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Overview of the recent games played: Soulbert vs Elysium

Early season issues plagued Soulbert with their high reliance on botlane despite the difficult matchup into Koyesh and Idrees. They had a beautiful game 1 in which they ran a gorgeous Jinx comp and stacked dragons. However, the other 3 games the consistent issues that plagued the WLS roster emerged in which they got heavily choked out of macro play with the rest of the matches, especially the Cherrie Skarner game, having little to no map pressure and objectives taken in comparison to the ELY roster. My personal MVP for the series is Vaeldr in which they dominated the midlane with the only close lane being the Galio matchup as in the loss as Akali. My disappointment pick is the WLS botlane as they were the primary carries of their roster through the season and got choked out by the ELY bot.


cheeto straps on backpack and does his best to carry NLE montage

In all seriousness though- NLE had a scrappy matchup into TTM but in the end fell short. EpicFail and Cheeto were definitely my two MVP selections for both teams as they both controlled much of the wins. TTM across the board played their front to back comps well (welcome back out of retirement Sutekh I guess) and Jinx-comp'd their way to victory (please no Jinx in the rest of playoffs for any team??) Overall a disappointing loss for the team I had so much love for </3

Match Predictions


Last time this matchup occurred, TTM decided to let Sutekh retire and not play and got smacked in the face for their decision in a 2-0 in favor for Akuma. This time, I expect a closer matchup if Sutekh plays, but playoff Basting is an absolute menace and who the heck knows what Moowy will do on a regular day, much less a playoff day. Meanwhile, TTM had a strong showing last week into NLE and seems to be back on the dub train. I'll say this game goes to silver scrapes with Akuma taking it 3-2.

ELY vs Khan

The last time this match occured (March 21st), Khan took the win 2-1. However, I'm predicting a flip in that result with 3-2 for ELY, and here's why--- OP Ivy has been replaced with Flame, a long-time playoff gamer and top lane menace. (I also just wanna see him vs Basting in finals). Furry had a notably poor performance in the Khan matchup last time and has been popping off recently, so I'm expecting a comeback there as well. I think Khan takes 2 games simply off of LL Cool Jayce and Jed cooking with their standard dual-carry-while-Raven-is-an-islander strategy, but ELY scraps their way to a win

P-Rankings of Remaining Players

Top: 1) Basting

2) Flame

3) Sir Raven

4) Vaulter

Jungle: 1) Furry

2) Renku

3) Sutekh

4) Flexski (not enough games for me to fairly rank tbh)

Mid: 1) LL Cool Jayce

2) Toomy

3) Ratchet

4) Vaeldr

ADC: 1) Epic

2) Idrees

3) Jed

4) Moowy?

Support: 1) Koyesh

2) Sun and Stars

3) Daeda

4) Godly

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