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Week 7 Gold Power Rankings Division 3

1. NSG Black

Coming off of a strong 2-1 win vs Oasis Octane it’s hard to question if this team deserves the first seed. NSG Black is the only team from their organization to make playoffs and they’ll have the whole org backing them as they move to make the push to conquer the other divisions after this week.

Player to Watch - Skwigg

Showed this week that he’s capable of playing to the team’s needs after having great performances on the Maokai as well as the Mordekaiser. His performance in the

top lane allows NSG Black to be a multi lane

carry threat and that you cant just shut down

mid/bot to win the game against them.


2. Oasis Octane

Coming in second for us, we’ve got none other than Oasis Octane. This team has really high highs, and also really low lows. After watching them for 6 weeks, it seems like they really hinge on their ADC Quelana to do well for them to win games. Their losses seem to come when he doesn’t have a hold on bot lane.There’s a good chance that this team can lock in the second seed if Primal loses to CB Cinder.

Player to Watch - Quelana

It’ll be important for them to take a 2-0 tonight and nobody better to put all the

pressure on than him. With EOU Midnight

showing some promise 2 weeks ago, they

should go into this game confident but not cocky.


3. Primal Gaming

Primal has been plagued by the same issues that many teams have suffered this season, a lot of roster changes. However, it seems like they’ve found a roster they’re confident in and are starting to build synergy. Judging by the past few weeks? It’s starting to pay off. I’d have this team in second, but they’ve definitely had an easier back half of the season than the start. This game against CB Cinder will be the decider on the fight for second seed between the 2nd-4th seeds.

Player to Watch - SquiibleXZ

One of the original players from the roster,

playing the most influential role in the game

in a very important series. There pressure

is on for him to bring his team a victory this

week and give his team favorable seeding for the playoffs.


4. Chubby Babies Cinder

Tough to rank CBC and PG because I feel like they’re really close in skill, however I think there are just too many question marks with the massive roster changes that were done a couple days ago for this team. As I stated for the PG explanation, this week is very important for this team and their fate for seeding really is in their hands at this point.

Player to Watch- Cristian the MAN

He was a pretty standout player in ZGG when I watched him. I think that he can bring a really strong mid lane performance for this team and help them pull the series

out against Primal.


5. Arcanists

Really surprised that this is the ending for this team. I think a lot of people had high hopes for this team, but unfortunately there is no way that this team has a path to playoffs. They have a bye this week, so at this point it’s just time to say goodbye to the Arcanists.

Player to Watch - None

Thanks for participating guys, hope you all have a good offseason.


6. Eyes on Us Midnight

Another team that has been eliminated from playoff contention, but they can ruin the seeding dreams of any of the 2nd through 4th place teams with an upset victory against Oasis Octane. They had a few good showings this season, but unfortunately it was just too late for this team’s playoff chances.

Player to Watch - Cocońut

One of the more consistent performers for this team. If they’re going to win they’re going to have to try and shut down AstruL’s ability to roam and really punish him when he does.


7. Crimson Dolphins

Another bummer of a season for the homies at Crimson Dolphins, but we love them anyway. I had higher hopes for them going into this season, but unfortunately they weren’t really able to bring it together at all during the season. Playing against Arcanists this week should be a tough opponent for them, but maybe they end playing spoiler and taking a win this week. Who knows.

Player to Watch - Frozxe

A good jungle performance is all that’s needed to beat Arcanists. If you can outperform DMVLegend and make an

impact on your top side, you’ll most likely win the series.

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