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Week 5 Gold Power Rankings Division 2

1. Mad Rawrs

Every king eventually loses their crown, but that was not the plan of the Mad Rawrs last week. They dismantled NSG Gold, 2-0. This week, a new challenger approaches in Twin Disaster. It will be exciting to see, how this match up plays out, but my money does not talk, it Rawrs.

Players to Watch: Kral Sultan

Kral has been the difference maker in a lot of Rawrs games so far this season, and if he can do it again, they shouldn’t have a problem adding another W to the win column.


2. The Collective Esports

The Collective Esports have slowly been making their way up the rankings and this week they are up to number 2, after a convincing win over Imperial gaming. They now find themselves on in the spectator slot, as the other two top teams in the division play. Grab your popcorn boys.


3. Twin Disaster

Twin Disaster is a perfect example of how 1 week and turn the season around. They picked up a win versus Poro Snaccers last week, and even manager to win the rescheduled match versus CB Shock. The team is full of momentum and they are going to need it as they are going versus Mad Rawrs this week.

Player to Watch: Toxin

It feels like Twin Disaster live and die by this player. They tend to perform much better when he is on the rift and they are going to need him to come up big each game versus

the Mad Rawrs.


4. NSG Gold

NSG Gold unfortunately dropped to Mad Rawrs last week, and even worse they lost their long time support. Coming into this week, they find themselves up verse the Collective. Unfortunately, with all the change, I do not see them winning this one.

Player to Watch: Runic Blade

All eyes will be on Runic Blade this week, as he will be with a new support versus the collective esports. If he can get and stay hot, they have a chance for the upset


5. Chubby Babies Shock

Chubby Babies Shock had a bye week but stayed busy. They got their rescheduled match in v twin disaster but were not able to win the series. This week, they go up against Mad Rawrs, so I don’t have much faith that they will be able to win it.

Player to Watch: CanMaple

Maple had a great game on Varus, and I would like to see him play more of the lock down ads because they seem to really help his team succeed.


6. Imperial

Imperial had another tough week dropping both games to The Collective. Unfortunately, from the looks of it, they got dominated. It seems like they haven’t been growing as a team and for that they find themselves towards the bottom of the list.

Player to watch: Anyone

All players had poor showings and it is going to take a team wide commitment to improving to get this team headed in the right direction.


7. Poro Snaccers

Poro Snaccers are still at the bottom, but they did manage to take a game from Twin Disaster. Coming into this week they will have an extra week of practice with this lineup under their belts and hopefully will be able to look even better this week.

Players to Watch: RoseCourts

This player had an absolutely nuts game on Syndra, posting an impressive K/D/A, then things got weird and a bit too far out of the meta. I would like to see this player stick with the mages to see what he can do with a consistent play style.

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