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Week 5 Gold Power Rankings Division 1

1. Oasis Nails and Day Spa

Coming off of a dominant performance vs Quake, it’d be a lie to say this was anything besides an expected stomp. Winning their first game in 19 minutes with a 16k gold lead, if you’ve still got NADS on your schedule and are looking to take a 2nd or 3rd place spot, you should probably be sweating.

Player to Watch - Electricfiehouse

This guy basically just support diff’s every other support in his division and looks like he can play a ton of different styles of support champions to really make drafting

for this team easy.


2. Literal Monkeys

Bye week makes it difficult to talk about this team in much depth going into week 5. They’ll be playing against VBU Krypton which is ideally going to be an easy 2-0 week for them, and they can begin to focus on their game next week vs Oasis NADS which is probably the most hyped matchup of Division 1 all season.

Player to Watch - N0TJ0KER

If they’re going to have a chance against NADS next week, the jungler is going to need to show that he can play more than just Trundle/J4 and hope that LTMK can help

play around him to get the rest of the team fed.


3. Dawnbreak Gaming

DBG is coming in hot off of a win against the Pod of Dolphins and the more I see this team, the more I really think they’re going to end up taking a playoff slot. Most teams don’t seem to play around their top lane as much, so it’s refreshing to see a team that can rely on a carry top lane player to bring them to victories.

Player(s) to Watch - life is a myth

Putting him on a carry top laner is an excellent win condition if you’re DBG. He’s shown that his Camille and Jax gameplay can net you wins, and it’ll be exciting to see

him play against other top laners for the rest

of the season and heading into playoffs.


4. Vitamin X

Even though they won last week, I really don’t think they’re satisfied with this win. Being taken to 3 games against Krypton is not what strength you’re looking to be at with your roster going into the back half of the season. I said it last week, but this team is going to need to figure out how to play around win conditions and clean up their act heading into these next couple weeks or they’ll be relying on things outside of their control to get a playoff spot.

Player to Watch - xStreets

Probably the most coinflip player on this team.

It seems like he either does extremely

well and carries his lane, or he’s the reason

his team falls behind in the early/mid game and

ultimately the late game as a result. I’d like to

see some consistency this week to really give

them a better chance at securing series victories.


5. Pod of Dolphins

It’s honestly too hard to judge this team’s relative skill based on how often they completely change 3/5th of their roster. This week, it seems like they’ll be using the roster they used in the previous week so I suppose we’re making progress. If they can finally stick to a concrete group of 5, they could have a small shot at making playoffs.

Player(s) To Watch - #gold-roster-changes (Internal Balance)

In a team full of extremely coinflip players, this guy seems the least coinflipy. If he can build enough of a lead and be able to influence

the map through winning mid lane,maybe we

can see more PoD games on the good side of the coin.


6. Quake

Was honestly very hard to put this team above VBU Krypton, but they just had to play against NADS so I’ll give them a break. Didn’t really look too promising anywhere on the map for this team last week, but that’s expected due to how difficult their opponent was to beat. This team needs to solve their revolving door jungle problem and find one jungler to stick with for the rest of the season to hopefully grow as a team and build synergy heading into the back half.

Player to Watch - Everyone

Not really one player in particular stood out

and did anything crazy this week, so I’ll just

give it to the whole team. If everyone on this

team steps it up, I’m sure they can take a few

game wins and maybe a series win over the

next 3 weeks.


7. VBU Krypton

They may not have won the series, but they took a potential playoff team in VitaminX to 3 games, and brought that 3rd game to almost 40min. This team shows promise when their support is able to get on an engage tank and able to create opportunities for his team. Having a weaker mid laner is really hurting this team as they’re able to have a solid front line, but just Revan Storm’s damage isn’t going to be enough to carry games.

Player to Watch - Golden Gauntlet

This man was holding it down on the Maokai,

and felt like he was probably the best performer

on the team during this series. He’s excellent on

tanks, and all this team needs is a backline that

can provide the damage to pull through in teamfights.

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