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Week 7 Gold Power Rankings Division 1

1. Oasis Nails and Day Spa

Oasis NADS has solidified themselves as the undisputed best team in Division 1, dropping only 1 single game so far. It’s mathematically impossible for them to get 2nd seed at this point, so I expect that they’ll probably have some fun in their series against VBU Krypton if it gets played.

Player to Watch - diete + Phish Tak0

It’s really hard to pick just 1-2 players on this team to give this mention too, as they’ve all just basically breezed through this season. But these two have consistently dominated their lane opponents and have

had a stellar regular season.


2. Literal Monkeys

It’s hard to be disappointed with LTMK this season. They’re the only team to take a game off of NADS, and game 3 went to almost 40min. They put up a really strong performance and I have nothing but great things to say about them going into the playoffs.

Player to Watch - Wunderworld

I don’t like to give the same player PtW two weeks in a row, but this guy was popping off again this week. He’s dominant on the meta champions in his role, and that just makes

him even more of a threat. Will be interesting

to see how he stacks up against adcs in other

divisions in the playoffs.


3. Vitamin X

I flamed them last week, and this week they came out swinging. xStreets had a much better performance this week than in previous weeks, and they were able to come in clutch and secure a much needed victory to lock them for playoffs. There’s still a very good chance that this team can get the 3rd seed for their division if they’re able to pull a win out tonight against the Pod of Dolphins.

Player(s) to Watch - iStretchMoms

This man was stretching more than just moms last week. It’s surprising to me that

Olaf isn’t permabanned against this team.

Two great performances on Olaf, and one on

Zac makes it difficult to pick another player for

Player to Watch.


4. Dawnbreak Gaming

After a hard-fought series against VitaminX, this team drops 1 place for me in the power rankings for this division. What I thought was a great win condition for them in the top lane brings another question mark for me. What can this team do when life is a myth isn’t popping off? Right now it looks like the other players on this team aren't as comfortable being put in a position to carry. DBG’s game against LTMK have important seeding implications so it’s important for this team to figure out another way to win without only relying on top lane.

Player to Watch - Drafter?

Since I’m pretty disappointed overall with

the performance of this team last week,

I think a big issue for them is their drafting.

If this team can focus more on drafting around

their strengths, they’ll be able to put up a good

fight against LTMK.


5. Quake

THEY WON AGAINST A TEAM THAT ISN’T VBU KRYPTON! It seems like all their practice has finally paid off, as the first game was a pretty big stomp. They were also able to close it out in a 2-0 after winning a 45min game to finish out the series. This is the last time this will play in BOL this season as they’re out of playoff contention, at least they were able to destroy the dreams of a playoff hopeful team.

Player(s) To Watch - Gilmore Girls

Had a great series and consistently performed

for his team better than Internal Balance

from Pod of Dolphins. He showed last week that

you cant sleep on his Viktor and expect an easy win.



6. Pod of Dolphins

An unfortunate end for the Pod of Dolphins as they can’t make it to the playoffs after losing last week. This team definitely could have had promise if the roster issues that plagued them were solved earlier on in the season, but right now all they can do is destroy the dreams of VitaminX getting better seeding by beating them 2-0.

Player to Watch - Whole team

Since there’s really not much left to fight for, look to see this team try some cheese strats to maybe deny VitX the third seed.


7. VBU Krypton

Back from the bye week vacation only to have to play against Oasis NADS. This series will very likely be a 2-0 stomp for NADS, but we’ll have to see if they can take an upset victory.

Player to Watch - Everyone

Have some fun tonight. Get a 2-0 or Clutch is whipping out the belt.

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