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Week 4 Masters - CmonShootFaster

Hello everyone, and welcome back to this weeks Late Power Rankings with CmonShootFaster. I’m your host, ShootFaster, in the flesh and ready for this weeks hot takes both from myself as well as some unnamed sources in the big bad committee. This was the week for some teams to prove that they had what it takes, and for other teams to maintain their leads. Some teams showed it and some teams probably should have kept their clothes on. Now lie back and get ready for the spiciest takes on the current seasonal rankings.

#10 - Gamma Guardians

These guys had a rough week. This was really the make or break for them, given they had a relatively easier schedule compared to some upcoming weeks, and they failed to make gains. Neither of the new additions to the roster performed particularly well, though I think it is interesting that they chose to put Robin on Nami both of their games last week given the state of that champion. This team is now back where they started before week 1 and are gonna really have to step up if they want to climb the ranking ladder again.

Player to watch: BadVibes

Joey had a pretty decent week despite his team’s overall lackluster performance, playing both twitch and jhin. Neither of these champions are currently considered in the meta, nor are they champs that BadVibes is known for so I am genuinely curious to hear the draft of these games. Hopefully future weeks will have the bot lane on stronger champs that will enable them to close out games.

#9 - Ozon3 Aztecs

I’m probably ranking these guys a little too low, but the difference in their level of play with Inheratance and without is so noticeable that it’s jarring. I’ll move these guys further up the list either when their mid laner is here all the time, or they put up good numbers when he’s not here. Until then, they will continue to ride relatively low in my opinion.

Player to watch: Inheratance

Watch if he’s here am I right? But seriously, it’s absurd how well this player does when they are on a comfort champ. It’s understandable that Ozone was able to take a game off monkeys given the situation. No first round bans means that everyone on Ozone gets to be playing comfort, and that is absolutely most noticeable on this player. Really outstanding play on Viktor continues to force me to watch this guy.

#8 Chubby Babies

Ayyyy, we did it boys! Babies got a win! Chubby picked up Shadowballs, who I’ve personally never been too high on as a player, but he seemed to do his job well enough in both games that they put Lazerbite in position to carry. Really good work taking down Gamma to move themselves out of last rank in the power rankings. Now the only thing they need to focus on is making sure they have a consistent roster to make it out of last place in the actual rankings. Good luck and God Speed.

Player to watch: Shadowballs

Interested to see how this player performs for the rest of the season. Last season he played for SPK and didn’t seem to be that impressive, but maybe he stepped it up this season. I’m ready for shadow to slam it down and prove he’s a peak top laner in the league now that some of the more well known names have ranked out or left the league.

#7 - FriendZoned

These guys might be a little too low. They had a pretty good week, all things considered, going 1-1 once more. That said, their loss was against Tempest, which is probably to be expected. The important part is that they took a win against Literal Monkeys, who to be fair, did not have the best week. This was a good look though and their bot lane continues to perform. I wanna see this team step up more and more and make it into playoffs finally this year.

Player to watch: Shlidd

Stop popping off every week and I’ll stop making you the player to watch every week. This player continues to impress, performing both in wins and losses. Genuinely I’d be surprised to see this player feed in any game. Probably the best ADC in the league in my mind. Keep beating down the bot lane and I’m sure that FZ will climb the rankings. Tell your team to stop inting you.

#6 - Atlas Gaming

Atlas :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Good work Atlas, taking a game from Gamma Gaming despite losing a game this week just like many of the teams below. Many had a lot of thoughts about whether or not Atlas would see any success despite losing a few good players on the roster. All I can say is congrats and keep up the good work. Atlas SZN would be a sweet time, so let’s get it. I don’t wanna see you boys in 10th again.

Player to watch: SPK Truth

Shifti has been performing to a very high level for a number of weeks now, so my player to watch is his new lane partner. SPK Truth is a new player for the team and in the upcoming weeks, my eyes are going to be on whether or not they and Shifti can continue to synergize in upcoming weeks. A nami game leaves me a little wary, but Shifti is a big Xayah player and Truth has also shown their willingness to play Rakan. I’d want to see a few more champion choices outside of enchanters, but my expectations are high.

