottom half of the North Division, but God Squad has taken a match off the best team in the division. This series should be a 2-0 for God Squad, as I see God Squad as the leader of the bottom half pack in the North Division. Final Esports vs CB Rangers

This is the final match for the North Division week 7 games. Seeing as CB Rangers are one of the top teams in the entire gold league, and are definitely the top team of their division, this should be a swift 2-0, unless the Rangers find some way to troll themselves. Ranking:

1 - CB Rangers 2 - Imperial Gaming 3 - Oasis NADS 4 - Gob Squad

5 - Final Esports 6 - KQC

South Division: NSG Infinity vs NSG Amethyst The first match of the South Division is a sibling rivalry with Infinity vs Amethyst. Amethyst is in the process of rebuilding, and due to that, plus the rough start to the league, I do not see them getting any games in this series. NSG Infinity’s toughest hurdle in this match will be themselves. 2-0 NSG Infinity. Dead Orbit vs CB Royal

The second match in the South Division could end up being a banger, with CB Royal finally having some games under their belts after a lot of time rebuilding, and Dead Orbit slowly ramping up in power, I think this series may be a bit closer than what I would have initially thought. I still think CB Royal will have a slight edge, and will likely win 2-0, but it could take them 3 games to close the series out if Dead Orbit show their a game tonight. Crimson Dolphins vs Mad Rawrs The South Division match to watch this week. Crimson Dolphins started this season hot, and made me believe this division was theirs to win. However, I believe the rest of the division is slowly catching, or even surpassing them prepping for playoffs. I think Mad Rawrs seem to be a more coin flip team, where their best games can win any match in this division, but their worst make me wonder what they are even trying to do. I see this being a 3 game series, and based purely off the strong start Crimson Dolphins have had, they should nab the win 2-1. Ranking:

1 - NSG Infinity 2 - Crimson Dolphins 3 - CB Royal 4 - Dead Orbit

5 - Mad Rawrs

6 - NSG Amethyst East Division: NSG Gold vs Mythos Purple NSG Gold and Mythos Purple is going to be a close series. Mythos was a team that entered the league a couple weeks late, taking over the spot of a team that dropped, and half the league thought they were gonna compete for the top spot of the division. However, they have been dropping matches and games that make it seem more like a middle of the pack east division team. NSG Gold has had a rough start to the season, but have been slowly improving and trying to claw their way out of the bottom of the division. If NSG Gold wants to make a playoff run, this is a must win series. I think Mythos Purple will win this series 2-1, but NSG Gold could make it spicy. VBU Argon vs Classic Esports For the second match of the East Division, we have the best team of the division vs the worst team of the division. If this is anything but a 2-0 from Argon, it will be a disappointment. If you are Classic, here is a match where you just try to have as much fun as you can, and work on improving as a team and see what you can move forward with for future seasons/weeks. Literal Monkeys vs Twin Spirits This final match of the East Division is going to be the closest match for the East Division. Both teams are fighting for the second seed of their group going into playoffs. Literal Monkeys is a team that I always expect to do well, but sometimes they just become Literal Monkeys and int games away. I think Twin Spirits is going to win a close series here 2-1. Ranking:

1 - VBU Argon 2 - Twin Spirits

3 - Literal Monkeys 4 - Mythos Purple

5 - NSG Gold

6 - Classic Esports

West Division:

VBU Plutonium vs Shrimp Fried Rice

Shrimp Fried Rice will forever be a fan favorite team solely based on their name. This match may just be decided on which team decides they want to win. Based on prior weeks, I believe this series will be super close, and will be a 2-1, and I honestly have no idea which team will come out on top, so lets just say it is gonna be the Shrimp to spice the BOL chat up. CB Obsidian vs Silverline Another division putting up their best team, vs the bottom team. Just as I said with Argon vs Classic, if this is anything but a 2-0 from Obsidian, it will be a disappointment. CB Obsidian 2-0. Collective Cosmic vs Limitless Chaos The final match of the week is a banger. The battle for second in the West Division is probably the closest of all the divisions battles for second. This series is the hardest one for me to predict, but I will give a slight edge to Limitless Chaos. LX will win 2-1 in a very close series. Ranking:

1 - CB Obsidian 2 - Limitless Chaos

3 - Collective Cosmic 4 - VBU Plutonium

5 - Shrimp Fried Rice

6 - Silverline

Top 16:

Similar to Toxins list, I will be listing changes each week after this first power ranking, but seeing as this is my first power rankings, there are zero changes from last week. 1 - CB Obsidian

2 - CB Rangers

3 - VBU Argon 4 - NSG Infinity 5 - Twin Spirits 6 - Limitless Chaos

7 - Collective Cosmic

8 - Crimson Dolpins 9 - Imperial Gaming

10 - Oasis NADS

11 - CB Royal

12 - Literal Monkeys

13 - Dead Orbit

14 - Mad Rawrs

15 - Gob Squad

16 - Mythos Purple

Just Out - VBU Plutonium, Final Esports

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