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Week 6 Gold Power Rankings Division 3

1. NSG Black

NSG Black have implemented a strategy of losing game 1 to lure their opponents into a false sense of security and then turn it on the final two games. Last week as no different for NSG Black, as they dropped game 1 then easily beat down CB Cinder. This week, if they win, they will be undefeated on the season and will secure the number 1 seed.

Player to Watch: Myth Jones

As the captain of NSG Black, they have made sure their adaptations have helped their team continue to fire on all cylinders.

This week I expect no different from Myth Jones

and expect them to finish their season strong.


2. Oasis Octane

Coming off their Bye week, Oasis now has the chance to play spoiler to NSG Black. It has not quite been as easy of a road that Oasis Octane, but they still can absolutely steal top seed from NSG Black, if they go 2-0 in their next two matches.

Player to Watch: Quelana

I expect Quelana to be heavily targeted in draft, but if they get this player on comfort, they can absolutely 1v5.


3. Primal Gaming

Primal Gaming looked back in form last week, officially ending the Crimson Dolphins season. They get a new challenger this week, going against Arcanists. If they can win tonight, they should put themselves in prime position for the playoffs.

Player to Watch: Nünu and Willump

Nünu and Willump had an absolutely dominate week last week, going deathless in both games. If they can replicate this play, they will put their team in a chance to win any game they play.


4. Chubby Babies Cinder

Chubby Babies Cinder fell at the hand of NSG Black last week, and they will be tested vs the hot EOU Midnight. They currently write their own story currently, but too many more slip ups, they will be on the outside looking in.

Player to Watch: Exiled Blade

This player had the game of their lives on Mordekaiser, game 1 vs NSG Black, but really dropped the ball game 2 and 3. If their team has a chance of winning, this player will have to be more consistent.


5. Arcanists

Arcanists are falling quickly in the division after they were upset vs EOU Midnight. They are not out of the playoff picture yet, but they need help to get back into the playoff picture.

Player to Watch: DMV Legend

This player will need to do more to get their team ahead in lanes so they can put their team in a winning position.


6. EOU Midnight

EOU Midnight made a statement last week, upsetting the arcanists. They can continue their punching up streak this week going against Chubby Babies Cinder. If they win this week, they have a real chance of sneaking into the playoff picture.

Player to Watch: Bananajetski

This player had a great week vs Arcanists and if they can keep up their strong tank/bruiser play, they will continue to raise in the ranks.


7. The Crimson Dolphins

Unfortunately, after last week’s defeat at the hand of Primal, they are the first team in the division officially eliminated from the playoff picture. To make things worse, they do not play this week, which feels like an eternity, before they get the chance to play spoiler vs Arcanists during week 7.

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