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Week 2 Platinum Power Rankings

Week one has come to a conclusion so here are the Incredibly-Late-Won't-Happen-Again Power Rankings for the Platinum League brought to you by Trackson

1. # JusticeforPhilly

# JusticeforPhilly took down the Blue Otter League titans that have been Tempest last week in our first streamed game of the season. # JusticeforPhilly has shown not only incredible macro knowledge throughout their first two games but an incredible amount of mechanical skill and an ability to flex their picks around the map. # JusticeforPhilly will truly be a force to be reckoned with this season. They play Marauder1 and Crosspoint Origin this week. Two wins would cement them in first place.

Player of the week - Mr Tim - Mr Tim’s weaver walls game one against Tempest were crucial in catching out players and zoning then off of turrets which catapulted # JusticeforPhilly to an early snowball and victory against Tempest. Game two Mr Tim was on Xerath and absolutely decimated Literal Monkeys with their long range abilities. If # JusticeforPhilly looks to continue their success, expect Mr Tim on a control mage and set up to bully his opponents in the siege comp.

2. Tempest

Tempest fell last week in game one to # JusticeforPhilly in a hard fought game. While Tempest individually had some good showings they were unable to stand up against # JusticeforPhilly’s siege comp and started off their season 0-1. Thankfully for Tempest fans they bounced back in game two and had an impressive showing against the New York Monkeys. They play Classic eSports Legion and The Avengers this week, with both teams struggling last week Tempest is poised to end the week 3-1 and continue to be a top team in Blue Otter League.

Player of the Week - DuckSolo - While Game two last week had solid performances from the Tempest lineup, DuckSolo stood out as a rock for his team. Back-to-back consistent performances last week even in their loss have shown that DuckSolo is amongst a top tier mid laner within the league and Tempest will rely heavily on him as they look to regain their spot at number one.

3. Crosspoint Origin

Crosspoint Origin joins # JusticeforPhilly and SPK Vanquish as the three undefeated teams this season. Crosspoint were able to take down Marauder1 after a grueling back and forth game that lasted almost 50 minutes. After Aurá Bella Fiora was able to pick up eight kills in an unfortunate series of events for Crosspoint where they lost a 5.4k gold lead which turned into a 4k gold deficit it looked like it was the end for Crosspoint. However, Crosspoint remained calm and were able to win the fight at Elder, pick up the baron and end the game. The ability to play from behind against a team that heavily out scaled them speaks volume to their late game macro and team fighting prowess. Game two Crosspoint was able to deny a struggling Mammoth from picking up their first win of the season. Carry performances from Synplistic in the mid lane and Furdi at Marksman allowed Crosspoint to crawl themselves back from a 5.3k gold deficit.

Player of the Week - Furdi - Crosspoint Origin struggled early on in both games with early kills in the bot lane going against them. Through what seemed like insurmountable gold differences, Crosspoint was able to claw their way back into these games in large part due to the positioning and damage output of Furdi in the later stages of the games. The bot lane for Crosspoint Origin consistently puts out some of the highest damage numbers in the games falling behind early. Imagine the work Furdi can do when they’re able to pick up the early kills in their favor.

4. Marauder1

Marauder1 lost the first game of their season to Crosspoint Origin in an incredibly close back and forth game. Unfortunately a late game team fight was the deciding factor between a 2-0 Marauder1 and a now 1-1 team. Thankfully it’s early on in the season and teams are expected to have some rust going into the season. Marauder1 ended the night 1-1 after a grueling game against PLATLAS. Marauder1 fought their way back from a 3k gold deficit in the early game to then create a rollercoaster of momentum swings in the back half of the game. In the end Marauder1 was able to win a late game team fight off the back of the Sivir and Kled initiation and close out the game. While Marauder1 looked a little shaky last week but I expect them to bounce back big against Mammoth in their first game. Marauder1 plays # JusticeforPhilly in their second game of the week. If Marauder1 is able to take them down, it’s going to be a huge statement as they look to climb to first place.

Player of the week - Aurá Bella Fiora - Truthfully it was difficult to pick a player of the week for Marauder1. Gabl had a huge game 1 against Crosspoint but struggled to gain any traction in game 2. Rosin played consistently in the mid lane throughout both games but it was Aurá Bella Fiora on the Sivir in game 2 that really turned the tide for Marauder1. The ricochet and boomerang blade damage was able to turn the tide in game two and allow Marauder1 to pick up the comeback victory against PLATLAS.

