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Week 6 Gold Power Rankings Division 4

1. 3-0 Esports

Another week, another congratulatory post for 3-0. We get it, you guys are rather good. Now can you guys lose to Titan Esports or something so we can bring out the hot takes? Please? Pretty much the only team that can beat 3-0 in division 4 is the admin team at this point. So, if you want to win the division then start harassing the league to fire up their competitive ruling gun. Every week the Connor hive mind infects this team bit by bit and by the time playoffs come around their comms will probably just be Minute micromanaging everybody harder than Hai did on C9.

Player to watch: Jeffrey Eepstein

I knew he wasn’t dead! Fresh off his faked suicide,

Mr. Epstein’s new hobby is to abuse the players in division 4.


2. Scarlet Miracles

Well unless VBU can get another support main to play mid for them, Scarlet Miracles has the 2 seed pretty much wrapped up. Since 3-0 is playing two of the worst teams in the league in the last 2 weeks, they have a better chance of winning the lottery and paying off the league than obtaining the first seed in the division. That kind of sucks for them, but it also sucks for whichever first seed from the other divisions that must face Scarlet first. This team does not have the record to show it, but they are a top 4 team in the league. Unfortunately, they got RNG jesus’d and got rolled into div 4. They are fresh off a win against Argon, however,

BestSupportMain ranked out of the league

before their match so the taste of victory is dulled.

But as a wise elder once told me: We take those.

Player to watch: Healthy Ego

One of the best players in the league and the hard carry of Scarlet Miracles. Not to say that his teammates are bad of course, it’s just Healthy Ego is performing on another level.


3. Chubby Babies Frost

This division got a weaker with VBU basically taken out of the running, so I am going to have to reluctantly put Frost here. Am I sure they are better than Hyperion? Not really. But they do have some wins under their belt and ultimately, that is all that matters. They did get 2-0’d by Scarlet Miracles so I doubt they’re really contenders for the whole thing. First round of playoffs will probably test how good this team really is.

Player to watch: Candle King

I will say it again, this guy is probably their best

player. But at the same time, I’ve been hearing

they have scheduling issues with him so who

knows, maybe he’ll get replaced. But if he remains

on the team, we expect him to continue to look great.


4. Hyperion Gaming

I am going to have to put respect on Hyperion. Even though they got 2-0’d by 3-0, their games were honestly a lot closer than a lot of other teams vs them. I was honestly debating putting them above Chubby Babies but due to their head-to-head, I kept them at 4. I believe they are likely going to have to fight with VBU for the 4th seed and if they win, are going to be the best 4th seed by a large margin.

Player to watch: Dobs

Maybe it’s just a mid-lane meta, but div 4 mids are on another level. Dobs had a great

week in a losing effort to 3-0 and we don’t

expect for him to slow down this week.


5. VBU Argon

VBU Argon have unfortunately lost their best player and shot caller. They have brought up their Academy Mid laner to replace him, however, the man had a really rough time vs Duero in the finals in ZGG, and there are a lot of mid laners in this league of that caliber or higher. In my opinion, they are still better than NSG and Titan Esports and they technically are still ahead of Hyperion by one point in the standings. The fight for the 4th seed will likely come down to their week 7 showdown. Hyperion has Scarlet this week and VBU has Chubby Babies. In my opinion, both teams will probably end up losing, so I really hope BOL

decides to stream their week 7 match vs Hyperion,

as it should have major implications to who the

group sends to playoffs.

Player to watch: Cassidy

Cassidy has had a pretty quiet season and with the

new mid, he will need to step up both in performance

and voice for this team.


6. NSG Amethyst

They are not technically eliminated from playoff contention yet, but they will need to win out and teams ahead of them to drop if they want a shot of making the post season. Unfortunately, they also must play 3-0 this week, and if they do not win, they will miss playoffs.

Player to watch: iHades nT

iHades, as captain, will need to get the players, playing like a team, as well as be on top of their macro calls if they want a chance to win


7. Titan Esports

Unfortunately, Titan saw their playoff dreams dashed, as they fell to NSG Amethyst last week. They have a week to prepare for their week 7 match vs 3-0, as they have a bye this week.

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