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Hazardous Takes- Bully needs 5 Subscriptionss Edition

Interview with Koyesh, updated Team Power Rankings, and the Return of Moowy

(player rankings next week don't lose your minds) Interview:

1) Backstory of your Korean boot camp and why it has made you a better player?

after Dorado Omega won Risen unstoppable summer 23 champion, wanted to enhance my level onto different region to improve my skills level taking comp more seriously, since my goal to play in a master league or OQ team one day. What made me better during bootcamp was I’d learned how to be more confident with my decision making and understanding my teammates game condition, trusting my teammates more since it’s a team game. Back then I was selfish player always didn’t care about my teammates that lends my gameplay worse did not trusted my teammates at all lend me to failed most playoffs.

2) Best non-ELY team in the league? Worst?

best team atm is prob Khan esports due to the fact their gameplay is good mid/late , another team I think it’s very slept on Brad blaster (next level esports ) their early game is really good can damage some top tier teams can feel the pressure . Worst team there’s no worst team imo I feel like everyone in Thai league are exact skill floor any team could win BOL

3) Positive shout-out to someone in the league

shoutout to Captain Idrees/dawn for giving me an opportunity to join his amazing team he did very good job building his roster. I’m very grateful get to have a chance to play with him for my first debut diamond BOL. Shoutout hwasal for funny discord dms idk how this guy rated so low prob has donkey mechanics im kidding love you bro.

4) Flame someone

id say moowy the dude never shuts up, but good content ig

5) What makes the supports so dominant in our league?

supp really dominant because Supports can be the primary engage, be a late game carry through enchanters, peel for their carries and so on. Supports will also be involved in most objectives and are the primary vision controller. Supports are also good at impacting other lanes and helping the Jungler. Supports has more freedom to make the game goes into our hands make decisive calls.

6) Why is there so many ADC players now?

adc dead role smh  so many adc who wants to be the star player honestly I think role is broken still high key

7) Who has more psychological issues in soloQ: Midlaners or Junglers?

junglers has more psychological issues in solo q they’d tend to run it down or say something unnecessary toxic if the gameDoesn’t go in their hands

8) Added thoughts?

BOL leagues gold-masters should add 1-2-3 all pros for each roles in futures would be nice, makes players be interested joining or coming back to BOL

Moowy Returns: Soon

Rankings      Team Record Matches

  1. Khan 4-0 8-3

  2. TTM 3-1 7-3

  3. Akuma 3-1 6-5

  4. Next Level Brads 2-2 5-4 17 points

  5. Elysium 2-2 6-5 17 points

  6. WLS 1-3 5-6 15 points

  7. AOW 1-3 3-6 13 points

  8. Pea 0-3 0-8

Playoff Picture

My current understanding is that top 6 teams make playoffs:

2-0 Win - 6 points

2-1 Win - 5 points

1-2 Loss - 3 points 

0-2 Loss - 2 points

0-2 Loss with 1 FF - 1 point

Forfeit - 0 points

Currently, AOW is the team "in the hunt" to usurp a playoff position

AOW Schedule: Week 6- Next Level (BBG), Week 7- Khan

WLS Schedule: Week 6- Elysium, Week 7- Next Level BBG

Elysium takes on Pea week 8

Honestly all four teams within seeds 4-7 play each other in the next two weeks which does create some spice. I heavily assume Khan Akuma and TTM are locked for playoffs. AOW winning any match creates an upset in the balance of the force. Pea team upsetting the final week would be hilarious as well.

My new predictions: 1) Khan

2) TTM

3) Akuma

4) Elysium

5) NLE 6) WLS

I like the spice but don't think AOW pulls off the upset and things stay at peace

Challenge of the week: Whoever has the highest K/D/A overall in tonight's matches has first chance to be interviewed next week for content

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