5. SPK Vanquish

SPK Vanquish has started out their season 2-0. While they are one of three undefeated teams it’s difficult to place them higher due to the strength of their schedule in the first week. SPK Vanquish’s opponents combine for a 0-4 in the first week. SPK Vanquish defeated Classic eSports Legion in a 30:59 minute game and had a solid showing in their game one and SPK Vanquish convincingly beat The Avengers in a sub 25 minute game to end the night. While I do believe SPK Vanquish will have a solid showing this season it’s hard to justify placing them any higher on the standings as of right now. SPK Vanquish play PLATLAS in game one this week and Illumination Dynasty in their second game. SPK Vanquish looks to break away from the middle of the pack should they be able to go 2-0 against their 1-1 opponents this week.

Player of the week - EdMacy - EdMacy had a solid showing in game 1 as they were set up to be the brawler that SPK Vanquish needed to succeed against Classic eSports Legion. EdMacy didn’t pull out anything incredibly fancy on the Poppy but they did exactly what they needed to do to pick up the win. Game two we saw EdMacy on the Renekton and they were able to bully out ligerjager66 on the Akali. The splitpush prowess of EdMacy helped to break open the map for SPK Vanquish and The Avengers were never able to come up with an answer. SPK Vanquish has more of a challenging week ahead of them and expect EdMacy to have a big impact on the games if SPK Vanquish goes 2-0 this week.


Debuting their new roster PLATLAS dismantled The Avengers in their season opener in what was honestly a 25 minute massacre. 34 to 6 in kills, PLATLAS boated some impressive score lines going into their second game of the night. Game two against Marauder1 looked good in the early game as Ligg picked up first blood on the Xayah. However, PLATLAS waivered in the mid game and ultimately lost to Marauder1 as their solo laners were never able to get any traction in the game. Sitting at 1-1 tried for 4th place PLATLAS plays SPK Vanquish and a faltering Mammoth. PLATLAS has a chance to finish week two at 3-1 amongst the top teams in the league.

Player of the week - Ligg - After game one an argument could be made that any PLATLAS member could have been player of the week. In game two that changes. While the PLATLAS members struggled to get going Ligg was a beacon of hope for PLATLAS and was almost able to swing the tide back for PLATLAS. Ligg had two dominating performances last week, look for PLATLAS to continue to enable them if they want to 2-0 this week.

7. Literal Monkeys

Literal Monkeys showed up to play in their opening game and absolutely smashed Mammoth in a 25 minute game. Literal Monkeys saw phenomenal performances in all their lanes and stream rolled their opponents in game one. Literal Monkeys were on the receiving end of that smack down as # JusticeforPhilly ran over the Literal Monkeys in their second game of the week. # JusticeforPhilly exposed some issues within the Literal Monkeys roster and left a few questions to be answered about the 2v2 synergy of PacaPaul and Coach Turtles. Unfortunately the Literal Monkeys don’t get a chance to prove me wrong because both of their games this week are rescheduled. We’ll see if the Literal Monkeys are able to duplicate the success they had in game one last week in the rescheduled games against the New York Monkeys and Classic eSports Legion.

Player of the week - QuestforIons - QuestforIons opened a can of whoop ass in game one against Mammoth on Kled. Boasting an impressive 7-1-3 scoreline Quest entered game two and saw the collapse of his team around him. While the Literal Monkeys struggled immensely in game two QuestforIons was able to produce a solid performance on Ornn. Consistency is the key for Quest. The Literal Monkeys should continue to put Quest on solid matchups in the top lane and enable him to play his game.

8. New York Monkeys

As a brand new team to the league, there’s not much we actually know about the New York Monkeys. We do know that they were unable to start their usual mid laner in week one as they were working on completing their 75 required games. The New York Monkeys played Illumination Dynasty in their first game of the season and soundly beat them in 25 minutes. The New York Monkeys then matched up against a Tempest fresh off a loss and were defeated in 34 minutes. It’s difficult to accurately pinpoint just where the New York Monkeys should be in the power rankings. The New York Monkeys play the Literal Monkeys in a rescheduled game and then Crosspoint Origin on stream tonight. A win against Crosspoint would be a big statement and greatly improve their position in the power rankings.

Player of the week - CrossaintBandit - The entirety of game two against tempest was difficult for the New York Monkeys. They struggled to really get any lane going. However, CrossaintBandit was able to put up a solid performance against the powerhouse that is DuckSolo and had an impressive showing on the Irelia in their first game against Illumination Dynasty. According to the roster sheet, CrossaintBandit is listed as the New York Monkeys starting ADC. So we’ll see what impact CrossaintBandit is able to have not that they’re starting in their intended role.