#5 - Literal Monkeys

These boys get a big drop in the rankings with their 0-2 week, but I still have high hopes for them. They definitely underperformed in this last week because of their Esubs and lack of bans, but with the loss of QuestForIons and ProNibs being gone for the next week or two, this team could also slide down the rankings a bit. That said, if they get a decent top and a good jungle to fill the gaps, then they could very well resume their dominance in the upcoming weeks. This ranking is a very tentative one.

Player to watch: YRU Running

A continuing good performance from this player. They’ve had a number of good weeks in a row and even in their two losses this week, NoName did a decent job. He’s shown that he has a deep pool and plays a lot of different styles, from ADCs to Mages to Assassins. Hopefully the team manages to pull together in the next few weeks.

#4 - SPK White

A step up into a higher echelon in the power rankings for SPK after a pretty good week. Their win this week was against Ozone and loss against Illum, but some players still performed very well. If there was any advice that I would give to this team, it would be to learn to translate their early game leads into mid game victories. Both of their games this week went the long haul, and they were only able to close out one of them despite having a pretty sizeable lead in their loss. Once they manage to sure up that little hole in their gameplan, then this team can be one that is a force to be reckoned with.

Player to watch: Jesus

Despite only going 1-1, Jesus also had a very good showing this week. He went off hard against Illum and had an insanely good game against Ozone. This player has been showing more and more that they have improved on the champ pool of previous seasons and are working to show that they are a top mid laner in the league. I’d be curious to see if they can work to translate more of their leads into wins. Good luck my man.

#3 - Illumination

Now bear with me. This wasn’t my decision. In fact, I was going to play Illum lower because we had a pretty horrendous early game in both of our games this week. Still, both games played (another 1-1 by the way) went a very long distance despite being sizeable behind in both games. This team shows a strong resilience in game and a willingness to play from behind and still close out games. . . . Sometimes. They had their full roster this week, which was a good sign, but both of the players that were expected to perform had. . . mediocre weeks to say the least. Still, as long as they work out roster issues then this roster could still be one to put strain on any of the top teams in the league.

Player to watch: msitoowA

The ryze genius of the world right here. Awoo had a very good week, despite not necessarily having the best lane matchups in the world, he showed a very strong ability to scale and teamfight in the late game on this champion. His splitpushing was a big reason Illum was able to scale up at all as a team, and he had a number of teleport flanks that were backbreaking for the competition. Overall good work to this player, hopefully we get to see more this week.

#2 - Casting Couch

CC loses Athena. Unlucky. Still with other lanes as dominant as they have, I’m not super worried that this team can’t bounce back. They had another 2-0 week, having lost only to Tempest earlier in the season. They are clearly the second best team in the league, and we will have to wait a couple of weeks to see if they are ready to make the challenge once against to be called the best around.

Player to watch: Qukslice

I guess ADC is my role to watch this week, but I have been very impressed by a number of the ADC players on a number of teams this season. There have been a lot of standout performances, and it seems like the bot lane in the strongest lane and win condition for a great number of our competitors. That is also the case with CC in my mind. Still, if they need to have a good ADC in the bot lane, Qukslice is a pretty good one to have.

#1 - Tempest

Yada yada. Tempest the best. You know the drill. Tempest season and all that. There genuinely isn’t much more to say about tempest other than they are the best and will continue to be ranked as such until any team can show they can crack the armor. Who knows, maybe in the upcoming weeks they get cocky and drop a game, but I don’t think it’s likely. Good luck to any team playing against Tempest in the upcoming weeks because it’ll be a tough one.

Player to watch: Subhuman Garbage

Bliss returns from his hiatus on Atlas and puts good numbers on the board with a game on Trundle and Jarvan. As long as it keeps up, I have no doubt that Tempest will continue to be a good team. We could also see him subbing into mid, adc or support if the team needs, and I think that flexibility will definitely be a boon for Tempest in the coming weeks.

And that’s it for the week 4 power rankings. Sorry it’s late and also short, your boy has had a bit of a rough week and finished writing this while getting ready for work today. Still, these are my thoughts, as well as a few by other members of the community. If you have any thoughts or have anything to say about next week’s power rankings feel free to shoot me a DM and I’ll try to take that into account in the upcoming weeks. I’d love to hear about how close your games were, or how easy it was to stomp Tempest this week.

That’s all for now, so until next week, I’m CmonShootFaster, and good day to you all!

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