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Week 7 Manatsu’s Newspaper

Hi! Manatsu here, power ranking and predicting who will win their matches this week. In a spur of a moment decision, I have decided to make power rankings and predictions for the last week of the Gold League matches! I have to be honest: I have not watched a single game. All of these rankings and predictions are from my ELO system (yes, for the past 90 minutes, I’ve been inputting wins and losses to calculate the ELOs). With that said, let’s get started!


Power Rankings

28th Titan Esports

27th VBU Krypton

26th Poro Snaccers

25th NSG Gold

24th NSG Amethyst

23rd Crimson Dolphins

22nd Pod of Dolphins

21st Eyes On Us Midnight

20th Arcanists

19th Quake

18th VBU Argon

17th Imperial Gaming

16th Vitamin X

15th Hyperion Gaming

14th Chubby Babies Shock

13th Dawnbreak Gaming

12th Chubby Babies Cinder

11th Oasis Octane

10th Scarlet Miracles

9th Chubby Babies Frost

7th The Collective Esports

7th Primal Gaming

6th Twin Disasters

5th Mad Rawrs

4th Literal Monkeys

3rd NSG Black

2nd Oasis Nails & Day Spa

1st 3-0 Esports



Week 7

Vitamin X vs Pod of Dolphins

ELO Prediction: Vitamix X at 59.%

Literal Monkeys vs Dawnbreak Gaming

ELO Prediction: Literal Monkeys at 58.4%

VBU Krypton vs Oasis Nails & Day Spa

ELO Prediction: Oasis Nails & Day Spa at 78.2%

Twin Disasters vs The Collective Esports

ELO Prediction: Twin Disasters at 53.7%

Chubby Babies Shock vs Imperial Gaming

ELO Prediction: Chubby Babies Shock at 56.3%

Poro Snaccers vs Mad Rawrs

ELO Prediction: Mad Rawrs at 70.3%

Eyes on Us Midnight vs Oasis Octane

ELO Prediction: Oasis Octane at 61.3%

Primal Gaming vs Chubby Babies Cinder

ELO Prediction: Primal Gaming at 53.2%

Crimson Dolphins vs Arcanists

ELO Prediction: Arcanists at 52.3%

Hyperion Gaming vs VBU Argon

ELO Prediction: Hyperion Gaming at 56.3%

NSG Amethyst vs Scarlet Miracles

ELO Prediction: Scarlet Miracles at 64.4%

Titan Esports vs 3-0 Esports

ELO Prediction: 3-0 Esports at 80.0%


Week 6 Players of the Week

The Challenger Team

Top: Rurfu, The Collective Esports

Jungle: Anderson Cooper, Chubby Babies Shock

Mid: monz81, The Collective Esports

Bot: Flân, The Collective Esports

Sup: Dogster, The Collective Esports

The Grandmaster Team

Top: Exiled Blade, Chubby Babies Cinder

Jungle: LucifersEyes, The Collective Esports

Mid: UwU Viktor, Chubby Babies Cinder

Bot: MAGA SZN, 3-0 Esports

Sup: Cat With Bow Tie, Twin Disasters

The Master Team

Top: HongKongLongDong, Vitamin X

Jungle: Greedee, 3-0 Esports

Mid: Azurexfire, Imperial Esports

Bot: crusherthebomb, Arcanists

Sup: TâcoCât, Chubby Babies Cinder

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