9. Illumination Dynasty

In their first week of joining the Platinum League Illumination Dynasty was able to go 1-1 which puts them in a 6 way tie for 4th place. In their first game against the New York Monkeys Illumination Dynasty struggled heavily in the top side of the map and ultimately lost the game for it. Game two Illumination Dynasty saw a resurgence and hastily dispatched of Classic eSports Legion in a 25 minute game. The top half of the map delivered for Illumination Dynasty as well as the 2v2 lane in the bot lane. MrScruffNinja absolutely dominated in the mid lane putting up a whopping 14-0-4 scoreline to secure a convincing win in their second game of the week. Illumination Dynasty plays The Avengers in our first streamed game of the night and against an untested SPK Vanquish to wrap up the week. Illumination Dynasty could look to turn around their season with an early 2-0 week if they’re able to secure the top side of the map.

Player of the week - MrScruffNinja - While MrScruffNinja struggled in game one they were able to completely rebound in game two. MrScruffNinja absolutely dismantled Classic eSports Legion in the 2v2 match up and snowballed their team to victory. When MrScruffNinja gets ahead in the lane they’re able to completely take over a game.

10. Mammoth

To put it bluntly, Mammoth had a rough introduction into the Blue Otter Platinum League. Their week 1 matchups consisted of teams whom we believed to be some of the top tier teams going into the tournament. After a rough 25 minute loss to the Literal Monkeys Mammoth then went up against the undefeated Crosspoint Origin. While it’s always rough to start off the season 0-2 all is not lost for Mammoth. The bot lane for Mammoth showed some life in their losses and with their recent roster additions I fully expect Mammoth to find a solution in the next week or two. They have talented players on their roster, it’s just a matter of getting them to be able to click. Mammoth plays Marauder1 in their first game and then PLATLAS. If Mammoth can sneak out a 1-1 scoreline this week things will be looking alright for them.

Player of the week - x1meme1x - Game one Mammoth sacked the bot lane playing Ezreal Alistar into the incredibly oppressive lane of Caitlyn Morgana. Realistically that lane never had a chance to get going and the game ended before x1meme1x was able to make any meaningful impact in the game. However in game two x1meme1x was able to get their hands on the Nautilus and was able to set up iwannadiedesu up for almost a carry performance. Look for Mammoth to set up x1meme1x on some more play making champions if they want to take down the likes of Marauder1 and PLATLAS this week.

11. Classic eSports Legion

Classic eSports Legion find themselves at the start of the season amongst three other teams who were unable to pick up a win in week one. Up against the likes of SPK Vanquish Classic eSports Legion’s bot lane seemed to fair fairly well on the Xayah and Rakan. Unfortunately the top side of the map ran into issues and they were never able to truly recover from it. Game two saw Classic eSports Legion draft the lover’s duo again and this time run into some issues against the Caitlyn and Morgana that Illumination Dynasty had drafted. Unfortunately the top side of the map didn’t fare much better than the last game and there never was a fighting chance for Classic eSports Legion in game two. Classic eSports Legion is up against Tempest in their first game of the week and things could go from bad to worse if they don’t step it up in their laning phase. Luckily they have a bit of a break as their second game against the Literal Monkeys is rescheduled.

Player of the week - Capitaine Sushi - Not much went right for Classic eSports Legion last week but Captaine Sushi tried their best to right the sinking ship. They were able to produce solid performances in game one and two (considering how rough game two was). Captaine’s consistency should prove useful to Classic eSports Legion as they look to improve in the side lanes if they want to be competitive within the league.

12. The Avengers

The Avengers come into Blue Otter Platinum League as probably the biggest underdogs. But who doesn’t love a good underdog story? Starting off the season 0-2 is a rough start for The Avengers. Thankfully it’s only week one and there’s 8 other weeks for The Avengers to make it up. The first game of last week was a bit of a stomp as PLATLAS handed them a 34 to 6 loss. Game two was a little more competitive for The Avengers but ultimately lost to SPK Vanquish in a sub 25 minute game. The Avengers have shown that they will fight for their games and once they find their optimal lineup I expect them to be able to make a mid season surge. With roster changes and players swapping roles it’s too early to tell if they’ve found something that works or not. They play against Illumination Dynasty in game one and Tempest in game two for the week. A 1-1 week will greatly improve themselves in the standings.

Player of the week - AsianSeØul - Regardless of how you look at it. The Avengers had a tough start to their season. AsianSeØul was really the only Avenger to get any traction in the game. They opted into the Aurelion Sol and Taliyah, two roaming champions and struggled to get any of the side lanes going. That’s in part of the side lanes struggling on their own. With the roster changes that The Avengers are rolling out AsianSeØul should look to be an anchor in the mid lane this week.

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