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Gold Power Rankings Week 3 - Division 1

1) Oasis Nails and Day Spa

Looks like this team will take the #1 spot in our division 1 power rankings for the 2nd straight week. Overall a great week for them, and they won both of their games in under 30 minutes. I don’t really see another team in this division being able to take the 1st seed spot from these guys.

Player to Watch - Phish Tak0

I was tempted to just put the entire team as the player(s) to watch because they’re just so dominant as a unit, however the gap in mid lane last week was just too big to not write about. I hope to continue to see great gameplay and more dominant performances from him as the season progresses.

2) Vitamin X

Not much that I can say here as this team had a bye week. The question will be if they can continue to play dominant as they did in their first week’s games.

Player to Watch - Dysax

He’s got a very oppressive lane focused champion pool, and you can look to see him abuse the weaker mid laners in this division.

3) Literal Monkeys

A strong 2-0 week against one of the weaker teams in the division in Quake. This team looks like a very promising squad that will be fighting for a spot in the top 2 teams in the division. They all have a very flexible champion pool from what I can see, and they have a jungler who doesn’t fall asleep playing Trundle which is always a plus.

Player(s) to Watch - The whole damn team

They died a total of 8 times in 2 games. Even if it’s just against Quake, that’s pretty damn good. Wunderworld had an exceptional set, while Funky and N0TJOKER didn’t die a single time over both of those games. Ball Slap did Ball Slap things, and TheDoc is a pretty cracked support.

4) Dawnbreak Gaming

A 0-2 is always gonna be rough, but it’s expected against Oasis NADS. This team had a pretty horrendous game 1, but had a better game 2 which is a very good thing to see from a team in a best-of series. They’ll be a contender for the top 2 in this division and I personally think they’re gimping themselves by running different rosters in different games.

Player to Watch - life is a myth

He probably had the least painful experience out of all of them players on this team this week. I’d like to see him continue to get to play games with this team, and I think he can be a legitimate carry threat if his team will help facilitate that.

5) Pod of Dolphins

I thought they’d only swap players if they lost but here we are. They won this week and they’re putting the poor mods to WORK with even more roster changes. However, one of these roster changes actually forced me to go back and edit their explanation to the power rankings. Fuijin/Party Pete is finally a starter for the team, and it looks like Pod of Dolphins won the jackpot. This bot lane quickly became my favorites for the bot lane in Division 1.

Player(s) To Watch - Party Pete and xoHadley

As I stated above, I personally think this is the strongest bot lane in Division 1. Party Pete puts up extremely good stats in other leagues and I think he’ll continue to do that here. And Hadley, despite her pretty much playing with a new support every week, is looking really good which I think will only get better once these two get some more games in together.

6) VBU Krypton

Our only change of the week here is going to be between Krypton and Quake. Krypton got absolutely man-handled game 1, and put up a better fight in the second game. Roster changes are going to be another issue that’s going to plague this team as I believe they’re swapping junglers going into week 3. This week they play against Quake and I think this will be a very close series between 2 teams who really don’t want to be known as the 7th place team in their division.

Player to Watch - Revan Storm

Seeing his 0/0/0 in game 1 made me think of that “This is fine” meme with the dog sitting on a chair smiling while his house is on fire. I don’t really know what else he could have done in this series as the Krypton bot lane was the only lane that didn’t look extremely outclassed.

7) Quake

As someone who really is trying this season to write power rankings that aren’t extremely negative, this team is making it VERY DIFFICULT for me to do that. They managed to get a total of 8 kills over 2 games. I can’t really make an accurate statement as to what the problem is with this team, but it looks like they just don’t have a lane to play through and it shows. If they lose to Krypton this week, I honestly don’t see this team winning a single GAME, let alone a series in division 1.

Player to Watch - Everyone

Whoever is in charge of drafting for this team needs to come up with some massive cheese strat or something to get a gold lead for these guys. I really want to see them pull a game out sometime, but it’s just looking worse as the weeks progress.

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