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Week 5 Gold Power Rankings Division 3

1. NSG Black

“NSG Black are the best team in the group by far and should be number one the rest of the season”

NSG picked up a swift 2-0 last week over the Arcanists and show no signs of slowing down. Their players are firing on all cylinders. They find themselves going up vs CB Cinder this week and should not have any issues staying undefeated.


2. Arcanists

“Arcanists look like a strong team and should make it out of this group at 2nd or 3rd”

Arcanists upset Oasis and then looked poor vs NSG Black, making them a bit of a question mark. This week they get EOU Midnight and I do not expect they will drop any games.


3. Oasis Octane

“Oasis is tied with Arcanists in my opinion and they look like a decent contender.”

Oasis has been a bit underwhelming and I am not sure on exactly why. They have players who have been playing together for some time but can’t seem to find a consistency. Luckily, they get a bye week, which they will need to prepare for their week 6 matchup vs NSG Black.


4. Primal Gaming

“Primal started off shaky, but they have stabilized and look somewhat decent in recent weeks.”

Primal gaming coming off the bye week has completely changed their roster. With the removal of their old ADC and Top lane, their support role swapped to ADC, and the team picked a new jungle, top, and support. They get the Crimson Dolphins this week, which should show us this teams potential for the rest of the season.


5. Chubby Cinder

“CB Cinder are coinflip and it's really tough to say how they'll do in the coming weeks.”

Cinder haven’t had the best start to the season, but hope isn’t lost for this team yet. They play NSG Black this week and they should be able to learn and grow, going into the remaining 2 weeks.


6. Crimson Dolphins

“Crimson Dolphins aren't last, that's for sure. They also don't look too bad.”

Crimson Dolphins are not out of the playoff picture yet, but with only two games left, they will need to win out, if they want a chance to dance. They find themselves going up against the new look primal gaming, so if there is a chance to save the season, this would be it.


7. EOU Midnight

“Probably going to finish last in the group, not the strongest of teams.”

EOU Midnight unfortunately find themselves bottom and find themselves play against teams who are all fighting to guarantee a playoff spot. If they win out, they may be able to squeeze into playoffs, but their recent form doesn’t give me much hope.

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