Week 9 Manatsu’s Magazine

Hi! Manatsu here, power ranking and predicting who will win their matches this week. We have finished the last week of cross-divisional play and have one last week of divisional matches left to close the season. More teams have been eliminated, and one team has already qualified for playoffs. Congratulations to Goon Squad Gaming Epsilon! There are ten teams vying for the last seven playoff spots. Some teams can qualify by just winning a single game. Others need to win the series and also cross fingers that certain other teams lose. Next week will be a wild one. With that said, let’s get started!

Power Rankings

16th = Anarchy Amber (0-12, 1-4)

Week 8 Results: 0-2

Week 9 Opponent: Swift Esports God Squad

15th = Team Dark Spark (2-10, 1-4)

Week 8: 0-2

Week 9 Opponent: Glacial Rising Phoenix

14th ▼1 Hide on Team (5-7, 1-4)

Week 8: 1-1

Week 9 Opponent: Predictive Gaming Chronos

13th ▲1 Crosspoint Southpaw (4-8, 2-2)

Week 8: 2-0

Week 9 Opponent: VBU Radon

12th = Soulbound Tempest (6-6, 1-4),

Week 8: 1-1

Week 9 Opponent: Goon Squad Gaming Epsilon

11th = !rawr Lethal (5-7, 3-3)

Week 8: 1-1

Week 9 Opponent: Chubby Babies Black

10th ▼2 Glacial Rising Phoenix (7-5, 2-3)

Week 8: 1-1

Week 9 Opponent: Team Dark Spark

9th ▼2 Swift Esports God Squad (5-7, 4-2)

Week 8: 0-2

Week 9 Opponent: Anarchy Amber

8th ▼4 Omega Gaming Fire (7-5, 3-2)

Week 8: 0-2

Week 9 Opponent: Chubby Babies White

7th ▲1 Chubby Babies Black (7-5, 3-2)

Week 8: 1-1

Week 9 Opponent: !rawr Lethal

6th ▲1 Crosspoint Origin (7-5, 3-2)

Week 8: 2-0

Week 9 Opponent: Flash the Disrespect

5th ▲1 Flash the Disrespect (6-6, 4-1)

Week 8: 1-1

Week 9 Opponent: Crosspoint Origin

4th ▼1 Predictive Gaming Chronos (8-4, 3-3)

Week 8: 1-1

Week 9 Opponent: Hide on Team

3rd ▲2 Chubby Babies White (8-4, 4-2)

Week 8: 2-0

Week 9 Opponent: Omega Gaming Fire

2nd = VBU Radon (8-4, 3-2)

Week 8: 1-1

Week 9 Opponent: Crosspoint Southpaw

1st = Goon Squad Gaming Epsilon (11-1, 2-2)

Week 8: 2-0

Week 9 Opponent: Soulbound Tempest


I am currently ahead by 1 prediction going into the last week of the season. I could play it safe and just copy all of the ELO predictions to guarantee my victory. And for this week, I actually predicted the same as ELO’s.

Current Record:

Manatsu: 52-37, Week 8: 8-6

ELO: 51-38, Week 8: 9-5

Week 9

Swift Esports God Squad vs Anarchy Amber

ELO Prediction: Swift Esports God Squad at 71.8%

Manatsu’s Prediction: Swift Esports God Squad 2-0

Chubby Babies Black vs !rawr Lethal

ELO Prediction: Chubby Babies Black at 57.3%

Manatsu’s Prediction: Chubby Babies Black 2-1

Soulbound Tempest vs Goon Squad Gaming Epsilon

ELO Prediction: Goon Squad Gaming Epsilon at 71.8%

Manatsu’s Prediction: Goon Squad Gaming Epsilon 2-0

VBU Radon vs Crosspoint Southpaw

ELO Prediction: VBU Radon at 67.5%

Manatsu’s Prediction: VBU Radon 2-0

Hide on Team vs Predictive Gaming Chronos

ELO Prediction: Predictive Gaming Chronos at 64.8%

Manatsu’s Prediction: Predictive Gaming Chronos 2-0

Chubby Babies White vs Omega Gaming Fire

ELO Prediction: Chubby Babies White at 56.2%

Manatsu’s Prediction: Chubby Babies White 2-1

Crosspoint Origin vs Flash the Disrespect

ELO Prediction: Flash the Disrespect at 52.0%

Manatsu’s Prediction: Flash the Disrespect 2-1

Glacial Rising Phoenix vs Team Dark Spark

ELO Prediction: Glacial Rising Phoenix at 68.3%

Manatsu’s Prediction: Glacial Rising Phoenix 2-0

Week 8 Standings

You will notice letters in parentheses beside some of the below team names. Teams with the letter “e” in parentheses are eliminated from playoff contention. Teams with the letter “q” have already qualified for playoffs. Teams with the letter “t” will, at worst, play a Best of 3 tiebreaker with a non-divisional team. I was going to make a section about what needs to happen for each team to qualify for playoffs, but there were so many scenarios that I realized it would take too long to write up. Some teams can qualify by just winning a single game, not even the entire series. Good luck to all teams!

Week 8 Players of the Week

The stats page got updated again. I had to recalculate all the points from the previous weeks so you might see some discrepancies from last week’s magazine. Some players have also been playing in different roles. I will make sure to tally all positions when calculating the Overall MVP. Traditional sports usually have a separate MVP for the regular season and the championship match. I will do the same. I will have a regular season MVP and, instead of just an MVP for the championship match, a playoffs MVP. The MVP points will reset, and I will begin tallying MVP points with a blank slate. For the playoffs, there will be no positional MVPs, just an overall one.

The Challenger Team

Top: SgtRoebuck115, Crosspoint Origin

Jungle: LatexMonkeynuts, !Rawr Lethal

Mid: RutledgeIsBeast, Goon Squad Gaming Epsilon

Bot: Reliable, Chubby Babies White

Sup: Hook and Fisted, Chubby Babies White

The Grandmaster Team

Top: Jax of AII Trade, !Rawr Lethal

Jungle: Guster Posey, Crosspoint Origin

Mid: BuhRockObama, Chubby Babies White

Bot: Master Siomai, Goon Squad Gaming Epsilon

Sup: Synplistic, Crosspoint Origin

The Master Team

Top: ŸourÐaddy, Predictive Gaming Chronos

Jungle: kodnim, Flash the Disrespect

Mid: Manatsu, Flash the Disrespect

Bot: Keorra, Crosspoint Origin

Sup: SolarZen, Glacial Rising Phoenix

Current MVP Race


1st: ŸourÐaddy, Predictive Gaming Chronos, 12pts

2nd: Jax of AII Trade, !rawr Lethal, 5pts

2nd: SgtRoebuck115, Crosspoint Origin, 5pts

4th: RutledgeIsBeast, Goon Squad Gaming Epsilon, 4pts