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Week 6 Gold Power Rankings Division 2

1. Mad Rawrs

Mad Rawrs had a bit of a slip up last week dropping to CB Shock, 0-2. They took some unusual champs in draft as well as using a sub top laner, so I am not sure how exactly to judge this one. Luckily for them, they draw the perennial bottom of the group this week, in the Poro Snaccers. Even if they go ‘off the cuff’, they should be able to win this week.

Players to Watch: Kral Sultan

After last weeks games, I choose this player as I felt that they really performed under their usual performance. This week, they

should be able to return to form as against a

much lesser opponent.


2. The Collective Esports

After watching last weeks games, The Collective Esports absolutely team diff’d NSG gold. The games were so far won, they caused a player from NSG Gold to mental boom. This week, the write their own story vs Twin Disaster. They win, they are the 2nd seed. They lose, they will most likely get the 4th seed.

Player to Watch: Monz81

Monz had a fantastic week on the mages last week. This week, the player will have a much harder time vs CB shock, but I still think can be successful if they play with patience.


3. Chubby Babies Shock

CB Shock replaced their Mid last week, which this late in the season, I would normally say is a mistake, however, they then went on to absolutely dominate the top seeded Mad Rawrs. I fully expect them to win this week and finish 3rd, potentially 2nd depending on the way other matches go.

Player to Watch: BuhRockObama

With BuhRockObama returning as the team’s starting Mid laner, they have really had something unlocked within them and I have high hopes for their playoff run.


4. Twin Disaster

Twin Disaster have looked good the last 2 weeks, winning both sets, however, they have recently released their jungle who has played the entire season with them and going into a game you win, you have a 2nd seed, its just not wise. Hopefully, they come out firing all on all cylinders, but if not, they will finish 4th.

Player to Watch: Loxi

This player had strong games vs NSG Gold in the rescheduled match, but all eyes will be on this player this week as they take on The Collective Esports, as it is a make or break

week for TD. Hopefully, the move does not break them.


5. Imperial

With last week’s loss, Imperial unfortunately have been eliminated from playoff contention, but they still have the opportunity a bit of a spoiler to CB Shock. If they win, the lock most likely lock CB Shock into the 4th seed.

Player to Watch: The North Wolf

The North Wolf had a great game 1 vs TD. If they can find that form this week, it could make a real difference in the match.


6. NSG Gold

NSG Gold had another disappointing loss last week, which has been the story of their season, and unfortunately, they will not be in the post season. This just was not the NSG Gold we saw at the end of the last BOL split and I think we will be seeing some changes the next BOL season.


7. Poro Snaccers

Poro Snaccers have 1 final week and they get to go against Mad Rawrs. They have not been able to find any consistency and have already been eliminated from post season. I hope they put up a good fight against Mad Rawrs, but do not quite see it happening.

Player to Watch: The Team

It’s time for all the weeks of playing as a group to really show and shock the BOL community.

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